Mariya name meaning

Updated: March 13th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: Arabic, Tamil, Armenian, Russian, Slavic, Ukrainian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
Pronunciation: m(a)-ri-ya
Meaning: Mother of Jesus Christ, Bitterness, Beloved, Beautiful, One of the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad and Purity
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What does Mariya mean?

Of Hebrew origin, Offbeat Mariya is a girl name, Mariya means "Mother of Jesus Christ, Bitterness, Beloved, Beautiful, One of the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad or Purity" is used substantially in Danish, Armenian, Slavic, Arabic, Tamil, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Swedish.

Mariya is Ukrainian, Russian and Slavic form of Maria. Also Mariya is Russian form of Mary.

How do I pronounce Mariya?

The most common pronunciation of three syllabled Mariya is m(a)-ri-ya. Some people pronounce it as mar-ee-yuh or mar-y-uh.

Variants of Mariya

Maria, Mariam, Mariamne, Mirjam, Mary, Maarja, Maraike, Mara, Angelamaria, Maite, Maaria, Marielle, Mai, Marea, Adamary, Marigrace

Names that rhyme with Mariya

How popular is the name Mariya?

Mariya used to be a common name in United States, first appeared in 1970 and over 2364 babies have been given the name in 46 years. When at its peak in 2009,.

However after 46 years, the name is on free fall on the charts. Also, A common name in France with over 635 new-borns have been given the name since 1997. Currently at its peak, the moniker grabbed the 505th spot and 108 baby girls were given the name.

Mariya is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 600 names. In 1996, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 533 on girl names chart when 62 babies were named Mariya.

There are over 1004 babies that have been given the name Mariya in England and Wales. However things change on global perspective, Mariya is extremely popular in Ukraine where every 1 in 30 have the name as well as in, Russia, Bulgaria and Uzbekistan.

Also the baby name is popular in Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco and Iran. As per our estimate, over 3400000 people has been named Mariya globally.

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What numbers say about Mariya?

Positive energy adores your spirit. Express your anger in order to clean your soul from the negative energy. You are probably an artist, or a writer, or something else associated with creativity. It's far better than righting wrongs that can't be undone or fixed. You want to achieve a great success and accomplish your dreams in order to prove yourself you can do it. The letter A as your capstone reveals how you look at life and people in general.

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Famous people named Mariya

  • Mariya Kiselyova, female synchronised swimmer from Russia
  • Mariya Pisareva, retired Soviet Union athlete
  • Mariya Koroteyeva, Russian athlete
  • Mariya Bolikova, Russian sprinter who specializes in the 100 metres
  • Mariya Dimitrova, Bulgarian triple jumper
  • Mariya Litoshenko, former Soviet/Ukrainian handball player
  • Mariya Takeuchi, musical artist
  • Mariya Petkova, retired Bulgarian discus thrower
  • Mariya Bayda, was medical orderly
  • Mariya Pinigina, retired athlete
  • Mariya Dolina, Soviet pilot
  • Mariya Koryttseva, Ukrainian female tennis player
  • Mariya Lavrova in Russkiy kovcheg as Actress
  • Mariya Golubkina in Rebro Adama as Actress
  • Mariya Berseneva in Bablo as Actress
  • Mariya Mironova in Nochnoy dozor as Actress
  • Mariya Syomkina in Ya budu ryadom as Actress
  • Mariya Shalayeva in Rusalka as Actress
  • Mariyam Khalif in Daddy as Actress
  • Mariya Gorban in Ulybka Boga, ili Chisto odesskaya istoriya as Actress
  • Mariya Andreeva in Dukhless as Actress
  • Mariya Pirogova in Temnyy mir: Ravnovesie as Actress
  • Mariya Mujórtova Mariya Vladmirovna Mujórtova, also known as Maria Mukhórtova is a Russian figure skater in the discipline of ice skating couples.
  • Actor Mariya Anikanova, well-known for movie Zavtra
  • In 2018 drama and musical film, Lyod, Mariya Aronova played Shatalina.
  • Mariya Babanova portrayed the key character of Chairman's Wife in 1931 drama film Odna.
  • Mariya Barabanova, from 1943 adventure, drama flick Prints i nishchiy, who played the Tom Canty and Prince Edward.
  • In 1936, Mariya Blyumental-Tamarina played the role of Dvoina in drama movie Iskateli schastya.
  • Mariya Bolenko, from 1984 drama flick Blagie namereniya, who characterized N.
  • Mariya Khalatova, from 1915 drama movie Posle smerti, who portrayed the Her mother.
  • In 1937, Mariya Domashyova characterized the role of Masha Polezhayeva in drama flick Deputat Baltiki.
  • Mariya Durasova played central role of N in 1915 drama movie Ekaterina Ivanovna.
  • In 1924 drama film, Die Macht der Finsternis, Mariya Germanova portrayed Anisia.
  • In 1917, Mariya Goricheva portrayed the role of Sofya Perovskaya in drama, history flick Sofya Perovskaya.
  • In 1988 drama film, Eto bylo proshlym letom, Mariya Kapitskaya portrayed N.
  • Mariya Kapnist portrayed the significant role of Militsa Fyodorovna in 1984 adventure and comedy film Shans.
  • In 1995, Mariya Lipkina portrayed the role of Turan in drama movie Yarasa.
  • In 1993 drama flick, Ty u menya odna, Mariya Lobachova portrayed Natasha.
  • Mariya Prizvan-Sokolova, from 1961 drama, romance flick Do budushchey vesny, who portrayed Nastya.
  • In 1968 drama, war flick, Eto mgnovenie, Mariya Sagaidak portrayed N.
  • Mariya Sapozhnikova portrayed the leading role of Collective Farmer in 1963 drama movie Polovodye.
  • In 1987, Mariya Selyanskaya portrayed the role of N in comedy, musical movie Ona s metloy, on v chyornoy shlyape.
  • In 1983 adventure and comedy flick, Neznayka s nashego dvora, Mariya Slidovker portrayed Knopochka.
  • Mariya Stepanova played the important character of Kymynä in 1978 film Sled rosomakhi.
  • Mariya Strelkova portrayed leading role of Anna Petrovna - Anna na shee in 1929 comedy movie Chiny i lyudi.
  • Mariya Surina, from 1984 family movie Osenniy podarok fey, who portrayed N.
  • In 1983, Mariya Vartikova played the role of N in comedy, family flick Utro bez otmetok.
  • Mariya Yarotskaya, from 1940 drama, romance flick Lyubimaya devushka, who played the Evdikiya Petrovna.
  • In 2004 comedy film, Imeniny, Mariya Kuznetsova characterized N.
  • In 2019 drama movie, Skvoz chyornoe steklo, Mariya Kleshnina played Teacher.
  • In 1988 drama movie, Dvoe i odna, Mariya Komarinskaya portrayed Olya Koryakina.
  • Mariya Stoyanova characterized minor role of Rita in 1941 flick Bulgarski orli.
  • Mariya Grigoryan, from 1929 drama movie Sevil, who portrayed N.
  • In 2006 drama flick, Rifmuetsya s lyubovyu, Mariya Vozba portrayed N.

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