Albanian baby names

Albanian baby names consist of a given name; the given name of the individual's father, which is rarely included except in official documents; and a family name or surname.

Traditionally, the Albanian baby names are original Albanian-meaning names, or religious names either Islamic or Christian. During the Communist regime, an Illyrian origin of the Albanians, a theory which has been reinvigorate today, results in a revival of given names and Illyrian names were constructed as appropriate names instead of religious names associated with Christianity or Islam. This trend became more common after 1944, and it became the Socialist government’s policy to heavily discourage religious given names. At present, many modern baby names are Greek, or Italian as Albanians are the largest migrant group in Greece and second largest migrant group in Italy.

Below is the list of around 300 Albanian baby names.

 AfërditaGThe Morning
 AgonBFight, Contest
 AlbanBMan from City Alba, White, The Albanian
 AlbanaGAlba from the Stem End, The Albanian, Alban
 AleksanderBHe Who Wards Off (Other) Men
 AleksioBDefender of Men
 AlteaGDefending Men, Noble, Exalted Elevated, All and Rich
 AnjezëGThe Pure, The Chaste
 AnxhelaGMessenger of God, Angel
 ArbenitaGArber, Arbereshë
 ArbërBField, Land
 ArbërieGField, Land
 ArdianaGFuture, The Word Ardhjen Which is of the Meaning Future
 ArditBThe Elements Ar Meaning Gold, Golden Day
 ArditaGAr Which Means Gold, Golden Day
 ArianBThe Elements Ar Meaning Gold, From Adria
 ArianitBThe Word Ar with the Meaning Gold
 ArjanBA Kind of Fir, From Hadria, The Archer, Tree
 ArjanaBWe Are Gold, Obtaining
 ArjetaGGolden Life, Ar Meaning Gold
 ArjetëGGolden Life, Ar Meaning Gold
 ArlindBThe Word Ar with the Meaning Gold, Golden Birth
 ArlindiBThe Word Ar with the Meaning Gold, Golden Birth
 ArmendBAr Meaning Gold, Golden Mind
 ArtaGGolden, Garganey - a Small Duck, Latin Name Anas Querquedula, Gold
 ArtaniBThe Element Atta with the Meaning Father
 AstritBInvincible, Gold
 BajramBThe Festival, The Element Bayram Meaning Festival
 BardhBThe Word Bardhë Meaning White, The White
 BardhylBWhite Star
 BashkimBAlliance, Union
 BashkimiBAlliance, Union
 BekimBBlessing, Benediction
 BesartBGolden Promise, The Element Ar Meaning Gold
 BesartaGGolden Promise, The Word Ar with the Meaning Gold
 BesianBReliable, The Trustworthy
 BesianaGThe Trustworthy
 BesimBFaith, Belief
 BesjanaGThe Trustworthy
 BesmirBBesim Which Means Belief Faith, Good Faith
 BesmiriBBesim Which Means Belief Faith, Good Faith
 BesnikBLoyal, Faithful
 BetimBThe Oath, To Swear
 BlerimBThe Element Blerte Which Means Green Meadow, The Verdure
 BlerimiBThe Verdure, The Element Blerte Which Means Green Meadow
 BlerinaGGreenery, Verdure
 BlertaGThe Word Blerte with the Meaning Green Meadow, Verdure, Greenery
 BoraBBrave, Hurricane, Snow, Excellent
 BurimBFountain, Source
 DafinaGTreasure, Laurel Tree, Wealth
 DardanBThe Word Dardapto Meaning to Devour, Pear
 DardanaGThe Word Dardha with the Meaning Pear, Pear
 DëfrimBFun, Entertainment
 DiellzaGThe Word Diell Which is of the Meaning Sun, Sun
 DitmirBGood Day
 DonjetaGJoie De Vivre, Zest for Life
 DorentinaGKonstandini Dhe Doruntina
 DorontinaGKonstandini Dhe Doruntina
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