Emi name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Usage: English, Faroese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Emi EH-mee
Meaning: Industrious, To Strive, Excel, Rival, Eager, Laborious, Emulating, Emily, Imitating, Rivaling, All-containing, Emma and Lee
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What does Emi mean?

Predominantly used in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Faroese unusual, Emi aimed at girls is originated from Japanese, English-American, Germanic and Latin. Emi is variation of cherished and enduring Emily. Emily is a version of EmilieAmelia.

Emily is English form of Emilie. Also Emily is form of Émilie in English language. Emily's meaning is Emulating, Rival and Laborious is originated from Latin. Also. Emi is variant of long standing and widespread Emma.

Emma is a form of customary and venerable Erma. Also Emma is version of Emerentia. Emma is also variant of persistent and prevalent Emilia. Emma is diminutive of names with "Er".

Also Emma is diminutive of "Irm. Emma is also abridged form of Emily. Also. Emi is short version of Emilie. Emilie is form of eternal and renowned Emilia. Emilie is form of Émilie in Nordic language.

Also. Emi is short of Emmalee. Emmalee is form of imperishable and customary Emily. Also Emmalee is variant of famous and all time favorite Emma. Also Emmalee is spelling variant of Emma;Lee.

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How do I pronounce Emi?

One syllabled Emi is pronounced as EH-mee. The pronunciation choose to emphasis on first EH syllable. Some people pronounce it as e-mi.

Variants of Emi

Emee, Emily, Emma, Emilie, Émilie, Aemilie, Amalia, Milka, Emilse, Erma, Emerentia, Emilia, Emaline, Emmaclaire

Names that rhyme with Emi

How popular is the name Emi?

Emi is common in United States where over 2873 new-borns have been given the name since 1916. When at the peak of its usage in 2014, 198 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 1228th position.

In France, Emi is a unique name where it has been in use since 2003 and has secured the place in top 2000 names. In 2007, it ranked 1043rd when 44 girls were named Emi.

Over 435 people have been named Emi in France.

Emi is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 22 years of use, it could not make it big.

Over 312 babies in England and Wales have been named Emi. But an extremely popular name in Japan where every 1 in 2000 have the name as well as in Indonesia.

According to our research, over 250000 babies have been named Emi globally.

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Emi in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological aspects of Emi

You are an amazing person. Understand that you can't help a person who doesn't know they have a problem. You are always open to new adventures. Having letter I as your capstone in your name reveals the lack of balance and harmony in your life. You are a workaholic and often bring your job at home which angers your family. You desire to change constantly and you get easily bored. Remember that childhood dream you had? Focus on realizing it and fulfill your heart with happiness.

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Sibling Names for Emi

If you have chosen the name Emi for your little bundle of joy, congratulations! Now it's time to find the perfect middle and sibling names to complement Emi. From traditional to unique and trendy, we've got some great options for you to choose from. Check out our list below for inspiration!

For a sister

Brother for Emi

Famous people named Emi

  • Emi Fujita, Japanese singer
  • Emi Kobayashi, Japanese gravure idol
  • Emi Kaneko, Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan
  • Emi Shinohara, '
  • Emi Watanabe, Japanese former competitive figure skater
  • Emi Hinouchi, Emi Hinouchi was born in Osaka, Japan
  • Emi Wakui, Japanese actress
  • Emi Wada, 1993 'Oedipus Rex'
  • Emi Hashino, Japanese comedian and stage actress
  • Emily Ann Parker in Wait Till Helen Comes as Actress
  • Emily Milburn in One Perfect Day as Actress
  • Emily Tomlins in Bedlam as Actress
  • Emilie Besse in Beur sur la ville as Actress
  • Emily Rossman in Let the Games Begin as Actress
  • Emily Marks in Erin Brockovich as Actress
  • Emily Kusche in Das kleine Gespenst as Actress
  • Emi Nitta is a seiyu and Japanese singer, born in the prefecture of Nagano, Japan.
  • Actor Emi Basallo, renowned for movie Apocalipsis sexual
  • Emi Itô, from 1963 comedy, musical film Wakai nakamatachi: uchira Gion no maikohan, who portrayed the The Peanuts.
  • In 1971 flick, Chikan-sei hanzai kiroku, Emi Marino portrayed N.
  • In 1976, Emi Murakami played the role of N In movie Chikan bôkô.
  • In 1993 film, Chikan densha: Ecchina kahanshin, Emi Ishikawa characterized N.
  • Emi Uehara played central character of N in 1991 sci-fi film Ushinawareta nyotai.
  • Emi Yamashita portrayed small character of N in 1972 movie Gendai ryôki bôkôshi.
  • Emi Sato, from 1980 movie Maruhi kyôsei-zai: Bed ga nureru, who characterized N.
  • Emi Suzuki, from 2006 drama film Bado koru, who characterized N.
  • Emi Kitagawa, from 2004 film Momojiri shimai: Chimô no kaori, who characterized Kisaragi.


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