Names that mean Kind

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you in search of a name that embodies the softness of the heart, a name that portrays 'kindness'? Welcome to our curation of baby names that mean 'kind'. These names are a true embodiment of compassion and generosity.

Take 'Clement', a Latin name that translates to 'merciful and gentle', or 'Linda', a Spanish name that means 'pretty', but also implies 'kind'. Doesn't kindness shine through these names? Eager to discover more such compassionate names? Let's proceed!

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Noble Sort, Nobility
Halo, Aureole, First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Corona, Halo
Of the Noble Sort, Woman from Lydia, Midas and Croesus, Happiness
Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Elegance, The Oldest Daughter, Kind, Decorated
My God is Yahweh, Eliane, Kind, Peaceful Ruler
Honorable, Lovely, Bright Beautiful, Silk of Heaven
Noble, German, Joy, Sweet Angel
Of Noble Figure
German Origin and Means Noble
Educated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
High, Little Rock, Defender of Man, Noble and Shining
Kind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguished
Delight, Noble, Small Winged One, Heart
Helper of Mankind, Repel, The Defender, Protect
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
God Gifted, Of a Noble Kind, Silk of Heaven
He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Different, Goddess Durga
The Blessed, Kind One
To Speak Kind Words, Bee, Hebrew
Noble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
Victory, Conqueror, Flower, A Kind of Flute
Merciful, Kind, God is Compassionate
Mildness, Clemency, Patient, Merciful
Grain, Splendour, To Tremble, Light
Highborn, My Ornament, Awe-inspiring, Of a Noble Kind
Loved One, Beloved, Loving to Everyone, Kind
Good to Others, Of the Aryan Race, Kind Hearted, Ancient
Lake, Adornment, Waterfall, Kind
The Only One One of a Kind, Unique
The Graceful, High Status, He was Ibn Harithah Alaslami, Daughter of Abu Bakr
Truthful, Of Noble Figure, Nobel, Small Winged One
A Kind of Fir, From Hadria, The Archer, Tree
Of a Noble Kind
The Element Diya Meaning Light Splendor Glow, Grain, One who Unities, To Tremble
Gift and God, Kind
Truthful, Of a Noble Kind, Variant of Alice
Splendor, Kind of Grain, One who Unities, To Tremble
Kind Flower, Girlfriend, Gentle, Lion's Share
Halo, Halo, Aureole, Moonlight, Corona
To Speak Kind Words, Queen Bee, Hebrew
Halo, Aureole, Corona, Halo, First of Its Kind In Germany Popular
Exalted One, The High, Of a Noble Kind
Clement, Full of Mansuude, Affectionate, Merciful Origin Islamic
Of a Noble Kind
Noble and Fight, Lust, Small Winged One, Nobility
Modest, Father is a Light, Kind Hearted
Of a Noble Kind, Nobility, Similar to Alice
Of the Noble Sort, Protected by God, Silk of Heaven
Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Brightness
Helper and Defender of Mankind, To Defend, Repel, Manly
Of a Noble Kind
Of a Noble Kind
Abbreviation of Elisabeth, Of a Noble Kind
Nobility, Sweet, Noble, Brightness
Fame, Kind, Rose Flower, Noted Protector
Star of the Sea, Fulfilling a Duty, Decked, The Oldest Daughter
The One who Gets Near, Kind Hearted, Close
First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Halo, Aureole, Corona, Halo
Pearl, Another Name for God, Unique Unmatched, Without Rival
Of a Noble Kind
Example, Lesson, Fire, Cloud
Exalted, Noble Sort, Variant of Alice
Noble, Sweet, English, Kind
Kind, Young, The Maiden, Queen
Star of the Sea, Fulfilling a Duty, Decked, The Oldest Daughter
Kind Heart, Precious Friend, Companion
Of a Noble Kind
Noble, Of a Noble Kind
Prince, The Honest and Kind Peace and Truth
Noble, The Element Alaida Which Means Little Winged Girl
Affectionate, Kind, Merciful Origin Islamic, Another Name of Allah
Little Noble One, Aveline, Eveline, Of Magdala
Of a Noble Kind
Lust, The Word Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, Nobility, Guide
Joyful, Joyous, Joy, Delight
Of Noble Figure, Of a Noble Kind
Beauty, Region of Asia Minor, Woman from Lydia, Noble Kind
Noble, Love, Kind
Variant of Alice, Noble Sort, Exalted
Of a Noble Kind, Secret, Shape
Noble and Fighting, Nobility
Of a Noble Kind, The Element Alaida Which Means Little Winged Girl
Gentle Kind Pleasant, Benevolent, Subtle, With Gentleness
Darling, Beloved, Loved One, Loving to Everyone
Noble Kind
Good Deeds, Beautiful, Elegant, Kind Acts
Honest, Joyous, Faithful, Delight
Happiness, Region of Asia Minor, Midas and Croesus, Noble Kind
Of Noble Kind, Beautiful Angel, Angle, Happiness
Returning, Reward, Kind, Noble
Shining, Bright Beautiful, Kind, Ailin Meaning Little Rock
Happiness, Luck, Noble
Conscious, Kind Hearted, One who is Consious/ Intellegent
Kind Hearted, Spiritual
Fire, Cloud, Example, Lesson
Noble, Brightness, Small Winged One, Yahweh is Just
First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Moonlight, Halo, Halo, Aureole
Graceful, Lovable, Beloved, Gentle Kind
Brave, Love, Sweet, Small Winged One
Companionate, Merciful, Servant of the Most Gracious, Compassionate
Gladness, Native of Lydia, Favor, Love
Together, Generous, United, Joined
Noble and Fight, Nobility, Son of the Highborn, Alice
Midas and Croesus, Stem End from Lydia, Happiness, Region of Asia Minor
First, Meadow with Coarse Grass, Wood, Clearing, Wild Cow
Loved One, Gentle Kind, Beloved, Graceful
Kind to People, Peace Loving
The Elements Caomh Meaning Fair Comely Gentle, Handsome, Graceful, Lovable
Hug, Agent, Treated, Touched In a Kind
Brave as Karan, Brave and Kind Like the Warrior Karan
Of a Noble Kind
My God is Yahweh, Eliane, Kind, Peaceful Ruler
Jonquille, Blue Scented Flower, Wild Rose
Sensitive and Very Kind
Lydia was an Area of Asia Famous for Its Two Rich Kings, Happiness, Noble Kind, Beauty
World Ruler, Inherited Property, Wolf and King, Noble Leader
Patient, Gentle Mild-Mannered, Clement, Mannered
Honorable, Nobility, Kind, Valley Dweller
Moonlight, Corona, First of Its Kind In Germany Popular, Halo
Of a Noble Kind
Little King, Goddess, From Germany, Dutch
Of Noble Figure, Truth, He Who Wins, The Ascent
He is my God
Kind, Merciful
Of a Noble Kind, The Ascent, High, Exalted
Noble and Fight, Exalted, The Element Aletheia Meaning Truth, High
Lion-man, Stem End of the Meadow, Wild Cow, Graceful
The time when sun descent below the horizon
Little Gentle One, Beloved, Graceful, Handsome
Region of Asia Minor, Stem End from Lydia, Happiness, Midas and Croesus
Friend Companion, Trust-able, Fellow Traveler, Gentle
Truth, Of Noble Figure, The Ascent, High
Of a Noble Kind, Son of the Highborn, Alice
Of Noble Figure, Of a Noble Kind
Olena, Silk of Heaven, Merry, Torch
The Beautiful, Beloved, Lovable, Handsome
Enlightened, Kind of Grain, To Tremble, Light
From Dosse in Altmark
The Defender, Form of Alexander, Protector, Manly
Eliane, The Defender, Peaceful Ruler, Protector
Noble Kind, Nobility, Honorable, Lust
A Kind of Boat, Lesson, Cloud, Example
Kind Friend, Lofty, Noble, Comforter
Brightness, Kind, Nobility, Honorable
Flower, White Rose, Kind of Aromatic Plant
Kind, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Honorable, Brave
Ornamented, Graceful Manner, Beauty, Paying
Nobility, Noble and Fighting, From Ireland, Lord of the Earth
The Element Alaida Which Means Little Winged Girl, Noble
Kind Hearted, Handsome
Prince, Commander, Chief, Rich
Sweet, Good, Generous, Kind
Noble, Child of the Red Earth, Ornamented, Brightness
Noble Kind, Precious, Softer, Lust
Pleasant, Good, Kind, Gentle
Nobility, Of Noble Figure, English
Noble and Fight, Exalted, Truth, High
Kind and Loving, Slender, Beautiful, A Caravan
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