Adell name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Old High German
Usage: English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Adell a-de-ll
Meaning: Nobility, Noble and Kind
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What does Adell mean?

Adell is a two syllable unisex name that originated from the German language and made its way to the United States. While it was traditionally given to boys, in recent years it has gained popularity as a girl's name as well.

The meaning of Adell is "noble" or "of noble kind", which implies respect and admiration for those who share this name.

The origin of Adell dates back to Old German names such as Adela and Adelaide.

Through time, the spelling has changed slightly but the overall essence and meaning have been preserved. Over 7244 babies have been named Adell so far; making it one of the most popular unisex baby names around.

When it comes to giving any baby a name, parents always look for something which reflects authority, care and respectability. Adell definitely fits the bill, with its noble qualities making it an ideal choice for boys and girls alike.

The noble connotations of the name make it feel confident, strong, reliable and trustworthy.

Adell also has a charming quality; due to its two syllables which can be easily expressed in almost any language or dialect.

It carries an authority that is often associated with sophistication but at the same time has a softness that can bring out the sweet nature of a young baby and ease them into their new world as they grow.

For babies who share this beautiful name, Adell carries great strength through its symbolism of being gentle yet powerful, commanding respect and embodying love. This resonates profoundly in every child’s heart as they begin life on earth—armed with a noble origin story entrenched in ancient languages and backed by deep admiration from all who share the same identity.

How do I pronounce Adell?

a-de-ll is the most common way to pronounce three syllabled Adell.

Variants of Adell

Addell, Adela, Adele, Adalaide, Adelise, Adalie, Adéle, Udele, Adaleide, Adalida, Adalye, Adalia

Names that rhyme with Adell

How popular is the name Adell?

Adell was a common name in United States. Over 7223 babies have been named Adell since 1881. At its zenith in 1910,. However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 203 years.

In addition to that, the first name has been in Adell is a rare baby name in England and Wales, chances of it being still in use are very slim as it was last seen in 2006.

Also, Adell is a familiar name in South Africa. As per our findings, over 7000 babies have been bestowed Adell around the globe.

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What numbers say about Adell?

When it comes to expressing an opinion about something, you keep it to yourself. You are successful because you never compete with others but with the person, you see in the mirror. You have the heart of a warrior. If letter A is your cornerstone, you are probably full of ambition and the most motivated person you know. You are always preoccupied with other people's problems because they know you are compassionate and ready to help at any time.

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Sibling Names for Adell

Adell is a unique and beautiful name. If you are looking for siblings names to come along with Adell, you may want to consider the following:

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Names for Adell's brother

Famous people named Adell

  • Adelle Leonce in Silent Voices as Actress
  • Adella Rae in Whose Gift Is That Anyway? as Actress
  • Adella Pasos in You and Me as Actress
  • Director Adell Aldrich, renowned for movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?


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