Names that mean Sea

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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The Sea, Son of the Waves
Midwife, Work, Wet Nurse, Durga
Rich, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Hay Clearing, Heroine, Thinking of the Sea, Army Power
Pet Form of Mary, Bitterness, The Perfect One, Honey
Noble, Little Rock, Peace, God of Shine
Bright Sea, Sea-Born
Defence, The Roman God of War, Mars, Of the Sea
Darling Child, Rock, An Offering, Light and Buoy-any
Stability, Earth, Pure, Chicken
Dear Child, Precious, Rock, Tribe near the Black Sea
Sea of Sorrow, Scraped, Prophetess, Drop
Sea And Sky
Sea, the Sky
Adriatic Sea, Square Room, Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Dew of the Sea, Mary, Bitter Rose
Maredudd, Sea Lord, Wealth and Work
The Sea, Hay Meadow, Heroine, Mountain Slope
Bitter, Star of the Sea, Bitterness
Pure by Heart, A Gem of the Sea, Pearl, Grand
Tribe near the Black Sea, Rock, Comely, Noble
Lightning, Enlightenment, Sea
Sailor of the Sea
Great, Famous and Friend, Sea Lover, Eminent Marrow
Modern, Combination of Mary and Ellen, Wished for Child, Bitterness
Girl of the Sea, Nature Name
Of Magdala, Villager of Galilee
Narrow, The Element Gaudere Which Means to Rejoice, Strait, Victory
Jewel of the Sea, Little Hearts, Heart, Cordus
Muir Meaning Sea, The Moor, Moorish, Dark-skinned
Sea, From the Hill By a Lake
Dedicated to Mars, Warlike, Female Version of Marcellus, Warring
Sea, God of War Mars Ordained, Little Falcon
Drained Lake, Rebellion, Bitterness, Daughter of Mary
Ruler of the Sea, Famous Power, Maurice, Dark Skinned
Bitterness, Drop, Sea
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
From Hadria, Adriatic Sea
A Gem of the Sea, Pearl
Pleasant Wood, Sun, Sea
Princess of the Sea, Bitter, T, Wished-for Child
Adriatic Sea, Woman from Hadria
Mary, Drop, Sea
Sea, the Sky
Land of oaks or someone who live by the oak land
Rebellion, Wished-for Child, Star of the Sea, Little Mary
Rebellion, Diminutive of Mary, Bitterness, Great
Manly, Bitter, King-ruler, Of the Sea or Sailor
Lady with Fair Complexion, Sea of Sorrows, Sorrow, To Desire
The river that swallows all rivers
Of the Sea
Pinkish Stones, Semi-Precious Sea Growth Often Deep Pink, Red, Coral
Sea of Bitterness, Wished for Child, Rebelliousness, Admirable
A truly pure heart, snake or serpent
From the High Tower, Lena, Magdalena, Variant of Marlene
Mother, Rebellion, Wished-for Child, To Increase
Sea of Bitterness, Drop, Beloved, Wished-for Child
The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, Bitter, Of Italy, High Tower
Sea, the Sky
Star of the Sea, Bitterness
Conciliatory, Ocean, Sweet, River Bank
The Elements Muir Meaning Sea, Dune, Small Falcon, Hand to Magic
Form of Irving, Honored Friend, Place Name, Warrior
Bitterness, Drop, Sea
The Sea with No Restrictions the Free-Flowing Ocean
Council, Melody, Born Again, Of the Sea
From Doris, Gift and God, Name of a Place, Bountiful
Settler of Cord, Seiler, Sea from the Stem End
Adriatic from the Stem End, Rich, Dark One
White, Yew, Marine Friend, Warrior
Brotherly, Sister, Warrior, Diminutive of Mary
Sea Which Belong, Of the Sea
Scottish Form of Margaret Pearl, Mother, To Increase, Bitterness
King-ruler, From the God Mars, Bitter, Warlike
Incision, Form of Catherine, Beloved, Katharina
By the Sea
Defence, Warlike, Warring, Form of Marcia
Girl of the Sea, Nature Name, Maiden, Coral
From Hadria, Adriatic Sea
My love
Wealthy, A number equal to a thousand times 1000
Princess of the Sea, Affection, Tender
Star, Godsend Or: the Fertile, Aristocratic Lady, A Fragrant Resin Obtained from a Tree
Sea of Sorrow, Lord Krishna's Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Glory
Sea, the Sky
Bright, Dweller of the Sea, Sea-Born
Independent, Shining Sea
Sea, Give, Possessor of the Good, Wealthy
Ocean, Sea
Rejoice, Sailor of the Sea
Light and Buoy-any, Dear Child, Beautiful, Ailin Meaning Little Rock
Army, Form of Irving, Place Name, Beautiful
From the High Tower, Maria, Lena, Magdalena
Warring, Male, From the God Mars, Bitter
Sea Lover, Famous Friend, Form of Marvin, Marrow
Warring, Male, From the God Mars, Bitter
Sea, Vast, Wave, Endless Ocean
Tribe near the Black Sea, Rock
Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam, I am, Star of the Sea, Helmet
Pr, Of the Sea, Warlike, Protector of Man
Maintain Well, Possessor of the Good, Knowing, Learned
Bitter, Myrrh and Ocean, Form of Mary, Beloved
Darling Child, Ailin Meaning Little Rock, Tribe near the Black Sea, Light and Buoy-any
The Word Mere Which Means Mother, Lady, Grace, Sea of Bitterness
Girl of the Sea, Nature Name, Maiden, Coral
Diminutive of Mary, Waterfall, Pool, T
the Sky, Sea
Shy, Peaceful, Cute, Council
Variant of Mary, Beautiful, Beloved, Drop
Where the Mountain Meets the Sea
Condition, The Sea, Hay Meadow, Sweet
Dark, Sea of Bitterness, Moorish, Great
Star of the Sea, Fulfilling a Duty, Decked, The Oldest Daughter
Princess of the Sea, Wished for Child, Little Bitter, Rebelliousness
He (God) Will Add, Mary, Beloved, Possible: the Bitter
Beloved, Princess of the Sea, Lady, The Word Mere Which Means Mother
Circling Sea, Great and Bright
Pool, Waterfall, Great, A Cascade
Combination of Maria and Magdalene, Bitter, Sea, Sun
Star of the Sea, Fulfilling a Duty, Decked, The Oldest Daughter
Gem White in Color, The Precious Stone, Diamond, Pearl
Favour, Princess of the Sea, Charm, Bitter
Blackbird, Black Bird, Small Falcon, Able
Wished for Child, The Perfect One, Wonderful, A Fragrant Resin Obtained from a Tree
Bitterness, Drop, Sea
Dedicated to the God Mars, Pr, Form of Marcia, Warring
Sea, Fight, Katharina, The Element Gaudere Which Means to Rejoice
All and universal
Woman from Kynthos, From the High Tower, Native of Magdala, One who is Elevated
Sea of Sorrow, The Perfect One, Possible: the Bitter, Beloved
War-Like Dedicated to Mars, Form of Marc, War-like, Defence
From Hadria, Adriatic Sea, Dark
Waterfall, Pool, Rebellion, Gentle
Lou, Princess of the Sea, Mary, Illustrious and Fighting
Drop, Sea, Bitterness
Shell, Oyster, Pearl, Lord Ram's Devotees
Ailin Meaning Little Rock, Darling Child, Precious, Light and Buoy-any
Dark and Rich, Square Room, Woman from Hadria, From Adria
Star of the Sea, Sea-bright, Myrrh
Taken from Water, From Ireland, Foundling, Drawn out
Warlike, Final, Of the Sea or Sailor, Manly
Pious, Big, Sea of Bitterness, Great
Bitter, Rebelliousness, Drop, Scraped
Variant of Helen, Mercy, Beloved, The Torch
Sea, the Sky
Seiler, Settler of Cord, Sea from the Stem End
Sea of Bitterness, Born Again, Dark, Joyous Song
Abbreviation of Mary, Pearl, Bitter, Beloved
Light and Buoy-any, Rock, Darling Child, Tribe near the Black Sea
Drop, Wished-for Child, Rocks, Rebelliousness
Of the Sea, Sea from the Stem End
Latin, Tender, Greek, Buoyant
Peacock, Bright, Adriatic from the Stem End, Fair
Adriatic Sea, Dark One, Woman from Hadria, Rich
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