Persian boy names

Found 249 persian boy names.

 AbbasSevere, Lion, Looking Austere, Stern
 AbbenBloom of Love, Little Abbot, More Clear, The Elements Aban Meaning the Waters
 AbbinA Little Abbot, Waters, Dual of Abu, Old Arabic Name
 AbdalServant Of, Persons by whom God Continues the World in Existence, Substitutes
 AbdollahThe Elements Abd Which Means Servant, God's Servants
 AbedinWorshiper, Worshippers
 AhmadMost Highly Adored, Much Praised, More Praiseworthy, Commendable
 AhrimanDestructive Force
 Ahura Mazda
 AkbarBigger, Greatest, Powerful
 AmeretatImmortal, Immortality
 Amir AliAli, Amir
 Amir HosseinHossein, Amir
 Amir MohammadMohammad, Amir
 Angra Mainyu
 ArashA Hero in Persian Folklore, Dominion, Crown, Truthfulness
 ArastooBest Purpose
 ArdashirRighteous Ruler
 AzadIndependence, Freedom
 AzarFire, 9Th Month of Iranian Calendar, Fire, Shine
 AzizBeloved, Very Honored, Dear One, Friendship
 BabakCharacter from the Shahnameh, Faithful, Young Father
 BahadurHonourable, Brave and Courageous, Bold
 BahmanCharacter from the Shahnameh, Good Mind
 BahramVictory, A Character in Shahnameh, Conquest, Also the Planet Mars
 BaranRain, Noble Man
 BederAlert, Wakeful, Attentive, Enlightened
 BedirWakeful, Alert, Enlightened, Attentive
 BedorWakeful, Alert, Enlightened, Attentive
 BedurAttentive, Enlightened, Wakeful, Alert
 BehnamSomeone with Honorable Name
 BehroozFortunate, A Lucky Man
 BehroozeLucky, Fortunate
 BehrouzLucky, Fortunate
 BehrouzeLucky, Fortunate
 BehruzLucky, Good Day, Fortunate
 BehruzeLucky, Fortunate
 BehzatOf Good Birth, Honest and Caring
 BijhanA Character in Shahnameh, Ancient Hero
 CasperTreasurer, Treasure Bearer
 CirisYoung, Far Sighted, Ruler, Like the Sun
 CirusFar-Sighted, Ruler, Master, The Element Kyrios Which Means Lord
 CyroLord, Far Sighted, Like the Sun, Ruler
 CyrusMaster, Ruler, Far Sighted, The Element Kyrios Which Means Lord
 DanyalProphet, God is My Judge
 DarioMighty, Possessor of the Good, Give
 DariuseWealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
 DariushAncient Persia's King
 DariussMighty, He that Informs Himself, Maintain Well, Dunk Master
 DariuszPossessor of the Good
 DarjaPossessor of the Good, Mighty
 DarkoThe Element Dar Which Means Gift, Mighty, Possessor of the Good
 DarriusPossessor of the Good
 DarwishDervish, Mystic
 DaryushGood Natured, Name of a Persian King
 DikranFighting with Arrows
 DilshadOf Happy Heart, Merry, Joyous, Initiation
 DilunSon of the Waves, Love, Loving, Loyal
 EbrahimAbraham, Father of Many
 EhsanIn God Grace, Favor, Compassion, Goodness
 EskandarDefender of Mankind
 EsmailGod will Hear
 EstherMyrtle Leaf, Like a Star, Sweet, Stampedding Horses
 FarbodRight, Orthodox
 FaridoonThrice Strong
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