Kaira meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Italian, Old Greek and Old Persian
Usage: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, English, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu
Meaning: Peaceful, Pure and Unique
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Kaira means Peaceful, Pure or Unique has its origin in Italian, Old Persian and Old Greek given to girls is used predominantly in Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, English, Tamil, Oriya, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Telugu. Kaira is variant of frequently used Karine. Karine is variant of frequently used Carina. Also Karine is form of lofty Karin. Karine is also form of lofty Karina. Karine is English and German cognate of Carine. Also Karine is equivalent of Cara in English language. Karine is also German and English form of Carine. Karine is also German cognate of Carina. Karine is also equivalent of Karen in French and Russian languages. Karine is also equivalent of Karina in English language. Karine's meaning is Dear and Pretty is originated from Latin, Italian and Old Greek. Kaira is a version of famous Kyra. Kyra is a variation of Cyriaque. Kyra is effeminate form of Cyrus. Also Kyra is an effeminate variation of Cyrillus. Origin of Curious Kyra is in Old Persian, Celtic and Greek, meaning of Kyra is "Lord, 'Lord and Master".

Variants of Kaira

Kairah, Karine, Kyra, Carina, Karin, Karina, Carine, Cara, Karen, Caitlin, Cate, Catheryn, Kurush, Kyros, Cyriaque, Caarina, Karena, Caron, Carin, Katharina, Karolina, Oskarine, Carrine, Caira, Carry, Carola, Carolina, Caren, Karra, Anakaren, Karenlee, Caelyn, Katleen, Kaitlin, Aikaterine, Cateline, Katie, Cyrus, Kira

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Popularity of Kaira

A common name in United States having over 2173 recievers in 45 years of usage. Currently peaked at the charts, it ranked 1425th when 154 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls. Kaira is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 800 names. Recently in 2017, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 715 on girl names chart when 57 babies were named Kaira. Over 472 babies in England and Wales have been named Kaira.

Kaira is an uncommon baby name in France, its highest ever rank is 1152 (1956) in its 11 years run on France naming chart. Kaira is a common name in India while somewhat familiar name in Venezuela, Brazil, Philippines, Panama, Kenya and Mexico. As per our research, over 6000 babies have been bestowed Kaira around the globe.

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What numerology tells about Kaira?

You don't like to brag about your knowledge and wisdom because you know that with time, everyone will realize your value. There isn't a person you can't charm. Open your eyes before it's too late and explore your options. Nothing can change your mind about something if you truly believe you are the one that's right. You believe in yourself, something we don't see much in people today. You are all about adventure and travel.

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Namesakes of Kaira

    Kaira Gong, Singaporean singer whose family is of Shanghainese descent

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