Ultimate Halloween Baby Name List

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Halloween is a special season where stories and imagination come to the forefront. If you're adding a new addition to your family, it's a perfect moment to select a name that brings out the wonder and charm of this occasion.

Names like Alaric, Bram, Edgar, Veronica, and Sabrina transport us to memorable narratives. Orion, Medusa, and Calypso make us think of starlit evenings and thrilling adventures. From nature-inspired names such as Alder, Basil, and Autumn to unique selections like Draco, Rune, or Aria, there's a name for every taste.

Join us as we explore this handpicked list of names, each with its own story to share.

Classic Halloween-inspired Boy Names

Dip into the world of vintage charm with boy names that strike a chord with the Halloween spirit. Rooted in tradition, these names offer a nod to times past, weaving tales of eerie nights and haunting memories.

1. Alaric

A Teutonic name signifying "ruler of all." With Germanic origins, it elicits images of ancient power and mystery.

2. Bram

A contraction of Abraham, meaning "father of many" in Hebrew. However, its dark allure comes from Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.

3. Edgar

Of Old English origin, meaning "wealthy spearman." It echoes with the ghostly tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

4. Ichabod

A Hebrew name which intriguingly translates to "without glory." It's deeply intertwined with Washington Irving's haunting tale of the Headless Horseman.

5. Norman

Of Old English origin, meaning "northerner" or "Viking." It has a dual historical and horror significance, thanks to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

6. Vincent

Latin in origin, denoting "conquering." A name that drips with Gothic essence due to horror maestro, Vincent Price.

7. Victor

A Latin title meaning "victor" or "conqueror." Famously tied to Victor Frankenstein, the creator of Mary Shelley's monster.

8. Byron

It means "cowshed" in old English. But it's interesting because it's linked to the poet Lord Byron.

9. Dante

Of Latin origin, it means "enduring." Dante Alighieri's Inferno is a chilling journey through the nine circles of hell.

10. Harker

A name of English origin. But what truly cements its Halloween cred is Jonathan Harker, the main protagonist from Dracula.

11. Radcliffe

Of Old English origin, meaning "red cliff." Notably linked to Ann Radcliffe, a pioneer of Gothic fiction.

12. Renfield

While the origin isn't straightforward, its association with the crazed character from Dracula brings a dark elegance.

13. Shelley

A topographical name from Old English, meaning "clearing on a bank." However, Mary Shelley's creation of Frankenstein makes it a thrilling choice.

14. Poe

Although typically a surname, as a first name, its allure lies in the poetic horror of Edgar Allan Poe.

15. Roderick

Of Germanic origin, meaning "famous power." Dark tales from Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" revive its mystique.

Classic Halloween-inspired Girl Names

Go back in history with girl names perfect for Halloween. These names come from familiar stories and old traditions.

16. Elvira

From Spanish, it means "completely true." The name feels dark and reminds people of the famous Mistress of the Dark.

17. Mina

A diminutive of Wilhelmina, meaning "protection" in German. Immortalized as the object of Dracula's obsession.

18. Morticia

It whimsically suggests "death" or "mortal." Made famous by the elegant matriarch in The Addams Family.

19. Sabrina

Rooted in Celtic myth, Sabrina is the Latin name for the River Severn. Given a magical twist by the teenage witch of TV and comic fame.

20. Tabitha

Of Aramaic origin, meaning "gazelle." It leaps into the Halloween spirit due to its witchy portrayal in the series Bewitched.

21. Ligeia

A name of Greek origin, denoting "clear-voiced." Brought to life by Poe's haunting tale of lost love.

22. Carmilla

A variant of Carmel, with Hebrew origins meaning "garden." Notably the title of a Gothic novella about a female vampire.

23. Annabel

A blend of Anna and Belle, meaning "loving" and "beautiful." Its eerie undertones arise from Poe's "Annabel Lee."

24. Esmeralda

Of Spanish origin, meaning "emerald." It's both romantic and mysterious, making it a bewitching choice.

25. Lenora

A variant of Eleanor, which signifies "light." However, Poe's "Lenore" gives it an air of melancholy beauty.

26. Drusilla

Of Latin origin, meaning "strong one." Though it's ancient, it's contemporarily tied to the wickedly vampiric character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

27. Raven

More than just a black bird, as a name it symbolizes mystery and intelligence, further popularized by Poe's haunting refrain: "Nevermore."

28. Samara

Of Hebrew origin, meaning "under God's rule." Yet, its spooky reputation stems from the chilling movie, The Ring.

29. Ursula

A Latin-derived name signifying "little bear." However, it is often associated with sea witches, courtesy of Disney's The Little Mermaid.

30. Veronica

From the Greek phrase "true image." Its old-world charm is given a twist with the character Veronica Lodge from the Archie Comics and the darker Riverdale series.

Halloween Boy Names from Mythology and Legends

Find boy names rooted in old stories and tales. Each name has its own unique story and background.

31. Anubis

An ancient Egyptian deity, guardian of the dead. A name imbued with gravitas and echoing the mysteries of the pyramids.

32. Fenrir

A big wolf from Norse stories set to fight Odin. It shows power and old tales.

33. Griffin

It's a big animal that's half lion, half eagle. This creature stands for bravery and being a leader.

34. Hades

Greek god of the underworld. This name calls to a domain of enigmas and the world beyond.

35. Loki

Norse trickster god. A choice both mischievous and filled with sagas of old.

36. Orion

A famed hunter transformed into a constellation. It's related to stars and Greek stories.

37. Osiris

The ancient Egyptian god of rebirth. A moniker redolent of regal history and cyclicality.

38. Perseus

A Grecian hero who bested Medusa. This name is about bravery and old tales.

39. Pluto

Roman deity of the underworld. It reminds us of space and old stories.

40. Silvanus

Roman god of woods that makes you think of forests and old stories.

41. Triton

A Greek god of the sea, son of Poseidon. It's strong like the sea and old tales.

42. Vlad

Often associated with Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration behind Dracula. A moniker dripping with historical enigma.

43. Acheron

One of the rivers of the Underworld in Greek mythology. It's about change and the unknown.

44. Charon

The boatman who ferries souls across the River Styx. It's a sad and deep choice.

45. Morpheus

Greek god of dreams. This name is about sleep and dreamy sights.

Halloween Girl Names from Mythology and Legends

Baby crawling on Halloween

Discover girl names that come from famous legends and tales. Each name tells a story of magic and adventure.

46. Arachne

A maiden turned spider in Greek myth. Evokes the artistry and a touch of the eerie.

47. Belladonna

Means "beautiful lady" but also a deadly nightshade. It mixes beauty and risk.

48. Circe

A Greek sorceress living on the Isle of Aeaea. It's related to magic, attraction, and old stories.

49. Hecate

Greek goddess of witchcraft. A name reflecting the arcane and the power of the moonlit crossroads.

50. Lilith

Often seen as a night demon in ancient texts. It's a name full of mystery and old tales.

51. Medusa

With snakes for hair, her gaze turns all to stone. Beyond the curse, it’s a name teeming with Greek legacy.

52. Morrigan

A Celtic goddess of war and death. It shows power, planning, and Celtic stories.

53. Nyx

Greek goddess of the night. Brief, yet it resonates with depth and the cosmos.

54. Pandora

Known for her box, releasing all evils into the world. It's about curiosity and learning from the past.

55. Persephone

Queen of the underworld, epitome of spring and death. A name that shows life's ups and downs.

56. Rhiannon

A major figure in Welsh mythology. It sings with Celtic history and the enchantments of old.

57. Selene

Greek goddess of the moon. It shines like the moon and old stories.

58. Tisiphone

One of the Furies in Greek myth. It's strong and about fairness.

59. Vespera

A play on Vesper, it means "evening star." Illuminating night's beauty and the vast cosmos.

60. Calypso

A nymph who ensnared Odysseus in her island. It reminds of ocean songs and old songs.

Gothic Boy Names For Halloween

These boy names have a dark and mysterious feel, perfect for Halloween. Think of shadows, tales, and nighttime adventures.

61. Ambrose

Rooted in the Greek 'ambrosios', it directly translates to "immortal." A name holding an eternal charm.

62. Cullen

With Gaelic origins, this name means "handsome." Brought to the modern era's forefront by the Twilight series.

63. Dorian

From Oscar Wilde's story, it's about pride and living forever.

64. Lestat

Crafted by Anne Rice for her Vampire Chronicles, its origins remain shrouded in gothic mystery.

65. Lucius

A Latin-origin name meaning "light." It contrasts its bright meaning with its more shadowed undertones from literature.

66. Malachi

From Hebrew, it translates to "my messenger" or "my angel." Carries an eerie beauty, especially with its biblical associations.

67. Riven

An English word meaning "to tear apart." An undeniably strong choice, signifying both power and rupture.

68. Thorne

Signifying a sharp, protective element of a plant, it underscores both defense and danger.

69. Sterling

Meaning "little star," it draws parallels to steadfast brightness and excellence.

70. Sable

From Slavic roots referring to a black stone, it carries connotations of darkness and depth.

71. Lysander

A Greek origin name, it means "liberator." Associated with passion and conflict due to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

72. Obsidian

A dark volcanic glass, this name has a sharp edge and crystalline clarity.

73. Ransom

Originally meaning "shield's son," it has now taken on connotations of redemption and retribution.

74. Wraith

Refers to a ghostly apparition or spirit. A name that taps directly into the supernatural.

75. Zephyr

A gentle wind from the west. Associated with softness and fleeting moments.

Gothic Girl Names For Halloween

Explore girl names that fit the mood of Halloween night. They offer a mix of mystery and charm.

76. Amara

From Greek, meaning "lovely forever." Holds an eternal, yet delicate charm.

77. Bellatrix

A Latin name that translates to "female warrior." It's strong, fierce, and was popularized by Harry Potter.

78. Calista

Greek for "most beautiful." The name is an ode to beauty and elegance.

79. Desdemona

Popularized by Shakespeare's Othello, it stands for ill-fated beauty.

80. Elowen

With Cornish roots, it means "elm tree." It's a nod to nature with a touch of mystique.

81. Faelan

An ancient name meaning "little wolf." Perfect for a little one with a wild spirit.

82. Isolde

A name echoing with tragedy and romance, thanks to the legendary tale of Tristan and Isolde.

83. Lavender

Not just a nice-smelling plant, it means peace and calmness.

84. Merida

Popularized by Disney's brave princess, it represents valor and independence.

85. Ophelia

Shakespeare's tragic heroine in Hamlet, the name exudes vintage charm and poignancy.

86. Seraphina

Rooted in Hebrew, signifying "fiery-winged." Represents passion and brilliance.

87. Thalassa

Greek for "sea." For those who find solace in the vastness and mystery of oceans.

88. Valeria

Rooted in Latin, meaning "to be strong." It’s a name that showcases both strength and elegance.

89. Winter

Cold, crisp, and serene. A seasonal name that calls to the quiet beauty of snow-laden landscapes.

90. Ysolde

Another variant of Isolde. It's about famous love stories that last forever.

Nature Boy Names For Halloween

Baby sitting next to pumpkin

Choose boy names inspired by nature and its mysteries. Think of dark woods, quiet nights, and the great outdoors.

91. Alder

Found often by water bodies, this tree name suggests both strength and fluidity.

92. Basil

More than just a herb, this name's Greek roots point to "kingliness."

93. Cypress

This tall tree lives long and can change easily.

94. Flint

A hard type of rock, it hints at both resilience and the spark of life.

95. Garnet

This deep-red gemstone can signify constancy and affection.

96. Hemlock

A unique choice, inspired by a plant with lacy leaves but a mysterious edge.

97. Jett

With roots in English, suggesting a shade so black, it's almost luminous.

98. Kestrel

A small, falcon-like bird; a nod to both nature and free-spirited flight.

99. Lark

Representing happiness and song, for a boy destined to uplift many.

100. Onyx

This black gemstone mirrors strength, mystery, and depth.

101. Phoenix

A legendary bird that comes back to life from its ashes.

102. Rowan

A tree name, its berries and wood have many folkloric tales attached.

103. Sorrel

Inspired by a zesty herb, it also brings to mind vibrant, reddish-brown hues.

104. Thorn

Nature's protector, it speaks to the duality of beauty and defense.

105. Yarrow

A plant that helps heal and protect.

Nature Girl Names For Halloween

Pick from girl names that remind you of nature's beauty and its secrets, perfect for the Halloween spirit.

106. Autumn

The golden season of fall, suggesting change and maturity.

107. Ebony

Pointing to a dark, dense wood; it represents both depth and elegance.

108. Fern

A green, feathery plant, it mirrors subtlety and a grounded spirit.

109. Hazel

A tree, a color, and a nod to intuition and wisdom.

110. Ivy

Evergreen and climbing, this name mirrors growth and tenacity.

111. Juniper

Derived from a fragrant tree, it carries hints of spice and wilderness.

112. Maple

This tree gives both sweet syrup and scarlet leaves, suggesting richness.

113. Nightshade

A mysterious plant, it walks the line between danger and beauty.

114. Olive

Symbol of peace and fruitfulness, it’s a nod to both nature and history.

115. Rowena

With possibly Celtic origins, it's intertwined with tales and nature.

116. Saffron

A precious spice, this name suggests warmth and rarity.

117. Twilight

That magical time between day and night, hinting at duality.

118. Viola

Both a flower and a musical instrument, it speaks to beauty in many forms.

119. Willow

A graceful tree that bends but doesn't break, symbolizing flexibility.

120. Zinnia

A bright flower that's happy and strong.

Fun Boy Names Inspired By Halloween

Halloween can be fun too! Check out boy names that feel playful and light-hearted, all while keeping the Halloween spirit.

121. Caster

Suggesting one who casts, this name pulsates with the rhythms of spell-making and power.

122. Draco

Of Latin origin, this means "dragon." A fiery and spirited name choice.

123. Enchant

This word reverberates with the ability to bewitch and fascinate.

124. Fable

Stories passed down through generations, full of wonder and wisdom.

125. Hocus

Conjures images of playful magic; you can almost hear the "hocus pocus" that follows.

126. Illusion

Playing with reality, this name hints at mysteries yet to be unveiled.

127. Jinx

Carrying connotations of playful curses or superstitions. It's fun and different.

128. Magus

An ancient word for a magic practitioner; it holds age-old secrets.

129. Nox

Latin for "night," it captures the serene stillness of the midnight hour.

130. Oberon

King of the fairies in Shakespeare's lore; a name resonating with fairy dust and moonlit dances.

131. Puck

Another figure from Shakespeare, known for mischief and playful antics.

132. Quill

Not just a feather, but a symbol of stories waiting to be penned.

133. Rune

Ancient symbols with magic meanings, each one a story in itself.

134. Spell

Conjures images of incantations and transformative power.

135. Talisman

Something with magic that keeps you safe.

Fun Girl Names Inspired By Halloween

Get inspired by girl names that are all about fun, magic, and a bit of mischief. Perfect for those who see Halloween as a time to play.

136. Aria

A melodious tune that touches hearts and sing tales of ages past.

137. Bewitch

To charm or enchant, often in a delightful manner.

138. Charisma

A magnetic allure, a presence that transforms the ordinary.

139. Dream

Not just a vision at night, but a world filled with endless possibility.

140. Enigma

A puzzle, riddle, or mystery that sparks the curious mind.

141. Fantasy

Worlds beyond our own, that are amazing and limitless in imagination.

142. Gem

A valuable stone, shining with natural beauty.

143. Harmony

The symphony of elements in perfect sync, a melodious balance.

144. Jewel

Beyond the precious stone, it speaks of rarity and unparalleled value.

145. Lyric

Words to a song that tell tales, emotions, and adventures.

146. Muse

Inspiration incarnate, a beacon for artists and dreamers.

147. Nova

A star showing a sudden large increase in brightness.

148. Odyssey

An epic journey with lots of adventures and challenges.

149. Prism

A crystal that splits light into a spectrum, showing its hidden beauty.

Wrap Up

Choosing a name is an exciting process. It's about the dreams and narratives you envision for your child. This Halloween-inspired collection offers a mix of mystery and charisma.

Whether you're drawn to musical names like Lyric and Muse or nature's gems like Willow and Flint, there's magic in each choice. As your child grows, let their name serve as a beacon of wonder, excitement, and tales that inspire.

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