Persian boy names

Updated: April 10th, 2024

Found 319 persian boy names.

Severe, Lion, Looking Austere, Stern
Bloom of Love, Little Abbot, More Clear, The Elements Aban Meaning the Waters
A Little Abbot, Waters, Dual of Abu, Old Arabic Name
Servant Of, Persons by whom God Continues the World in Existence, Substitutes
The Elements Abd Which Means Servant, God's Servants
Worshiper, Worshippers
Lion King, Supreme King
Most Highly Adored, Much Praised, More Praiseworthy, Commendable
Destructive Force
Bigger, Greatest, Powerful
Diamond, Adamant
Immortal, Immortality
Ali, Amir
Hossein, Amir
Mohammad, Amir
Beautiful Morning, Eternal, Everlasting, Sweet
Speedy, Adorning, Brings Rain, Embellishing
A Hero in Persian Folklore, Dominion, Crown, Truthfulness
Best Purpose
Righteous Ruler
Is Associated to Goddess Durga
Aspiration, Army Man, French Form of Herman, Soldier
Is Associated to Goddess Durga
Universal, Great, Immense, Soldier
Independence, Freedom
Freedom, Independence
Fire, 9Th Month of Iranian Calendar, Fire, Shine
Beloved, Very Honored, Dear One, Friendship
Pious, Young, Woman, Virgin
Character from the Shahnameh, Faithful, Young Father
Lion, King of Jungle
Lion, Courageous
Honourable, Brave and Courageous, Bold
Character from the Shahnameh, Good Mind
Victory, A Character in Shahnameh, Conquest, Also the Planet Mars
Seaport, District Capital
Princes, Instrument Played by Lord Krishna, Lady, Song
Rain, Noble Man
Alert, Wakeful, Attentive, Enlightened
Wakeful, Alert, Enlightened, Attentive
Wakeful, Alert, Enlightened, Attentive
Attentive, Enlightened, Wakeful, Alert
Someone with Honorable Name
Fortunate, A Lucky Man
Lucky, Fortunate
Lucky, Fortunate
Lucky, Fortunate
Lucky, Good Day, Fortunate
Lucky, Fortunate
Of Good Birth, Honest and Caring
A Character in Shahnameh, Ancient Hero
He who Guards the Treasure
Treasurer, Treasure Bearer
Prophetess, Pure, From Cassandra
Young, Far Sighted, Ruler, Like the Sun
Far-Sighted, Ruler, Master, The Element Kyrios Which Means Lord
Far-Sighted, Lord, Master, First King of Iran
Lord, Far Sighted, Like the Sun, Ruler
Master, Ruler, Far Sighted, The Element Kyrios Which Means Lord
Wisdom, To be Clever, Sagacity, Learning
Prophet, God is My Judge
Opening, Splitting, Educated, Moving Slowly
Upholder of the Good, Great, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Dunk Master, Wealthy, Rich, He that Informs Himself
Darius, Daria, Give
Mighty, Possessor of the Good, Give
Possess, Possessor of the Good, Rich, Possesses a Lot
Wealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
Wealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
Ancient Persia's King
Mighty, He that Informs Himself, Maintain Well, Dunk Master
Possessor of the Good
The Element Dar Which Means Gift, Mighty, Possessor of the Good
A Persian Royal Name, Female Version of Darius, Darling
Possessor of the Good
Dervish, Mystic
Good Natured, Name of a Persian King
Possess, Rich, Prophet, Give
Fighting with Arrows
Of Happy Heart, Merry, Joyous, Initiation
Son of the Waves, Love, Loving, Loyal
Abraham, Father of Many
In God Grace, Favor, Compassion, Goodness
Inspiration, Revelation
Smaragd, Praise, Emerald, Precious Green Gem Stone
Defender of Mankind
God will Hear
Emerald, Kind Defender, Esteemed
Right, Orthodox
Thrice Strong
Successful, Conquer, Victorious, Name of a King
Gem Stone, Successful, Victorious, Turquoise
Treasurer, Whoever Comes to See
Treasurer, Whoever Comes to See
Treasurer, Whoever Comes to See
Precious Stone, Diamond, Jewel
Praiseworthy, Friend, Who Praises God, Allah
Commend, Praise
Laughter, Good, Beautiful, Lord Chandra
Divinity of Wisdom
Good, Beautiful
Blessed, Royal, The Second Mughal Emperor, Sacred
The Effusion of Them, A High Heap, Garden in Paradise, Watchful
The Lord Helps Me or Salvation of God, Strong-willed, A Prophet's Name, God's Promise
The World, Word, Universe
A Moghul Emperor, Conqueror of the World, Akbars Son
Dew-Drop, Dew, Tau
Sublime, Influence, Exalted, The Element Jalila Which Means Great
Son of the Right Hand, God Name
Shining River
An Ancient King of Persia, Shining River
Handsome, Sun's Rays, Bright Or Radiant Twin, A Character in Shahnameh
Kirti, God is Gracious, Good Wishes
Jasmine, A Flower, Praise of Distinction, Shrub with Yellow Flowers
A Flower, Praise of Distinction, God's Gift, Shrub with Yellow Flowers
Whoever Comes to See, He who Guards the Treasure, Treasurer
The Name of a Gemstone, Jasper-stone, He who Guards the Treasure, Whoever Comes to See
He who Guards the Treasure, Whoever Comes to See, The Name of a Gemstone, Treasurer
Immortal, Living, Forever, Alive
Gift from God, A Plant in the Olive Family, Shrub with Yellow Flowers, Fragrant Flower
Fragrant Flower, Gift from God, Shrub with Yellow Flowers
A Flower Name from the Older Form Jessamine, Jasmine
The Universe, The World
Handsome King
Prosperous, Successful, Fortunate
Treasurer, Treasure, Whoever Comes to See
Ancient Hero, A Character in Shahnameh
A Character in Shahnameh, Ancient Hero
World, Universe
Poem, Water
Universe, Plant, World
God Given
Ruler over Heroes
Cheerful, Shining Sun
Mister, Owner, A Spiritual Title, Master
King, Royal
A Famous Diamond, Precious Stone, Mountain of Light
Like the Sun
The Guided One, Well-managed
The Earth, Greatest, Great, Related to the Moon
Worthy of Reverence, One to Whom Go the Loanges., Variant Used for Mohammad, Glorified
King, Wise Man from the East, City
Blissful, Lucky, Fortunate, Happy
Happy, Lucky
Fortunate, Prosperous, Happy
Character from the Shahnameh, A Character In Shahnameh