Jan name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew and Czech
Usage: Arabic, English, English, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Polish, Frisian, Low German, Swedish, Belgian, Slavic, Faroese, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Jan jan
Meaning: Supplanter, God is Gracious, Yahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful, Beloved, Life and Sing
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What does Jan mean?

Mainly used in Norwegian, Finnish, German, Frisian, Dutch, Czech, Slavic, Danish, Icelandic, Polish, Greenlandic, Arabic, English, Swedish, Scandinavian, Low German, Faroese and Belgian frequently used, Jan has its origin in Czech and Hebrew is a unisex name, meaning of Jan is "Supplanter, The Lord is Gracious, Yahweh is Gracious, God is Merciful, Beloved, Life or Sing".

Jan is version of outstanding, biblical and immutable Jean. Jean is a variation of venerable, famed and biblical John. Jean is equivalent of Johannes in French language. Also Jean is form of Jeanne in English and Scottish languages.

Jean's meaning is Scottish Form of Joan Gracious Gift from God, Yahweh is Gracious and God is Merciful has its origin in Hebrew.. Also Jan is Frisian, German and Dutch form of Jahan [11].

Also Jan is Dutch and German form of Names Ending with -Ian. Also Jan is equivalent of Johannes [11] in Slavic language. The name is celebrated on December 27th.

How do I pronounce Jan?

The proper pronunciation of one syllabled Jan is jan.

Variants of Jan

Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Janak, Jean, John, Johannes, Jeanne, Gean, Ioan, Ionel, Johnna, Jennine, Donajean, Jean-Claude, Janna, Johan, Jancis, Hanko, Janek, Janica, Johansinnguaq

How popular is the name Jan?

Jan was a popular name in United States. Over 76441 babies have been given the moniker in 215 years. At the peak of its usage in 1954, 3200 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 131st position.

After 215 years, the name has past its prime. Additionally, the first name has been in the top 500 baby names a staggering 67 times Jan is a common name in England and Wales given to over 2416 babies in 29 years.

At the peak of its usage in 2017, it ranked 226th when 238 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. Also, Jan used to be a common name in Spain, first appeared in 2002 and over 976 babies have been given the name in 3 years.

When at the peak of its usage in 2004,. After 3 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. Also, Jan used to be a common name in Belgium, first appeared in 1998 and over 107 babies have been given the name in 1 years.

At the peak of its usage in 1998,. After 1 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

Jan is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1980 and was able to reach the top 2000 names.

In 1992, it ranked 1018th when 29 boys were named Jan. Over 437 babies in France have been named Jan. The moniker is a rare baby name in Belgium there is very thin chances of it still being given as it was last seen in 1998.

Over 107 babies in Belgium have been named Jan. However things change on global perspective, Jan is extremely popular in Czech Republic where every 1 in 40 have the name as well as in, Poland, South Africa, Pakistan and Germany.

Also the baby name is popular in India, Philippines, Canada, Australia, England, Lebanon, Slovakia, Iran, New Zealand, Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Slovenia, Mozambique and Sudan. As per our estimate, over 2240000 people has been named Jan globally.

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Numerological aspects of Jan

You possess persistence and clarity when it comes to searching for the truth. You are a good listener but the advice you give is taken by a pinch of salt by others. You have the heart of a warrior. You encourage people to walk the harder path and fight for what they believe is right. Your only flaw is your kindness and naivety. If letter N is your capstone in your name, it represents your creative and intuitive personality.

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Famous people named Jan

  • Jan Berglin, Swedish cartoonist
  • Jan Borukowski, royal secretary of Poland from 1553
  • Jan Kjærstad, Norwegian author
  • Jan Brueghel the Elder, Flemish painter and draughtsman
  • Jan Brueghel the Younger, Flemish Baroque painter
  • Jan Tschichold, calligrapher, typographer and book designer
  • Jan Bake, Dutch philologist and critic
  • Jan P. Syse, Syse was President of the Nordic Council
  • Jan Smuts, South African statesman, military leader
  • Jan Janssonius, Dutch cartographer and publisher
  • Jan Gruter, Flemish-born philologist, scholar, and librarian
  • Jan Skácel, Czech poet of Moravian origin
  • Jan Zach, Czech composer, violinist and organist
  • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Dutch composer, organist
  • Jan Kubelík, Czech violinist and composer
  • Jan Frederik Gronovius, Dutch botanist notable as a patron of Linnaeus
  • Jan van Scorel, (1 August 1495 – 6 December 1562
  • Jan Brokoff, baroque-era sculptor and carver
  • Jan Conn, Canadian geneticist and poet
  • Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate, Dutch divine, prose writer and poet
  • Jan Ladislav Dussek, Czech composer and pianist
  • Jan Hendrik Scholten, Dutch Protestant theologian
  • Jan Mühlstein, Jan Mühlstein grew up
  • Jan Wyrowiński, Polish politician and Kashubian activist
  • Jan Myrdal, Swedish author, Cambodian genocide denier
  • Jan Lorenc, Polish-American designer and author
  • Jan Valtin, German writer during the interwar period
  • Jan Šindel, Czech medieval scientist and Catholic priest
  • Jan Štursa, Czech sculptor
  • Jan Svěrák, Czech film director
  • Jan Weenix, Dutch painter
  • Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Jan Davidsz
  • Jan Gossaert, as he called himself when he matriculated
  • Jan Brown, Canadian former politician
  • Jan Swafford, American composer and author
  • Jan Hus, Czech theologian, philosopher, master, dean
  • Jan Węglarz, Polish computer scientist
  • Jan Narveson, philosopher
  • Jan Swammerdam, Dutch biologist and microscopist
  • Jan Tinbergen, important Dutch economist
  • Jan Łukasiewicz, Polish logician and philosopher born in Lemberg
  • Jan Baptist van Helmont, Flemish chemist, physiologist, and physician
  • Jan Czochralski, Polish chemist
  • Jan Oort, Dutch astronomer who made significant contributions to the understanding of the Milky Way and
  • Jan Davis, former American astronaut
  • Jan Marek Marci, Bohemian doctor and scientist
  • Jan Miodek, (born 7 June 1946 in Tarnowskie Góry
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyně, Czech anatomist and physiologist
  • Jan Ingenhousz, Dutch physiologist, biologist and chemist
  • Jan Patočka, Czech philosopher
  • Jan Karon, American novelist
  • Jan and Dean, musical artist
  • Jan van Goyen, Dutch landscape painter
  • Jan Długosz, Polish priest, chronicler, diplomat, soldier
  • Jan Bos, Dutch speedskater and sprint cyclist
  • Jan van Eyck, Early Netherlandish painter active in Bruges
  • Jan Peter Balkenende, Jan Pieter "Jan Peter" Balkenende Jr
  • Jan Timman, Dutch chess Grandmaster
  • Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, military commander of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth army
  • Jan van Riebeeck, Dutch navigator and colonial administrator
  • Jan Masaryk, Czech diplomat and politician
  • Jan Toorop, Dutch-Indonesian painter,
  • Jan Santini Aichel, Czech architect of Italian descent
  • Jan Steen, Dutch genre painter of the 17th century
  • Jan Žižka, Czech general


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