Russian boy names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Found 433 russian boy names.

Dearly Loved, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Molded From, Humanity, A Prophet's Name, Man of Earth
Gift from God, Archer, Yahweh is Gracious
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Fertility, To Tame, Conqueror, Spirit
Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
Victory of the People
Exalted Father, Need, Lift Up, Uplift
The Strong, Vigorous
Wind, In Hindi Yug, The Peaceful, Muse
Man, Heart, Humanity
Leo, The Lion
Earth-Lover, Dedicated to Demeter
The Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
Winner, Victory, The Victor
The Element Makaros with the Meaning Blessed, Sea Monster
Priceless, Who Eats Flower, Beyond Praise, Highly Praiseworthy
Rule, Famous, To Govern and Peace, Great
Aspiration, Army Man, French Form of Herman, Soldier
Holder of the Heel, To Supplant, One who Supplants, Supplanter
Who is Like God?, Wish
Wealthy Guardian, Guard of His Wealth
Warrior, From Germany, Sister, Brother
Helper and Defender of Mankind, He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Noble
The Greatest
Farmer, Earthworker
Name of a King, Always Heimkehrende, He who Remembers, The Homecoming
Whole, Healthy, A Butcher, Follower of Artemis, Safe
Devoted to Mars, The God of War, Warlike, Alter
Famous, Struggle, Wolf, Fighter
Gift of God
Defender and Helper of Mankind, Alexandra, Defending Men
Lord, Increase, Gift from God, Intelligent Raccoon
Man, The Brave, Manly, Masculine
Lover, Cloak, A Little Cape, One who Belongs to the River Lena
Guardian of the Youth, Warrior
Yahweh Will Establish, God Judges On
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
The Lord will Help, Elevation, Form of Eli
The Defender
It will Enlarge, God Would Multiply, He (God) Will Add, Jehova Increases
A Prophets Name, The Lord is My God
Little, Form of Paul, Small, The Humble
Dedicated to Demeter
Abbreviation of Elijah, God is Gracious
Strong and Man
Hero, The One who Gives, Eyesight, Vision
Constant, The Steadfast, Resolute
Son of Leon, Lion Strong
To Destroy
People's Victory
God has Helped
Feminine of Michael, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Bee, Who is Like God
Fame, Land, Homeland
The Rock, The Stone
Earthworker, Farmer
Earth-Lover, Follower of Demeter
Sweetness, Lion, Moderation
God will Uplift, In Use Since the Middle Ages
Honor and God, Name of a Saint
Blessed, Inspiration, Makaros
A Lord, Bond, Snare, Net
God is My Judge
Rain, Noble Man
Domination, Fame, Glory, Rule
Repel, To Help, Helper, Protect
Peace, Great, Famous
Lucky, Fortunate, Name of a Saint, Happy
Repel, The Defender, To Help, Protect
God is My Judge
Long Haired, Form of Cesar, Cut, Excise
Wide of Shoulders
Protect and Man, Protector, Alexandra, Manly
Doubly Fruitful, Double Fertile, Inspired By a Field Name
Holy, Blessed, Saint, Intact
Dedicated to Demeter, Follower of Demeter
Protect and Man, Man's Defender, Repel, Protector
Asked of God, Powerful, Hear
Jari, Slava
Majestic, Exalted, Revered, Which was a City in Asia
God is My Judge
Created by God, Man of Earth, First Human Being, Black
Peace, Composition, Argue, Fight
One who is Prosperous, Prosperity, Fortunate
Steadfastness, Glory, Fame, Slav
Feller, Loggers, Hewer of Wood
Yahvé Remembers, Whom Jehovah Remembered
Servant, Inspired By An Old Roman Family
Kingly, Royal
In Use Since the Middle Ages, God will Uplift
Life-Sustaining, Vital, Lively
Life-Sustaining, Vital, Lively
Gift of God
The Blessed, Blessed One
Gift of God, God's Gift
Dedicated to Demeter, The Rainy Cloud, Gentle Rain, Down Pour
Angel, Fiery, Burning
Subdue, Fertility, Conqueror, Tamer
Gift of Yahweh
Life, Lively, Vital, Vigorous
Of Taras
Famous, Fame, Slav, Struggle
Free Man, Full-grown, Vigorous, Army
Who is Like God?, Like the Lord
The Crowned, The Crowned
Wise, Old Man, Saint who was a Trainer of Young Monks
Tamer, To Tame, Fertility, Conqueror
Destruction, Intelligent, Sacred Wood Apple Tree, White
Fifth, Surname, Variant of Quentin Fifth
Fortuné, Good Luck
True, Real
Judge and God
King, Monarch, Brave, Kingly
Song of the Hero, The Elements Heros Meaning Hero Fighter
Kingly, Valley, Protection, King Like
Vigilant Watchman, Alert, Watchful
Inspired By An Old Roman Family, Servant
God, Life
Farmer, Earthworker, Earth Worker, A Tiller of the Soil
Enough, Britain
God will Uplift, In Use Since the Middle Ages
Of a Noble Kind
Worker of the Earth, Farmer Earthworker
Prosperous Protector
Truly Brave, Bold, Real, Noteworthy and Valorous
Born Again, Regenerate
Dedicated to Demeter, Follower of Demeter
A Tiller of the Soil, Earthworker, Farmer
Honor and God, Name of a Saint
Son of Happiness
Manly, Helper and Defender of Mankind, Warrior
God Towards, Yahweh Will Establish
Hitting the Mark
Farmer, Earthworker, Earth Worker, A Tiller of the Soil
Happy, Peace
Pollen, Saffron, Lion
One who Brings Good Things
Assistant, Alexandra, Princess
Snake, Christmas Babies, Bowed, Birthday
From the House of Tatius, King of the Sabines
God's Power, Wind, A Bird
Combination of Tonya and La
Love, The Element Aisha with the Meaning Alive, Rich, Life
God is Gracious, Hair, Immense Joy
Well-born, Noble
Farseeing, First King of Iran, Lord, Young
Well-born, Noble
Farmer, Earthworker
Downpour, The Rainy Cloud, Down Pour
Ocean, Lord of Rivers, Hope
is Loved, One who Loves
The Element Anatole Meaning Sunrise East, Sunrise
Earth Worker, A Tiller of the Soil, Farmer Earthworker
The Elements Eugenes Meaning Well Born Noble, Well-born
The Element Anatole Meaning Sunrise East, Sunrise
Defender and Helper of Mankind, Alexandra, Defending Men
Reign, To Govern and Loved, People of Power, Rule
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