Rick name meaning

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Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Old High German, Welsh, Gothic, Old Norse, Germanic and Old English
Usage: English, German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: r(i)-ck
Meaning: Rich and Powerful Ruler, War Leader, Brave and Hardy
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What does Rick mean?

Widely Accepted unisex name Rick means "Powerful, War Leader, Brave or Hardy", used largely in Norwegian, English, Finnish, German, Swedish and Danish has its origin in Old English, Old High German, Gothic, Welsh, Old Norse and Germanic languages.

Rick is a variant form of prevailing Aric. Aric is English form of Eric. Also Aric is German form of Richard. Illustrous Aric is used dominantly in English, Aric means "Rule with Mercy and Ever Ruler" is rooted from Old Norse and Germanic.

Rick is version of Theodoric. Theodoric's meaning is Thiuda and Reiks has its origin in Gothic. Rick is variant of celebrated Derek. Derek is diminutive of TheodoricTheodoric. Derek is form of Derrick in German language.

Well-Liked Derek is originated from Gothic and Old High German, Derek means "People and King and The People's Ruler". Rick is variation of eminent and pious Ulrich. Ulrich is form of renowned Alaric.

Ulrich is equivalent of Uodalrich in German language. Well-Liked Germanic and Old High German Ulrich, meaning of Ulrich is "Noble and Power". Rick is short version of Roderick. Roderick is equivalent of Roderich in English language.

Widespread Roderick came from Germanic and Old High German, meaning of Roderick is "Fame, Famous Power and Famously Powerful". Rick is shortened form of Sedrick. Sedrick is form of customary and perpetual Cedric.

Rick is short version of Eric. Eric is Scandinavian and English equivalent of Erich. Also Eric is English and French cognate of Frederick. Eric means Peaceful Ruler, Sole Ruler and Ever-powerful is originated from German, Old Norse and Germanic.

Rick is a short of Cedric. Cedric is variant form of Cerdic. Cedric's meaning is Beloved, Possibly Inaccurate Reproduction of the Old English King Named Cerdic and Unclear is rooted from Welsh, Celtic and English.

Rick is abridged form of Frederick. Meaning of Frederick is Peace and Rich is of English, Old High German and Germanic origin. Rick is short form of Richard. Richard is form of Rickward.

Also Richard is spelling variation of RIK;HARD. Meaning of Richard is Hardy, King and Strong and Powerful has origin in English and Germanic. Rick is English equivalent of Names Containing the Name Element Rik.

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Is Rick a pleasant name for a baby?

Rick is a popular name for baby boys that has its origins in Britain. The name is associated with strong and admirable characteristics, such as bravery and peacefulness.

Its popularity has been fueled by prominent personalities who bear the name, including athletes, actors, and musicians. Rick is a simple yet impactful name that conveys strength and leadership qualities from birth.

It's also an easy-to-pronounce name with a straightforward spelling that makes it accessible to people of various cultures and backgrounds. Overall, Rick is an excellent choice for parents looking for a timeless baby boy name that exudes power and grace.

How do I pronounce Rick?

Two syllabled Rick is pronounced as r(i)-ck.

Variants of Rick

Richart, Richeard, Aric, Derek, Theodoric, Ulrich, Airikr, Eric, Richard, Aaric, Ricky, Arik, Derrick, Darick, Dieter, Tiede, Dedric, Uodalrich, Alaric, Huldrich, Rich, Ulrike, Tyrick, Ricko, Rikke

Names that rhyme with Rick

How popular is the name Rick?

a very popular name in United States having over 81683 recievers in 118 years of usage. Presently the name is rising, in 1958, the moniker grabbed the 76th spot and 5457 baby boys were given the name.

Additionally, the name has been in the top 100 baby names 6 times Rick is a familiar baby name in Netherlands, during its short term of usage, the name has been to the top 300 names.

In 2015, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 234 on boy names chart when 69 babies were given the name Rick. There are over 341 babies that have been given the name Rick in Netherlands.

Rick is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales where it has been in use since 1996 and achieved its top ranking of 1591 in 1996. Also, it is among the top 2000 boy names in France.

Over 174 people have been named Rick in France. Also, it is uncommon in Belgium, where it has been in use since 1995 and peaked in 1996 when it ranked 555th.

There are over 116 babies that have been given the name Rick in Belgium.

But Rick is a popular baby name in Canada where every 1 in 500 have the name as well as in, Australia and England.

As per our estimate, over 600000 babies have been bestowed Rick around the globe.

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Rick in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Rick

Focus on inner peace, balance, harmony, helping those in need, kindness, and love. You are prone to enter a depressive phase for something that didn't actually happened but you feel like it did in your mind. You are intelligent and independent. Criticism helps you become better than you were yesterday. Work on your self-confidence and find your own purpose. People who have this number as their expression no can be described as free souls that can't be tamed.

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Middle names for Rick

Possible options for a child named Rick include these flying high and prominent middle names:

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Famous people named Rick

  • Rick Laird, Irish bassist
  • Rick Cook, light fantasy author from the United States
  • Rick Swenson, American dog musher who has won the 1
  • Rick Jones, Canadian-born television presenter and musician
  • Rick Joyner,
  • Rick Reilly, American sportswriter
  • Rick Benjamin, is Speed Channel's voice of the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series
  • Rick Hillier, former Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces
  • Rick Strassman, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine
  • Rick Chiarelli, politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Rick Sternbach, illustrator
  • Rick Tulka, illustrator and caricaturist whose work has appeared
  • Rick Norwood, American publisher, mathematician
  • Rick Peterson, former pitcher and pitching coach
  • Rick Rossovich, American actor best known as Ron "Slider" Kerner
  • Rick Folbaum, was formerly an American news anchor and correspondent for the Fox News Channel and the former co-anchor of WNYW's 'Fox 5 News at 6'
  • Rick Smith Jr., Rick Smith Jr
  • Rick Benjamin,
  • Rick Distaso, Stanislaus County
  • Rick Kalowski, Australian television and film writer/producer
  • Rick Roderick, American professor of philosophy
  • Rick Rollens, American lobbyist with a client list including ARCA
  • Rick Roberts, former field hockey defender from Canada
  • Rick Sloane, American cult film maker
  • Rick Allison, Belgian-born Canadian singer
  • Rick Kirkman, cartoonist and co-creator of the comic strip 'Baby Blues'
  • Rick Stromoski, American cartoonist whose work includes the syndicated comic strips 'Mullets' and 'Soup to Nutz'
  • Rick O'Dell, former NASCAR driver
  • Rick White, Australian rock climber, best
  • Rick Gates, Internet pioneer mostly known because he organized The Internet Hunt and raised the ideas of Interpedia
  • Rick Karr, journalist and educator
  • Rick Recht, American rock musician
  • Rick Baird, member of the U.S. Bobsled team from 1998 to 2003
  • Rick Krebs, role-playing game and simulation game designer
  • Rick Bryant, New Zealand blues and rock singer/songwriter
  • Rick Bass, American writer and an environmental activist
  • Rick Telander, senior sports columnist for the 'Chicago Sun-Times'
  • Rick Dickinson, British industrial designer
  • Rick Woodford, former Newfoundland and Labrador MHA and cabinet minister
  • Rick Maybury, British technology journalist, editor, author
  • Rick Carroll, program director for influential radio station KROQ-FM
  • Rick van Velthuysen, Dutch radio DJ
  • Rick Lecoat, graphic designer and the creative director of the London-based design studio
  • Rick Brandenburg, Dr
  • Rick Treadway, former racing driver for the Indy Racing League
  • Rick Mathews, American professional baseball scout for the Colorado Rockies and the former bullpen coach for the club
  • Rick Muther, American racing driver
  • Rick Kirby, English sculptor born in Gillingham, Kent
  • Rick Ufford-Chase, peace activist and long-time member of the Southside Presbyterian Church
  • Rick Husband, He traveled into space twice: as Pilot of STS-96 and Commander of STS-107
  • Rick Wakeman, English keyboardist, songwriter

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