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Posted on: February 25th, 2019by Elizabeth Henderson

Naming provides parents with the opportunity to express the desires of their heart through the newborn. Names are personal to the parents and they endeavour to seek out names that exhibit how important the newborn is to them. Usually, picking a name is one of the most difficult decisions a parent would ever make. This is because of the need to create a balance between what the parents cherish and a name that will appear acceptable to the baby even as she grows into an adult. Parents are forced to come up with names that the baby will be proud to identify with. Coming up with a non-traditional name complicates the situation further for the parents. A good place to start would be to use elements that are familiar to the local culture. For instance, the time of the year can be a good place to look for a suitable name for the baby. Below are some cute names inspired by seasons or the time of the year.

For children born in January, the parents have the option of picking out names that signify a fresh start. For the baby girl, Nova is a good pick. Nova is a Latin word for new. The baby boy has two possible choices: Ordell, Latin for beginning and Jeevan, Indian for life.

February is often described as the month of love. However, care must be taken to avoid choosing clich' names for the babies born on this month. Freya and Morna are apt suggestions for the baby girls born in February. Morna is Irish for affection while Freya was the goddess of fertility and love according to the ancient Norse culture.

March is a month characterize by national holidays set aside to commemorate heroes. Probably for new parents, it is prudent to use this opportunity to inspire the newborns by giving them names that bring out the best in them. These names include Patrick, after St. Patrick; Benjamin, after Benjamin Franklin; Lincoln after Abraham Lincoln; Bailey; Margaret, after Margaret Thatcher; among many other heroic names.

April spring break is often characterized by new live coming up after the cold winter. Since it precedes summer, it is the month of new life. In April, the land is dotted with new and beautiful flowers. Therefore, April names ought to demonstrate beauty and new life. For the baby girls, the names Abigail, Ellen, Bonita, Lucinda, and Mable would be recommendable. Similarly, baby boys would have the names Aaron, Abner, Asher, Alvin, Aquila, Basil, Gilbert, John, and Zane.

May is the transition between spring and summer. It has a lot to borrow between the two months. Hence, May names can fall between the April names and the June names. Even so, potential names for the month of May include Victoria, Penelope, Charlotte, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Amelia, and Mia for baby girls. For the baby boys, Justin, Alex, Jayden, Jonathan, Michael, Leo, and Dylan would make a good choice of May names.

June comes with the solar solstice of summer. This illuminating light of the sun creates some form of brightness which can be captured in the June names. The spirit of summer is captured by picking names that illustrate inspiration and brightness that the baby brings into the life of the family members. For girls, names like Chasca and Zelia would be more apt. Zelia is Spanish for sunlight while Chasca is the goddess of down according to the Inca culture. Dayton and Nikko will make a perfect choice for the baby boy. Nikko means sunlight in Japanese while Dayton is a name from the Old English culture that means a bright and sunny town.

July is the peak of summer with American cities registering some of the highest temperatures all year round. In addition, this is also a year that both the US and Canada celebrate national milestones and individuals who have contributed tremendously to the national development. In the spirit of these national holidays, especially Independence Day, baby boys born during this month would have the choice of the following names: Martin, George, Anthem, Americo, Freed, Braven, Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Julius, Thomas, and John. Similarly, for the baby girls, the following are July names: Amariana, Starlyn, Liberty, Abigail, Freeda, Betsy, Bella, Starla, and Julia.

August is the last month of summer. During this month, people enjoy the final moments of outdoor activities as they prepare for autumn. Baby girls' names for August are Luana and Alania. The former means relaxed ones while the latter means like calm waters. For the baby boys, Noa and Destan go a long way in expressing the nature of this month. Both are French given names with the former meaning restful and the latter by the still waters.

September is the autumn break. There is nothing much other than Labor Day which Americans celebrate on September 2nd. Probably my suggestion for this month would be names that demonstrate labor, industry, and profession. Examples would be names like Smith, William, Harper, Hunter, Cooper, Baker, Ryder, and Marshall. For the baby girls, the names would be Ayer, Fallon, Carey, Deanna, Emelia, and Gage.

October is the month of Halloween. During the celebrations, people imitate their favorite animals, mythical figures, or creatures. However, one must never use this opportunity to imitate the celebrity names like Blue Ivy, North West, Apple, among others. In the spirit of Halloween creativity, it is wise to create unique names whose meanings are applicable to the parents.

In November, the Americans have the Remembrance Day. The moms who give birth on this month ought to capture this moment by picking out names of people whose memory they cherish. We all have these people in our lives. However, we can also remember the national heroes or other personalities that we admire by giving out their names to our children. Consequently, November names would be, Bill, Barack, Whitney, Jesse, Henry, Nelson, Mahatma, Humphrey, Mark, among others.

December is the month of celebrations and family get-together. It is also the month where world celebrates the birth of Christ. December baby names are meant to express the joy of belonging and togetherness. These names include Noel, Noella, Immanuel, Emmanuelle, Emmanuella, Emma, Christine, Candy, Christian, Chris, Eve, Eden, Mary, Joseph, Peter, Angel, Angela, Faith, Hannah, Holly, and Victory.

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