Johann name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 5th, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: YO-hahn
Meaning: Yahweh is Gracious and God is Merciful
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What does Johann mean?

Prominent Johann has its origin in Hebrew is a unisex name, Johann means "Yahweh is Gracious or God is Merciful" is used majorly in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and German.. Johann is equivalent of Johannes in German language. Also Johann is equivalent of John in German language. It is celebrated on December 27th.

Does Johann work as a baby name?

Johann is indeed a popular baby boy name in German-speaking countries. It is derived from the Hebrew name 'Yahweh is gracious'. This was originally a male given name and was initially used by German Christians. It has become a popular choice for parents throughout Europe, particularly in Germany and Austria. Johann has also been used as an English given name since the nineteenth century. The meaning of this name makes it a great choice for someone looking for a special, meaningful baby boy's name with spiritual significance.

How do I pronounce Johann?

You can pronounce the one syllabled name Johann as YO-hahn. The pronunciation choose to emphasis on first YO syllable. There are multiple ways to say the baby name, i.e., yo-haw-n.

Variants of Johann

Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Gian, Johannes, John, Jean, Hanko, Janek, Janica, Johansinnguaq, Dejohn, Gianni, Jackie, Yanis, Aaronjohn, John Paul

Names that rhyme with Johann

How popular is the name Johann?

Johann was a popular name in France. Over 19117 babies have been given the first name in 107 years. When at the peak of its usage in 1974, it ranked 85th when 914 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 107 years. Additionally, the first name has been in the top 100 baby names 8 times Johann is common in United States where over 4910 new-borns have been given the name since 1912. When at its peak in 2010, the moniker grabbed the 910th spot and 222 baby boys were given the name.

Johann is a unique baby name in Switzerland, it has been in use since 1998 and was able to reach the top 400 names. In 2015, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 335 on boy names chart when 26 babies were named Johann. There are over 357 babies that have been given the name Johann in Switzerland. Johann is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, although it has been in use since 1996 but could not make beyond the top 2000. Over 220 babies in England and Wales have been named Johann. Also, in Ireland, it has been in use since 1972 and achieved its top most rank of 196 in 1974.

However things change on global perspective, Johann is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 300 have the name as well as in Austria. Also the baby name is popular in South Africa and Italy. At least, 620000 people globally have carried Johann as their given name according to our research.

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Johann in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Johann

You enjoy challenges because they force you to extend your limits and give more than you thought you can. You react fast and don't think much when it comes to taking a risk for improvement or gaining profits. You are always in the center of attention because of the unusual lifestyle you lead and life decisions that seem too dangerous to some but inspiring to others. You are always open to hearing new opinions and perspectives.

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Middle names for Johann

There are plenty of in vogue and short middle names that fit after "Johann". Have a look at them:

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Famous people named Johann

  • Johann Friedrich Agricola, German composer, organist, singer, pedagogue
  • Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Austrian composer, organist, and music theorist
  • Johann Heinrich Alsted, German-born Transylvanian Saxon Calvinist minister and academic
  • Johann Tobias Krebs, German organist and composer
  • Johann Friedrich Endersch, German cartographer and mathematician
  • Johann Philipp Abelin, German chronicler whose career straddled the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Johann Homann, German geographer and cartographer
  • Johann Wilhelm von Archenholz, was
  • Johann Pachelbel, German composer, organist
  • Johann Christian Günther, German poet from Striegau in Lower Silesia
  • Johann Stumpf, early writer on the history and topography of Switzerland
  • Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Swiss scholar born at Zürich
  • Johann Strauss II, Johann Strauss Jr
  • Johann Strauss I, Austrian Romantic composer
  • Johann Georg Baiter, Swiss philologist and textual critic
  • Johann Heinrich Zedler, bookseller and publisher
  • Johann Evangelist Haydn, tenor singer of the classical era; the younger brother of the composers Joseph Haydn and Michael Haydn
  • Johann Albert Fabricius, German classical scholar and bibliographer
  • Johann Hinkel, German representative in Sark
  • Johann Matthias Gesner, German classical scholar and schoolmaster
  • Johann Christoph Pepusch, German-born composer
  • Johann David Michaelis, member of a family which had the chief part in maintaining that solid discipline in Hebrew and the cognate languages which distinguished the University of Halle
  • Johann Jakob Reiske, German scholar and physician
  • Johann Karl Ludwig Gieseler, Protestant German church historian
  • Johann Salomo Semler, German church historian, biblical commentator
  • Johann Augustus Eberhard, German theologian and "popular philosopher"
  • Johann Jakob Griesbach, German biblical textual critic
  • Johann Karl Wilhelm Vatke, was German Protestant theologian,
  • Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, Swiss traveller, geographer and orientalist
  • Johann Georg Walch, German Lutheran theologian
  • Johann Ernst Immanuel Walch, German theologian, linguist
  • Johann Gottfried Eichhorn, German Protestant theologian of the Enlightenment and an early orientalist
  • Johann Gerhard, Lutheran church leader and Lutheran Scholastic theologian during the period of Orthodoxy
  • Johann Arndt, German Lutheran theologian
  • Johann Georg Graevius, German classical scholar and critic
  • Johann August Ernesti, German Rationalist theologian and philologist
  • Johann Gottfried Jakob Hermann, German classical scholar and philologist
  • Johann Heinrich Voss, German classicist and poet
  • Johann Caspar von Orelli, Swiss classical scholar
  • Johann Patkul, Livonian nobleman
  • Johann Gottlieb Fichte, German philosopher
  • Johann Bayer, German lawyer and uranographer
  • Johann Elert Bode, German astronomer
  • Johann Heinrich Lambert, Swiss polymath
  • Johann Gottlob Theaenus Schneider, German classicist and naturalist
  • Johann Reuchlin, German-born humanist and a scholar of Greek and Hebrew
  • Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, natural historian and polymath
  • Johann Gustav Droysen, German historian
  • Johann Friedrich Herbart, German philosopher
  • Johann Joachim Winckelmann, German art historian and archaeologist
  • Johann von Werth, German general of cavalry in the Thirty Years' War
  • Johann Tetzel, German Dominican friar and preacher
  • Johann Mühlegg, former top level cross-country skier
  • Johann Eck, German Scholastic theologian, Catholic prelate
  • Johann Friedrich Struensee, German doctor
  • Johann Joachim Quantz, German flutist
  • Johann Olav Koss, former speed skater from Norway

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