Monica name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 17th, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Latin, Greek and Old Greek
Usage: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Portuguese, Italian, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Bengali, Oriya and Telugu
Pronunciation: m(o)-ni-ca
Meaning: Adviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique, A Wise Counsellor, Saint, Nun, Timekeeper, Noble, Aristocratic, Hermit, Monk, Advise, Warn, Recluse, Counsel and Advisor
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What does Monica mean?

Celebrated and Ceaseless Monica came from Old Greek, Latin and Greek is used in Italian, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Swedish, Finnish, Hindi, English, Portuguese, Greenlandic, Marathi, Danish, Malayalam, Gujarati, Norwegian, Kannada, Sindhi and Oriya, meaning of Monica is "Adviser, Solitary, Alone, Unique, A Wise Counsellor, Saint, Nun, Timekeeper, Noble, Aristocratic, Hermit, Monk, Advise, Warn, Recluse, Counsel or Advisor" is used as a gender-neutral name. Monica is celebrated on August 27th.

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Monica's impression as a baby name

Monica is a beautiful and unique name for a baby girl that has gained popularity worldwide. It has a pleasant sound and is easy to pronounce, making it a perfect choice for parents looking for an uncommon but not too difficult name. Monica has several variations, including Monique, Mona, and Monica, which adds more options for parents to choose from. The name Monica also has cultural significance as it was the name of the mother of St Augustine of Hippo, who was known for her devout Christian faith. Overall, Monica is an elegant name that evokes feelings of sophistication and intelligence.

How do I pronounce Monica?

Three syllabled Monica is pronounced as m(o)-ni-ca.

Variants of Monica

Lamonica, Moni, Monika, Mona, Damonica, Monisha, Manisha, Moneeka, Monah, Monna, Monique, Moneisha, Maanisha

Names that rhyme with Monica

How popular is the name Monica?

Monica is a very popular name in United States given to over 249356 babies in 182 years. At its zenith in 1977, 6587 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 39th position. Additionally, the moniker has been in the top 50 baby names 11 times Also, Monica was among the popular names in Spain. Since emerging in 2002 around 3964 babies have been given the first name. At the peak of its usage in 2002, it ranked 49th when 744 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls. After 7 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. Additionally, the name has been in the top 50 baby names 2 times

In England and Wales, Monica was once a common name since emerging in 1996 it has been given to over 1449 babies. At the peak of its usage in 1997,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 23 years. Monica is a familiar baby name in Ireland, it has been in use since 1964 and was able to reach the top 100 names. In 1965, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 68 on girl names chart when 93 babies were given the name Monica. There are over 1192 babies that have been given the name Monica in Ireland. Also, in France, it has been in use since 1907 and was able to reach the top 400 names. In 1973, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 392 on girl names chart when 75 babies were given the name Monica. Over 2446 babies in France have been named Monica. Also, during its short run of just 2 years in New South Wales, it had made it to the top 100 names. In 1997, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 89 on girl names chart when 89 babies were given the name Monica. Over 177 babies in New South Wales have been named Monica.

Monica is an uncommon baby name in Belgium, although it has been in use since 1995 but could not make beyond the top 700. Over 252 babies in Belgium have been named Monica. The moniker is a rare baby name in New South Wales, chances of it being still in use are very slim. Over 177 babies in New South Wales have been named Monica. However things change on global perspective, Monica is extremely popular in Argentina where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and Colombia. Also the baby name is popular in Ecuador, Uganda, Chile, Kenya, Romania, Peru, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan, Ghana, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Egypt, England, Canada, Venezuela, India, Bolivia, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Portugal, Uruguay, Angola, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Cameroon, Paraguay, Australia, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany and Jamaica. As per our evaluation, over 3120000 people has been named Monica globally.

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Monica in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Monica

You prefer to have people work on your success instead of working on it yourself. You prefer to handle things alone. This reflects your self-confidence and self-reliance. Although you play tough all the time, deep inside, there's a sensitive soul capable of love. You will experience your spiritual calling soon. And it will be associated with romantic feelings. The vowel o as your first one in your name reveals you are an opportunist.

Other names similar to Monica, for soon-to-be-parents

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Middle names for Monica

There are plenty of sought-after and appealing middle names that fit after "Monica". Have a look at them:

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Famous people named Monica

  • Monica Edwards, English children's writer of the mid-twentieth century best
  • Monica Gould, former Australian politician
  • Monica Dickens, English writer
  • Monica Iagăr, Romanian athlete competing in high jump
  • Monica Dixon, executive director of Forward Together PAC
  • Monica Nolan, outstanding American tennis player
  • Monica Lovinescu, Romanian essayist, short story writer, literary critic
  • Monica Baldwin, British writer
  • Monica Coghlan, English prostitute at the centre of a scandal that involved British Conservative politician Jeffrey Archer
  • Monica Lierhaus, German sports journalist
  • Monica Malpass, American journalist and television anchor for WPVI Action News
  • Monica Owusu-Breen, American television producer and screenwriter
  • Monica Richards, American singer, songwriter, artist and author
  • Monica Holler, Swedish professional cyclist
  • Monica Green, Swedish Social Democratic politician
  • Monica Twum, female track and field sprinter from Ghana
  • Monica Hannan, news director of NBC North Dakota News in Bismarck
  • Monica Iacob Ridzi, Romanian politician
  • Monica Gallagher, Australian community worker and church activist
  • Monica Macer, writer and producer
  • Monica Brodd, Swedish model and beauty pageant titleholder
  • Monica Goodling, former United States government lawyer and Republican political appointee
  • Monica Boyar, Dominican Republic-born American nightclub singer
  • Monica Storrs, British-born Canadian pioneer and Anglican missionary
  • Monica Vikström-Jokela, Finnish-Swedish television script writer and author
  • Monica Drake, American fiction writer known for her novels
  • Saint Monica, early Christian saint and the mother of St
  • Monica Lewinsky, American activist, television personality
  • Monica, American singer, songwriter, actress
  • Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and model
  • Monica Seles, retired professional tennis player
  • Monica Anghel, Romanian singer and TV star
  • Monica Moorehead, American retired teacher, activist
  • Monica Dacon, former Saint Vincent and the Grenadines schoolteacher
  • Monica Proietti, Montreal bank robber and folk hero better known as "Machine Gun Molly"
  • Monica Roșu, former artistic gymnast from Romania
  • Monica Keena, American actress
  • Monica Potter, American actress
  • Monica Frassoni, Italian politician
  • Monica Langley, Executive Vice President at 'Salesforce'
  • Monica Hughes, English-Canadian author of books for children and young adults
  • Monica Horan, American actress best
  • Monica Crowley, American political commentator and lobbyist
  • Monica Zetterlund, Swedish singer and actress
  • Monica Rial, American voice actress
  • Monica Ali, Bangladeshi-born British writer and novelist
  • Monica Sex, Israeli rock band that is very popular among young fans and the contemporary music scene
  • Monica Vitti, Italian actress best known for her starring roles
  • Monica Sjöö, Swedish painter
  • Monica Bedi, actress and television presenter
  • Monica Lee in Posey as Actress
  • Monica McCarthy in In Search of Aztec Gold as Actress
  • Monica Davis in Rocket Attack U.S.A. as Actress
  • Monica Swann in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 as Casting Director
  • Monica Seller in Il labirinto dei sensi as Actress
  • Monica Bitsch in Episode #1.1 as Actress
  • Monica Moskatow in The Lives of Better Men as Actress
  • Monica Vali, from 1992 drama and fantasy flick La tumba del Atlantico, who characterized the Joanna Green.
  • In 1983, Monica Broeke characterized the role of Caroline in drama, romance movie Premiers désirs.
  • Monica Buford, from 1976 drama film King Lear, who characterized Goneril.
  • In 2015 drama and mystery film, Cinzento e Negro, Monica Calle played Marina.
  • In 2003, Monica Comegna characterized the role of Valentina and sister in drama and mystery movie Ascolta la canzone del vento.
  • Monica Desai, from 1941 drama and history film Chitralekha, who played Yashodhara.
  • Monica Ekman portrayed central role of Greta and Inga's sister in 1971 drama movie Maid in Sweden.
  • Monica Gayle played the central character of Gepetta in 1971 comedy, fantasy flick Pinocchio.
  • Monica Ghiuta portrayed central role of Marisca in 1969 drama film Doi barbati pentru o moarte.
  • Monica Guerritore portrayed central character of Gnà Fina - detta la Lupa in 1996 drama film La lupa.
  • In 1968, Monica Nordquist played the role of Carmilla in drama film Carmilla.
  • In 1969, Monica Pardo characterized the role of Kathin Russell in action and adventure film Kommissar X - Drei goldene Schlangen.
  • In 2003, Monica Rametta characterized the role of Flavia in drama, romance movie Palabras.
  • Monica Scattini, from 1983 drama, romance movie Lontano da dove, who characterized Daniela.
  • In 1975 action and adventure film, La marque de Zorro, Monica Swinn portrayed Miss Hayes.
  • In 1979 drama movie, Robin, Monica Tidwell portrayed Robin.
  • Monica Trombetta played vital character of Lisa in 1999 comedy, romance movie Not Afraid to Say....
  • Monica Verge characterized the significant role of Lulu in 1988 comedy film Gaspard et fil$.
  • Monica Tavanam played the leading character of Tanya in 2018 romance movie Premaku Raincheck.
  • In 2016, Monica Perez portrayed the role of Jess in action, drama film Scene Queen.
  • In 2018 drama movie, Genius, Monica Chinnakotla played Priscilla.
  • Monica Nancy Wick characterized critical character of Ramona in 2007 comedy movie Video Kings.
  • Monica Ambrose portrayed the leading character of Monica Commons in 2002 comedy and fantasy movie Cultivision (Collapsing Stars).
  • In 2018 comedy flick, Achille Tarallo, Monica Assante played N.
  • Monica Chitkara, from 2016 drama and horror flick Kaaya, who played Mrs. Sahni.
  • Monica Ganguly, from 1941 drama movie Epar Opar, who played the Binita.
  • In 2004, Monica Murray played the role of Claire in comedy, drama movie Fandom.

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