Milka meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew, Latin and Slavonic
Usage: Slavic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Meaning: Queen
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Meaning of Milka is Queen is substantially used in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Greenlandic, Finnish and Slavic and is bestowed upon girls has origin in Slavonic, Latin and Hebrew. Milka is a variant of famous Ilka. Ilka is a diminutive of Ilonka and affectionate form of Ilona. Also Ilka is short version of Hilaria. Ilka is form of Ilona in Russian and Hungarian languages. Also Ilka is form of Helen in Hungarian and Slavic languages. Ilka is also Slavic and Hungarian form of Ilona. Meaning of Ilka is Shining, Heitere and The Torch is substantially used in Russian, Frisian and Hungarian is rooted from Hungarian, Slavonic and Old Greek. Milka is form of Malka. Malka is short of Amalie. Malka's meaning is A Queen and Queen is rooted from Hebrew. Milka is version of lofty and all time favorite Emily. Emily is a form of EmilieAmelia. Emily is equivalent of Emilie in English language. Also Emily is English cognate of Émilie. Emily means To Strive, Rivaling and Eager has origin in Latin. Milka is a form of renowned and perennial Amelia. Amelia is a form of renowned and evergreen Amalia. Also Amelia is a version of dominant and ever lasting Amalie. Amelia is also variant of durable and well-known Emily. Amelia is English and German equivalent of Amalia. Also Amelia is equivalent of Emily in Latin and English languages. Rare Amelia came from Gothic and Latin, meaning of Amelia is "Industrious and Strain". Milka is an effeminate version of Milko. Milko is abridged form of Miloslaw. Also Milko is abridged form of Emilio. Milko is also shortened form of Emil. Milko is Czech form of Emil. Also Milko is form of Michael in Czech language. Milko is also form of Slavic Names Containing the Name Element Mil in Slavic language. Meaning of Milko is Glory, Inspired By a Ancient Roman Sex and Loving has its origin in Latin and Hebrew. Milka is Finnish equivalent of Emilia.

Variants of Milka

Amelia, Emily, Ilka, Malka, Amalia, Amalie, Aemilia, Ameline, Aemiliana, Emilie, Émilie, Aemilie, Emi, Emilse, Ilona, Helen, Ilca, Malha, Emilia, Amilia, Mia, Emma, Emiliana

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Popularity of Milka

Milka is an uncommon baby name in United States, although it has been in use since 1960 but could not make beyond the top 5000. There are over 443 babies that have been given the name Milka in United States. It also recently appeared in England and Wales baby girl names chart. In France, it had been in use since 1926 and made it to the top 600 but has appeared since 2008. There are over 141 babies that have been given the name Milka in France.

But Milka is a popular baby name in Serbia where every 1 in 400 have the name as well as in, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Tanzania and Indonesia. As per our research, over 160000 people has been named Milka globally.

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Here's what numbers has to say about Milka

Although you play tough all the time, deep inside, there's a sensitive soul capable of love. You always care more about other people's well-being and never find time to check how you are doing. The only person you need to prove yourself is the person you see in the mirror every day. Remember that you are not the only person who's struggling with something. And you are not alone as you think. Your mood changes constantly because you are so fragile and sensitive.

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Namesakes of Milka

    Milka Stojanović, Serbian soprano opera singer
  • Milka Ternina, Croatian dramatic soprano
  • Milka Planinc, Yugoslav politician from Croatia
  • Milka Duno, Venezuelan race car driver
  • Milka Canić, supervisor of the Serbian TV quiz show "TV Slagalica"
  • Milka Ahlroth in Parked as Actress
  • Milka Manson in Histoires de sexe(s) as Actress
  • Milka Badjura is noted for her acting in movie Triglavske strmine
  • Milka Tuykova portrayed the leading character of Ana Markova in 1952 drama movie Nasha zemya.
  • In 1977, Milka Furinová characterized the role of Profesorka in drama film Keby som mal dievca.

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