Russian baby names

Russian baby names have a rich tonal quality and very interesting meanings and there are Russian baby names available.

Usually a Russian baby name composed of three elements and these are a given or first name, a patronymic name, and a surname. The first name is given to the baby soon after his/her birth. The patronymic name is the suffix which is given according to the gender and derived from the father’s first name. And like in all other cultures Russian surnames are the family names which gets passes from generation to generation. Most of the Russian baby names originated in Russia but there are some names which are taken from the Greek language. Some Russian parents even combine two names to form a unique name for their child.

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 AbramBExalted Father, Need, Lift Up, Uplift
 AdamBMolded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
 AdrianURich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
 AfanasyBThe Elements a Meaning Un, Immortal
 AgataGThe Good
 AgnessaGThe Chaste, The Pure
 AgrafenaGBorn Feet First
 AkilinaGAn Eagle
 AkimBYahweh Will Establish, God Judges On
 AkulinaGAn Eagle
 AlbertBHonorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
 AleksandrBHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
 AleksandrinaGForm of Alexander, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Protector
 AleksashaGDefender of Men, To Defend, Manly
 AlekseiBProtect and Man, Man's Defender, Repel, Protector
 AlekseyBRepel, To Help, Helper, Protect
 AlexandraUFeminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
 AlexeiBThe Defender
 AlexeyBRepel, The Defender, To Help, Protect
 AljoschaBThe Defender
 AljoshaBThe Defender
 AlyonaGThe Torch
 AlyoshaBOf a Noble Kind
 AmalijiGEfficient, Aspirations, Brave, Emulus
 AnastasURisen One
 AnastasiyBRisen One, Resurrection
 AnastasiyaGSurrender, Resurrection, Risen One
 AnatoliBThe Element Anatole Meaning Sunrise East, Sunrise
 AnatoliyBThe Element Anatole Meaning Sunrise East, Sunrise
 AndreiBThe Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
 AndreyBMan, The Brave, Manly, Masculine
 AnechkaGGod is Gracious, Favour and Grace, Mother, Eagle
 AniaGLamb, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Purity
 AnnaGElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AnnushkaGHe (God) Was Gracious, Earth and Water, Mother, Different
 AntaliahGBorn with the Mornings First Light
 AntaliyaGBorn with the Mornings First Light
 AntalyahGBorn with the Mornings First Light
 AntinBPriceless, Invaluable, Inestimable, Who Eats Flower
 AntinkoBInestimable, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Price, Praiseworthy
 AntonBPriceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
 AntoninaGFemale Version of Antonio Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless, Beyond-price
 AnyaGGraceful, He (God) Was Gracious, Form of Anna, Favour
 AriadnaGMost Holy Woman
 ArkadiBThe Region of Central Greece
 ArkadiyBTruly Brave, Bold, Real, Noteworthy and Valorous
 ArkadyBTruly Brave, Bold, Real, Noteworthy and Valorous
 ArtemBWhole, Healthy, A Butcher, Follower of Artemis, Safe
 ArtemiyBSafe, A Butcher, Whole, Healthy
 AvdotyaGPleasure, Delight
 AvgustBVenerable, Worthy of Respect, Summer, The August
 BogdanBGift of God
 BogdanaGGod's Gift, Bog Meaning God
 BoleslavBThe Element Slav with the Meaning Fame Glory Slav, Great Glory
 BoleslavaGGreat Glory
 BorisBFamous, Struggle, Wolf, Fighter
 BorislavBFamous, Fame, Slav, Struggle
 BorislavaGFamous Battle Battle Glory
 BoryaBWolf, Slav, Fame, Famous
 BronislavBSlava, Glorious Protector, Bron
 CelinkaGHeavenly, Moon, Caelum Which Means Heaven, To Hide, Conceal
 CheslavBStone Camp, Chester from the Stem End, Fort, Castle Dweller
 ChezarinaGAn Empress
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