Lithuanian girl names

Found 64 lithuanian girl names.

 AldonaAdal Which Means Noble Honorable
 AmalijaEfficient, Aspirations, Brave, Emulus
 AnnzeGracious, Graceful, Form of Anna, Favour
 AudraNobility, Power, Noble Strength, Form of Audrey
 AudrahNobility, Form of Audrey, Power, Honorable
 BarboraThe Foreign
 DainaFrom Denmark, Similar to Daniel
 DanutaA Gift from God
 DianaLight, Divine, Daylight, Deity
 EditaJoyous, Spoils of War, Prosperity, Fight
 ElenaSun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
 EmilijaImitating, Rivaling
 ErnestaThe Ernest
 GabijaTo Cover, to Protect, Cover
 GrazynaThe Graceful, The Beautiful
 IevaLive, Living, The Enlivening
 IlonaThe Torch, Flanks, Shining
 IngaHe who is Foremost, God of Fertility and Peace, Beautiful, Ingeborg
 IrenaThe Peaceful
 JadvygaStruggle, Battle, War, Fight
 JaninaYahweh is Gracious, Well-born, Grace, Noble
 JelenaShining, The Torch
 JulijaDedicated to Jupiter
 JustinaFair, The Just, Righteous, Reasonable
 KarolinaHusband, Strong, Man, Vigorous
 KotrynaPretty, Beloved, Dear, The Pure
 LaimaRedness, Lucky One
 LiepaLinden Tree
 MargaritaChild of Light, Daisy Flower, Pearl
 MarijaBitterness, Bitter, Princess of the Sea
 MigleFoggy Or Misty, Mist
 MildaFriendly, God of Love, Gentle Strength
 MonikaAnchorite, Monk B) = Alone, Lonely, Alone, A Wise Counsellor, Warn
 MortaDedicated to Mars, Mistress, Hebrew Meaning, Lady
 NastusyaSurrender, Risen One, Resurrection
 OneleAngel, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain, Eagle
 RasaFull of Essence, A Young Deer, Dew, Nectar
 ReginaKing, The Word Reina with the Meaning Queen, Purple Flower
 RudahRue Herb, Friend, Beautiful, Companion
 RutahFriend, Rue Herb, Companion, Beautiful
 SandraProtect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
 SolveigaStruggle, Strength, House, Path of the Sun
 TatjanaKing of the Sabines, From the House of Tatius
 ValerijaThe Strong, The Healthy
 VeronikaHonest Image, Bringing Victory, Truth
 ViktorijaThe Victor, Victory
 ViltautePeople, Hope
 ViltePeople, Hope
 VitalijaLively, Life-Sustaining