Biblical girl names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Found 244 biblical girl names.

My Father is the Lord, Great
My Father Rejoices, The Intelligent
Yahweh is My Father, Gift of God
Gift of the Father, My Father is a Gift
My Fathers Error
My Father is Dew
Change In a Negative Manner
Yahweh is Just
The Word Adin Which is of the Meaning Slender Delicate, Ornamented, Decorated, Gentle
Yahweh is Just, Justice Before God, My Ornament
Lord Yahweh, Handsome Youth
He who Escaped
Born Feet First
Pure, Clean, Bright, Wish
Beauty, Dearly Loved, Friend, Nectar
Patience, Perseverance, Answer
Full of Pride, Popularity, Bright, Yahweh Answers
Joyful, Clouds
My Cloud
A Wife of Seth, To Sing, Singing
Elder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
Humble, One who Answers
An Eagle
Lion of God
Lion of God
She Belongs to Her Father
Knowledgeable, Blessed, Happy, Felicitous
My Fathers Error
Father of Dew
Yahweh has Helped
Cancerous Spirit
God Helps
Daughter of the Oath
Bringer of Victory
House, Name of the Village
House of Poverty
From Gods House
House of God
Ba´Al, Bride, Married
Daugther of Yahweh, Daughter of Yahweh
White, Pure, Clarity, Sincere, Title for queen mother in African kingdom
Glory of the Father, Seeing Fame
Cinnabar, Form of Daniel, Dane, Red
To Speak Kind Words, Bee, Hebrew
Decoration, Protector, Form of Hebrew Dinah, Judgement
Decoration, Valley, Judgement, Avenged or Judged and Vindicated
Gazelle, Small Deer
Sturdy, Fruitful, Form of Drew
Ezer, Eben
Eithne, Joy, Rejuvenation, Pleasure, Bliss
Earthy, Red Earth, Of Blood
The Word Ephrayim Which is of the Meaning Fruitful
Ascent, The Lord will Help, Defender of Mankind, Height
My God is Abundance, My God has Sworn
Jehovah is God, Abbreviation of Elisabeth
God of Plenty
God is Fullness
Strength, Force, Oak, God Loves Me
Human Being in Hebrew, Enosch
The Word Ephrayim Which is of the Meaning Fruitful
Beauty, Ireland, The Irish Woman, Peace
Good Victory, Victorious
Living, To Live, Life, Good News
Dispute, Pilgrimage, Combat, A Grain
Worker of the Oil Press
Good-fight, Gomer, Famous Battle, To Complete
Myrtle, Myrtle Tree
Escape, A Stranger, City, Forsaken
One who Rejoices
Tender, Hanan, Mercy, Loving
Jehovah has Been Gracious
From the Stretch of Sand
A Man from Hassall One who Lives near a Hazel Tree
My Delight is In Her
My Delight is In Her
Respected Admired
Mount Hirah
Jehovah is My Splendor
Save Us, Deliver Us
The Word Hold Which is of the Meaning Fair Lovely Graceful, Loyalty, Wiesel, Madam
God is Merciful, Form of Joanne, God's Blessing, Learning
Protected, Violet, God is Merciful, Amethyst
Admired, Jewish, Judäerin, Woman from Jehud
of Palms, Isl
Praised, Woman from Jehud, Admired, Judäerin
In June Babies, Junius
The Archer, God's Great Gift, From the Yew Tree, Yahweh is Gracious
Resembling a She-Goat of the Wild
One who Makes Goods
Jade, Wise, Precious Green Stone, Refuge in War
Mountain Goat
God Gives Sweetness
Jehovah has Seen
In the Bible Jericho was a Canaan City Destroyed when Its Walls Fell Down
Lord Baal
Yahweh is Glory, Gods Glory
The Dove
Praised He who is Praised, Praised
Woman from Judea, Jewish, Admired, Praised
Cassia, Zimtblute, Cinnamon, A Plant Name
Of God
Jacob's Wife, Delicate, Weary One, Weary,Tired
Delicate, Meadow Pasture, Tired, Leah
Bringer of Good News, Meadow, Weary, Delicate
Tender Affection, Brave, Marrow, Gall
Destroyer, Rule, Time, Bitter
To Increase
Who is Like Yahweh?
Who is Like Yahweh?
Who is Like God?, Who is Like God
Who is Like God, Brook
Brook, Like the Lord
Sea of Sorrow, Scraped, Prophetess, Drop
One who has a Good Memory
Seen By Yahweh, Seen By Yahweh Bitterness of Yahweh
Wrestling, Naphtali
God has Comforted, Yahweh Comforts, God's Compassion, The Lord's Comfort
Having Good Character, God is My Light
Wanderer, Motion, Comfort, Peaceful
Sheaf of Grain
Full Head of Hair
Noble Or Honorable
Fionnula, Jewel, A Penelope, Hard Working
Woman from Persia
Brilliant, Reine, Shining One, Pure
Radiance, Moon, Pure, Bright and Shining