Names that mean Mercy

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Aana Playful, Gracious, God's Favour, Grace
Aaniyah Resurrection, Favour and Grace, God has Favoured Me, He (God) Was Gracious
Aaric Rule with Mercy
Aarick Rule with Mercy, Sacred Ruler, Noble Leader, Alone-Ruler
Aarik Noble Leader, Rule with Mercy, Ruler of All, Alone-Ruler
Aathina Tamil Mercy, Beautiful, Playful, Bright
Abigailgrace Mercy, Love, Gives Joy, Grace of God
Ábiǫrn Resurrection, Chaste, The Good, Grace
Aemiliana Ancient Roman Strain, God has Shown Favour, Name of a King, Eagle
Aenea Ornament, Elder Brother, Angel, Eagle
Aenni Grace, Mercy
Ágautr The Word Agathos with the Meaning Kind Good, Favoured, Full of Pride, Pure
Ágærðr Spear Brave, The Good, God's Favour, Gerd
Ahnna Earth and Water, Mercy, He (God) Was Gracious, Name of a King
Ahsan Better, Mercy, Compassion, Excellent
Ahsen Better, Mercy, Compassion, Excellent
Ahsin Sanskrit Excellent, Better, Spiritual, Most Beautiful
Ahson Most Talented, Better, Mercy, Compassion
Ahsun Sanskrit Most Talented, Better, Mercy, Compassion
Ainetha Tamil Without Guile, Graceful, He (God) Was Gracious, Mercy
Aleanor Old Provenç alForeign, Variant of Helen, Light, Torch
Alinah Silk of Heaven, Honorable, Torch, Merry
Allinah Light, Honorable, Lovely, Variant of Helen
Althena Favoured, Beautiful, Gracious, Bright
Ambritt Mercy, Grace, Gracious, God is My Oath
Ameliagrace God's Favor, Thank You, Industrious, Kindness
Ámóða Bright, Wanted, The Good, Playful
Ana Spanish Portuguese Slovene Bulgarian Romanian Croatian Serbian Macedonian Georgian God's Favour, Resurrection, Gracious, Clever
Anaca African-HausaBrilliance of Stone, God has Shown Favour, Army, Grace
Anacarolina Feminine Variant of Charles, Mercy, Mother, Earth and Water
Anachristina Eagle, Anointed, Grain, Elder Brother
Anaclara Vigorous, Beautiful, Wanted, Favoured
Anae Playful, Bright, Grace, Clever
Anaee Full of Pride, Resurrection, Wanted, Grace
Anaelisa Mother, Name of a King, God's Promise, Grain
Anagabriel Full of Grace, Strong as a Bear, God is My Hero, Mercy
Anagabriela Full of Grace, Angel, Eagle, Mercy
Anagrace Name of a King, God has Shown Favour, Earth and Water, Charm
Anai Playful, Mercy, Resurrection, Favoured
Anaia Full of Pride, Popularity, Bright, Yahweh Answers
Anaiah Biblical Biblical Hebrew Full of Pride, Popularity, Bright, Yahweh Answers
Anaie Strong, Clever, Gracious, Grace
Anaïs Hebrew He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Graceful, Mercy
Anaise Grain, He (God) Was Gracious, Favour and Grace, Graceful
Anakaren Wanted, Strong, Clever, Dear
Analaura Playful, Strong, From Laurentum Stem End, Beautiful
Analena Playful, Wanted, Resurrection, Beautiful
Analinda From the Graceful Lake, Form of Anna, Priceless, Friendly
Analine Name of a King, Grace, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain
Anasofia Mother, Grace, Will, Wisdom