Names that mean Goddess

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Unknown
Honoured, Aria, Great, Noble in Sanskrit
Sorrow, Fickle, Carl, Goddess Lakshmi
Is Associated to Goddess Durga
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Lilitu Meaning of the Night, Ghost, Storm Goddess, Lily
The Black One, Goddess Kali, A Form of Durga, Blacknes
Goddess of the Moon, Similar to Celia or Selena, A French Pirate Name is Celine Le Beak, Heaven
Wise Guardian, Goddess Parvati, Flowing of a River, Advice
Beautiful, White Ring, Fair Bow, Goddess of the Moon
Moon Goddess She of the Rainbow, She of the Rainbow
Blooming, Flower, Form of Florence, Blossom
Light, Deity, Resisting, Daylight
Isis was the Principal Goddess of Ancient Egypt, Rich, Dorians, From Doris
Divine, Heavenly, Continuing, Moon Goddess
God has shown favour, Brilliance of stone, Goddess Durga, Mercy
Son of Nicholas
Singer, Queen, Graceful, Goddess Lakshmi
Moon Goddess, Precious Stone, By the Mountain Tribe Cynthos End
He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Different, Goddess Durga
Princess, Lines on Any Particular Raaga from Sanskrit, Goddess
Goddess Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess Lakshmi
At the Beginning, First Power, Goddess Durga
Fragance, Meteor, Hill, Particularly Widespread In the United States
Beautiful, Dance, Goddess Lakshmi, Rich or from Hadria
Moon Goddess She of the Rainbow, She of the Rainbow
Goddess of the Woods and Hunting, The Country India
Flawless Woman, Raman's Wife Seetha in Hindu Epic Ramayanam, Goddess Sita, Furrow
Heavenly, Moon, Caelum Which Means Heaven, To Hide, Conceal
Wave, Ocean, Goddess Laxmi
Southern Us, American South, Tenth, Dick's Son
Rigantona Meaning Great Queen, Nymph, Goddess
Amusement, Game, Goddess of Wealth, Play
Light, Moon, Heaven, Beautiful
Another Name of Durga, The Female Energy, Woman, Which Protective
Princess, It Refers to Flat Land at the Foot of Mount Carmel, Place in Israel, Honey
God Rules
Blind, From the Fairy Palace, Goddess Parvati, Irish Form of Cecilia
Resembling a Horned Animal, White Antelope, Seed Name of Goddess Durga, Gazelle
Goddess Parvati, Blind, Daughter of the Mountain
River, Earth, Bitterness, Merry
Exalted, Elevated, Obedient, Platinum
Form of Cynthia, Little Ash-girl, From, Way
Unparalleled, Limitless Feeling, Goddess Parvati, Different from Others
Victorious, Goddess Durga, Successful, Victory
To Give Credit to Someone, Beautiful, Pratham, Excellent
Letter, Word, Unalterable, Letters
Son of Aditi, Goddess Parvati, Thesun, Newly Risen Sun
Goddess of Woods and Hunting, Celestial Hunter, The Element Deiwo with the Meaning Light Deity, Daylight
Mother, Shortest Name for Goddess Parvathy, Reputation, Flax
True Image, Of Elegant, To Gaze, One who Brings Victory
One of Devi's Names
Treasure, Goddess Laxmi, River
Rhyming Form of the Hebrew Nathan, God has Given, Goddess Lakshmi Devotee
Fullness of Mantra, Goddess Laxmi, Thousand Times, A New Beginning
Worthy of Devotion, Like a God, Worship, To Be Worshipped
Rich or from Hadria, Graceful, Beautiful, A Form of Ria
Parvati, Goddess Parvathi, Close to God
Kindness, Good, Goddess, Mercy
Money, Diamond, Platinum, Wealth
Caring Loving Good Hearted, Slender, Young Lady, The Brightened One
Founder, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden, Originator
Female Version of John, Brings Good News, Van Ki Devi, God is Gracious
Lucky, Luster, Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful
Gazelle, White Antelope, Goddess Durga, Sukh
Blessing, Resembling a Goddess, Eye of God
Is Associated to Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga
Durga, A Delightful Goddess
Beauty, Goddess Lakshmi, Splendor, Indira
Pity, Light, Friendly, Kindness
Commander and prince
Morning, Zero, Goddess Saraswati
Rock, Rule, Eagle, Bear Man
Parvati, Goddess Parvati
Yahweh is Gracious, Butterfly, Diminutive of Vanessa, Merciful
Gift from God, Purity, One who Protects, Night Prayer
Cute, Goddess, Lord
The Word Florens Which is of the Meaning Blossoming Flourishing, Blossom, Flowering, Prosperous
Eyes, Love, Name of a Goddess, Beautiful Eyed
Goddess Sita, Cool, Light, Moving
Devotee of Goddess Kali, Love
Goddess Lakshmi or Lotus Which is In the Heart of Lord Vishnu
Goddess Lakshmi / Durga, Cedar Tree, Rule, Mountain of Strength
Glowing, Loveable, Goddess Parvati, Attractive
Fame Giver and Lucky, Goddess of Earth, Wealthy
Heavenly, Continuing, Elements of Nature, Moon Goddess
Divine, Moon Goddess, Continuing, Elements of Nature
Illumination, Light, Grove
Victor, Stream, Gem, Flower Name for Poppy
Permanent, New, God Siva, Constant
Light, Goddess Lakshmi, Splendor, A Peacock
Fasting, Goddess, Sami
God Contends, Gift, English
Devine Wish, Devee, Chief of the Goddess
The Sun, Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess Parvati, Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
Auspicious, Wife of the God Vishnu, Luster, Prosperity
Goddess Lakshmi
Death, Goddess Parvati, Wife of Shiva, Life
Goddess Parvati, Stone, Shell, Speech
Shining, Shining Celestial Goddess
Kindness, Valley, Goddess
Victory, Goddess Durga, Successful, Victorious
White Gazelle, Goddess Durga, Poetry, Rhyme
Prosperity, Fortune, Good Omen
She of the Rainbow, Moon Goddess She of the Rainbow
Goddess Lakshmi, Lotus In the Heart of Lord Vishnu
Answer of Prayers, Goddess Lakshmi
Auspicious, God Shiv, Goddess Parvati, Hindu Major Divinity Worshiped As the Destroyer of World
Trident, Goddess Lakshmi
Gift of Isis
Children, Speech, An Orator, Earth
Rhea was an Earth Mother, From the River's Mouth, Love, Merry
Heavenly, Moon Goddess, Continuing, Divine
Beautiful, Goddess of the Moon, Light, Shine
Inspired By the Eponymous Roman Goddess of Childbirth, Breast Milk, Ninth
Speech, Goddess Saraswati, Wont, Accustomed Or Lacking, Wanting, Sound
Cliff, Rock, Ewe of West Africa, Saviour
Continuing, Heavenly, Divine, Moon Goddess
Goddess Lakshmi, Devi Laxmi
Divine, Moon Goddess, Elements of Nature, Continuing
Wind, Goddess Lakshmi, A Holy River
One who Brings Joy, A Holy Cow, The Word Nandi with the Meaning Joyful, Goddess Durga
He (God) Was Gracious, Favoured, Strong, Full of Pride
Wisdom, Intellect, Goddess Saraswati, Intelligent
Loved By God, Goddess
A Goddess, Success, Of the Pea Plant, Indigo
God Rama, Pleasing, Goddess Lakshmi, Rejoicing
The Peaceful, Earth, Alert, Wind
Divine, Continuing, Elements of Nature, Heavenly
Hindu Sacred Syllable ' Om' or 'Ohm', The First Sound of Universe Aum Called As Pranavi, Goddess Parvati
Ghost, Storm Goddess, Spirit of the Night, Lily
Another Name for Durga, Lord Shivas Bull, Joyful, Other Likes
Diamond, Daughter, Angel, Goddess of Gold
Industrious, Work, Peace, This Moment
Moon, Light, Shine, Good
Continuing, Heavenly, Elements of Nature, Divine
Fiery, Fire, Wind
Nurse, Inspired By the Goddess Maya, Midwife, Magic Power
Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi), The Pure One
Goddess Durga
Adler, Rule, Goddess Durga, Eagle
Successful, Victory, Goddess Durga, Victorious
Dreams, Goddess Parvatialmost Perfect, Invisible, Visions
The Garden, Goddess, Born of a Lotus, Beautiful
Little Goddess, Minor Deity, Like an Angel, Mother of Krishna
Shining, Shining Celestial Goddess
Slender, Good Luck, Pious, Goddess
Goddess Durga, Invaluable, Precious, Priceless
Moon Goddess, Divine, Heavenly, Elements of Nature
A Small Leaf, Goddess Parvati, Creeper
Victory, Conquer, Victorious, Victor Conqueror
Man, Army, Warrior, Is Associated to Goddess Durga
Rigantona Meaning Great Queen, Descendant of Rian, Consideration, Nymph
Romana, Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess Lakshmi, Affectionate, Beautiful, Lovable
God has Given, Rhyming Form of the Hebrew Nathan, Goddess Lakshmi Devotee
Food, Mercy, God is Gracious, Conqueror
Moon Goddess She of the Rainbow, She of the Rainbow
Goddess Lakshmi, Gem, Graceful, Rich or from Hadria
Victory, Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, Platinum
Very Expressive, Name of a Goddess, One with Charming Eyes, Beautiful Eyed
Moon, Caelum Which Means Heaven, To Hide, Conceal, Heavenly
God has Given, Goddess Lakshmi Devotee, Rhyming Form of the Hebrew Nathan
Victory, Victorious
Goddess Shakti, Energy, A Powerful Man, Power
Superior, Goddess of Beauty
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