Lithuanian baby names

Updated: April 9th, 2024

Lithuania is a land rich heritage and culture and after its separation from Russia, Lithuania came out in full bloom with its cultural mix. Lithuanian language is one of the oldest and purest language among the Indo-Europeans.

Traditionally Lithuanian baby names consist of the given name (vardas) which is followed by the family name (pavardÄ—). A Lithuanian personal name is usually governed by three major factors and these are civil law, canon law, and tradition. Lithuanian parents always follow the rules of the Lithuanian language for naming their child. Lithuanian boys name always end with the Indo-European masculine endings -as; -is; -us. Lithuanian babies have usually one or two given names (vardas) and their surnames are hereditary and generally patrilineal i.e. taken from the father's name. Lithuanian surnames are generally based on occupation, topography, a physical or character trait.

Below is the list which contains some of the best Lithuanian baby names.

Red Earth, Humanity, First Human Being, A Prophets Name
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Adal Which Means Noble Honorable
He Who Wards Off (Other) Men, Defender of Men
Counsel from the Elves, Inspired Advice, All and Peace, Natural Spirit
Efficient, Aspirations, Brave, Emulus
Manly, Masculine, Warrior, Man
Gracious, Graceful, Form of Anna, Favour
Inestimable, Praiseworthy, Beyond Price, Invaluable
Warrior, Army, Man
Nobility, Form of Audrey, Power, Honorable
The August, The Dignified
Worthy of Respect, Grandeur, Majestic, Great
The Foreign
The Blessed
The Blessed
Transfer: Bear, The Element Brun Which Means Brown, Shield
From Denmark, Similar to Daniel
God is My Judge
A Gift from God
Wealthy, Possess, Give, Prophet
Loved By God, Beloved One, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Light, Divine, Daylight, Deity
Belonging to the Lord
Joyous, Spoils of War, Prosperity, Fight
Sun, Variant of Helen, Excellent, The Bright One
Imitating, Rivaling
Rivaling, Imitating
Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
To Cover, to Protect, Cover
Strong as a Bear, Christan, God's Strength
The Graceful, The Beautiful
Woods, A Middle Ages Variant of Guy, Warrior, Guide
Army Ruler, Warrior, To Rule, Strong and Glory
Powerful, House and King, Ruler of the Enclosure, Power
Powerful, Rich, Home, Power
Live, Living, The Enlivening
He who is Foremost, God of Fertility and Peace, Beautiful, Ingeborg
Struggle, Battle, War, Fight
Holder of the Heel, Yahweh May Protect, Supplanter
Yahweh is Gracious, Gift of God
Dedicated to Jupiter
Worker of the Earth, Farmer, Earthworker
The Just, Righteous, Singer, Judicious
From Caieta
From Caieta
Vigorous, Strong, Free Man, Husband
Pretty, Beloved, Dear, The Pure
Redness, Lucky One
Fair Haired, Pledge, Light, Flaxen Hair
The Lion
Linden Tree
Light, To Be Present In Latent, A Devoted One, Tender
Child of Light, Daisy Flower, Pearl
Bitterness, Bitter, Princess of the Sea
Mars, Sea, Male
War-like, Warrior, Warring, Dedicated to Mars
Gift of Yahweh
Dark, Black, Obscure
Foggy Or Misty, Mist
Friendly, God of Love, Gentle Strength
Dedicated to Mars, Mistress, Hebrew Meaning, Lady
Who is Like God
Surrender, Risen One, Resurrection
Angel, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain, Eagle
Stone, Strong, Rock, River
Stone, Strong, Rock, River
The Element Francesco Which Means Frenchman, Free, From France, Frenchwoman
Full of Essence, A Young Deer, Dew, Nectar
Robert Burns the Poet, Bright, Glory and Brilliant, A
Rue Herb, Friend, Beautiful, Companion
Friend, Rue Herb, Companion, Beautiful
Protect and Man, Man's Defender, Protector, Form of Alexander
The Word of God, Listening Intently, Which is Exalted, To Hear or be Heard
Struggle, Strength, House, Path of the Sun
King of the Sabines, From the House of Tatius
Title, Giant, Use in Mostly 18th and 19th Centuries, Honored
The Strong, The Healthy
The Victor, Victory
Protection, Will-helmet, Will and Helmet, Protect
People, Hope
People, Hope
People, Hope
Conquering, One Who Overcomes, Prevailing, Victor
Lively, Life-Sustaining