180+ Beautiful Baby Names for International Parents Day

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to baby names inspired by International Parents Day. As any parent-to-be will attest, choosing the perfect name for your incoming bundle of joy can feel like a momentous task. There's an entire world of words out there, and every single one carries its own unique weight, story, and essence.

In our increasingly interconnected world, many parents look to a global palette when picking their child's moniker. Some seek inspiration from their own heritage, some from places they love, and others from words that have struck a chord with their hearts. This desire to choose a name with a strong significance is universal, traversing across all cultures and traditions.

That's where our guide comes in. In honor of International Parents Day, we've curated a special list of names hailing from various corners of the globe. Each name you find here has been chosen for its rich meaning and beautiful sound. They represent a myriad of cultures and languages, reflecting the diversity and unity that this special day celebrates.

From names that embody strength and wisdom to those that signify love and beauty, there's a wide array of choices here. You might find names you've heard and loved, or you might discover new ones that speak directly to your heart.

Baby Girl Names

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This assortment includes names that are traditional and classic, as well as those that are unique and modern. Each name carries a beautiful meaning, signifying attributes such as beauty, grace, strength, intelligence, and love.

1. Querida

Derived from Spanish, it translates to "Beloved". This name truly epitomizes the profound love that parents harbor for their children. It symbolizes cherished bonds and the deep affection parents feel for their child.

2. Xena

Originating from Greek mythology, Xena means "Guest, stranger". It reflects how every child is a new guest in the parents' lives, bringing in unique experiences and joy.

3. Delilah

This name has Hebrew origins and means "Delicate". Delilah might be an ideal choice for parents who appreciate the fragile yet beautiful aspect of a child's early years.

4. Tahlia

Another name with Hebrew roots, Tahlia translates to "Dew from heaven". It symbolizes purity, divine blessings, and the enchantment of simple yet beautiful things in life.

5. Keira

An Irish name, Keira, translates to "Dark-haired". This name represents the beauty of unique physical traits, signifying the special place each child holds in their parents' lives.

6. Ila

This Sanskrit name represents "Earth", embodying humility, strength, and a grounded personality, all of which are values parents aspire to teach their children.

7. Calla

Originating from Greek, Calla translates to "Beautiful". It is a testament to the inherent beauty and grace of every child.

8. Elara

In Greek mythology, Elara was known as the "Mother of Dionysus". This name carries the strength and enduring love associated with motherhood.

9. Vivienne

A French name meaning "Life", it signifies the vivacity and energy that children infuse into their parents' lives.

10. Queenie

An English name that means "Queen". A moniker for a child destined for great things, instilling a sense of self-esteem and dignity from the start.

11. Brielle

This French name translates to "God is my strength", imbuing a strong spiritual connection and the power of divine support.

12. Jolene

An English name that means "God will add". It denotes the belief that the divine will provide and enhance life's blessings.

13. Tia

A Spanish name, Tia means "Aunt". This name underlines the importance of familial bonds and close-knit relationships within a family.

14. Pia

With Italian roots, Pia means "Pious". It can be a beautiful reminder of faith, devotion, and a committed spirit.

15. Mira

Derived from Latin, Mira stands for "Wonder, peace". This name represents the sense of awe that a child brings into parents' lives and the tranquility they bring along.

16. Valentina

A Latin name that means "Strong, healthy". It encapsulates the robust spirit and good health that we wish upon every child.

17. Opal

This Sanskrit name translates to "Jewel". Just like a precious gem, it signifies how every child is invaluable and cherished by their parents.

18. Veda

Another name of Sanskrit origin, Veda stands for "Knowledge". It's a beautiful choice for parents who value wisdom and learning.

19. Yvette

Yvette is a French name meaning "Yew", a tree symbolizing rebirth and resurrection. This name may evoke resilience and a vibrant, never-give-up attitude.

20. Hattie

An English name that means "Ruler of the home". This name suggests authority, control, and is perfect for a little girl who parents believe will grow up to be a leader.

21. Zola

Derived from Italian, Zola translates to "Ball of earth". It echoes an earthy, grounded nature combined with a charming personality.

22. Raya

A Hebrew name, Raya means "Friend". This name beautifully signifies friendly attributes such as loyalty, camaraderie, and warmth.

23. Ursula

With Latin origins, Ursula means "Little bear". It signifies strength, bravery, and an adventurous spirit.

24. Giselle

A German name meaning "Pledge". It can symbolize a commitment to uphold values and a sense of responsibility.

25. Jovie

Derived from Latin, Jovie translates to "Joyful". It echoes the joy and happiness a child brings to their parents' lives.

26. Adina

A Hebrew name, Adina means "Gentle". It signifies the gentleness and kindness that parents wish to instill in their children.

27. Astra

With Greek roots, Astra stands for "Star". It symbolizes light, guidance, and high aspirations.

28. Tamsin

An English name, Tamsin means "Twin". It is a perfect choice for one of the twin girls and symbolizes the unique bond they share.

29. Celine

This French name stands for "Heaven". It could symbolize the heavenly joy and bliss that a child brings to their parents.

30. Parisa

Of Persian origin, Parisa translates to "Like an angel". This name can symbolize purity, beauty, and goodness.

31. Uchenna

Derived from the Igbo language, Uchenna means "God's will". This name suggests spiritual connection and faith in divine plans.

32. Dalia

A Hebrew name, Dalia stands for "Branch". It signifies growth, development, and the idea of branching out in different directions.

33. Winifred

This Welsh name means "Blessed peacemaking". It's a beautiful name for a child who might grow up to be a pacifier and a harmonizer.

34. Noelle

Derived from French, Noelle translates to "Christmas". It signifies celebration, joy, and the gift of life.

35. Gia

A short form of the Italian name Giovanna, Gia translates to "God is gracious". This name celebrates divine benevolence and favor.

36. Nola

With Irish roots, Nola means "Fair shoulder". This name could symbolize physical beauty combined with a fair and unbiased nature.

37. Lila

Derived from Arabic, Lila stands for "Night". It could symbolize mystery, charm, and the calmness associated with the night.

38. Rosalind

This name has German origins and means "Tender horse". It might represent love for animals or signify gentleness and strength combined.

39. Hestia

From Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, home, and chastity. This name might symbolize domestic happiness and tranquility.

40. Yael

A Hebrew name, Yael stands for "Mountain goat". It might symbolize agility, resilience, and a knack for survival.

41. Kira

Derived from Persian, Kira means "Sun". It can symbolize warmth, light, and brightness.

42. Farrah

With Arabic roots, Farrah translates to "Joy". This name celebrates the sheer joy and happiness children bring to their parents' lives.

43. Elodie

A French name, Elodie stands for "Foreign riches". It could symbolize exotic charm, wealth, and prosperity.

44. Willa

Of German origin, Willa translates to "Will, determination". This name can instill a sense of purpose, resolution, and determination in the child.

45. Seraphina

Derived from Hebrew, Seraphina means "Fiery ones". This name suggests passion, enthusiasm, and a vibrant personality.

46. Rhea

In Greek mythology, Rhea is the mother of the gods. This name suggests a strong, motherly figure, just like the Titaness herself.

47. Isolde

Of Welsh origin, Isolde translates to "Ice ruler". It might symbolize a cool-headed, regal personality.

48. Xanthe

Derived from Greek, Xanthe means "Golden, yellow". It can signify brightness, light, and positivity.

49. Priscilla

A Latin name, Priscilla stands for "Ancient". This name might be a great choice for parents who value history, tradition, and old-world charm.

50. Orla

With Irish roots, Orla translates to "Golden princess". This name can imbue a sense of royalty, charm, and preciousness.

51. Brisa

A Spanish name, Brisa means "Breeze". It might symbolize a free-spirited, easygoing nature just like a gentle breeze.

52. Zinnia

Derived from the Latin word for a beautiful, colorful flower, Zinnia might symbolize blooming, growth, and vibrancy.

53. Una

An Irish name, Una translates to "Lamb". It might signify gentleness, innocence, and a soft, nurturing nature.

54. Suri

Derived from Hebrew, Suri means "Princess". It could imbue a sense of regality, elegance, and importance.

55. Wren

An English name, Wren is a type of bird. It might symbolize freedom, independence, and a love for nature.

56. Quiana

With American roots, Quiana stands for "Silky". This name might signify smoothness, elegance, and a luxurious personality.

57. Lucille

A French name, Lucille translates to "Light". It could signify brightness, guidance, and a radiant personality.

58. Selene

In Greek mythology, Selene is the goddess of the moon. This name might symbolize the calming and mysterious charm of the night.

59. Zelie

Of French origin, Zelie is a form of the name Solene, meaning "Solemn". This name might suggest a serious, respectful, and dedicated nature.

60. Faye

An English name, Faye translates to "Fairy". It could symbolize a magical, whimsical, and enchanting personality.

61. Mabel

Derived from Latin, Mabel stands for "Lovable". This name embodies the immense love and affection parents have for their child.

62. Yana

Of Hebrew origin, Yana means "God is gracious". This name reinforces the belief in divine benevolence and grace.

Baby Boy Names

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In this collection, you'll find names that have been cherished by generations, as well as those that are unique and less well-known. Each name has been handpicked for its strong and positive meaning, representing qualities such as strength, bravery, wisdom, and love.

63. Dermot

This Irish name translates to "Free of envy". Dermot is a great choice for parents who want their child to appreciate others' achievements without jealousy.

64. Magnus

A Latin name that means "Great". Magnus is a powerful name that symbolizes the potential for greatness that every child holds within.

65. Zane

Zane, a name of Hebrew origin, means "Gift from God". This name is a testament to the blessing that every child is in their parents' lives.

66. Gideon

This Hebrew name meaning "Feller" suggests a child who will be robust and determined, someone who will face challenges head-on.

67. Vito

Originating from Italy, Vito, meaning "Life", imbues vitality and vibrancy. This child could grow to be full of life and enthusiasm.

68. Abram

With Hebrew roots, Abram stands for "High father". It indicates a potential for leadership and respect in adulthood.

69. Cyrus

This Persian name meaning "Sun" suggests a radiating personality, bringing light and warmth to others.

70. Yves

French in origin, Yves means "Yew", a resilient tree species. This name implies strength and endurance.

71. Idris

An Arabic name, Idris means "Interpreter". It suggests intelligence, understanding, and a potential for bridging gaps between people or concepts.

72. Soren

Of Danish origin, Soren means "Stern". This suggests a child who will be serious-minded, reliable, and steadfast.

73. Tariq

This Arabic name translates to "Morning star". It represents hope, a new beginning, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

74. Rufus

From Latin, Rufus means "Red-haired". This name could indicate a vibrant, unique personality, just as red hair is unique and striking.

75. Cedric

A Celtic name, Cedric means "Bounty". This suggests a child who will be abundant in qualities of kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness.

76. Umar

This Arabic name means "Life", indicating a child full of vitality, one who may touch the lives of others in meaningful ways.

77. Baxter

An English name, Baxter means "Baker". This suggests a child who could grow to be nurturing, caring, and productive.

78. Ignatius

This Latin name meaning "Fiery" suggests a child full of energy, passion, and determination, one who ignites change and action.

79. Kael

A Gaelic name, Kael translates to "Mighty warrior", indicating a strong, brave, and resourceful individual.

80. Lior

This Hebrew name means "My light". This suggests a child who will be a beacon of hope and positivity for others.

81. Zebulon

Hebrew in origin, Zebulon translates to "Exaltation or little dwelling". This might represent a child who will value home and family above all else.

82. Ulysses

From Latin, Ulysses means "Wounded in the thigh". A name imbued with history and heroism, it suggests someone who perseveres through difficulties.

83. Fenn

An English name, Fenn means "Marsh". This suggests a child who could thrive in different circumstances, adaptable like a marsh ecosystem.

84. Tavi

This Hebrew name translates to "Good". It signifies a child who will strive for goodness and positivity in life.

85. Jace

A Greek name, Jace means "Healer". This indicates a compassionate child who may become a source of comfort and solace for others.

86. Maceo

Of Italian origin, Maceo means "Gift of God". This signifies a child who will be a blessing to their family and community.

87. Hezekiah

A Hebrew name, Hezekiah stands for "God strengthens". It suggests a strong-willed child, bolstered by their faith.

88. Kendrick

An English name, Kendrick means "Royal ruler". This suggests a child who may grow to be a leader, respected and admired by others.

89. Asa

This Hebrew name translates to "Physician". It indicates a child who could be a healer, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

90. Emrys

Of Welsh origin, Emrys means "Immortal". This suggests a child who will leave a lasting legacy, whether through their actions or their influence on others.

91. Godfrey

A German name, Godfrey stands for "God's peace". It signifies a child who may bring harmony and tranquility to those around them.

92. Paxton

Of Latin origin, Paxton means "Peace town". It suggests a peaceful child who could grow up to be a community builder.

93. Silas

This Latin name means "Wood, forest". It signify a child who will be in tune with nature and might appreciate tranquility and solitude.

94. Quinlan

An Irish name, Quinlan means "Fit, strong". It suggests a child with a robust spirit, possibly a future athlete or someone with a strong moral compass.

95. Nyle

Gaelic in origin, Nyle translates to "Champion". It signifies a child who will strive for excellence in whatever they pursue.

96. Elio

This Italian name means "Sun". It suggests a child who will bring warmth, happiness, and light into the lives of those around them.

97. Remy

Of French origin, Remy means "Oarsman". It could indicate a love for adventure and exploration or suggest a direction-giving individual.

98. Lachlan

A Scottish name, Lachlan translates to "From the land of lakes". This represent a child who appreciates natural beauty or one who remains calm amidst the ebbs and flows of life.

99. Jarvis

With German roots, Jarvis means "Spear servant". It indicates strength, loyalty, and a warrior-like spirit.

100. Nestor

A Greek name, Nestor stands for "Homecoming". It signify someone who values family and roots, or who serves as a beacon for others to find their way home.

101. Dax

French in origin, Dax translates to "Water". It could signify adaptability, calmness, and the ability to shape one's own path, much like water flowing through a river.

102. Pace

A Latin name, Pace means "Peace". It could represent a peaceful and calming presence in the lives of those who know him.

103. Virgil

With Latin origins, Virgil translates to "Staff bearer". This suggests a child who may become a guide or leader to others.

104. Ravi

A Sanskrit name, Ravi stands for "Sun". Much like the sun that lights up the world, a child named Ravi could bring light and warmth to others' lives.

105. Zephyr

Of Greek origin, Zephyr means "West wind". It suggests a free spirit, someone who is guided by their own path and goes wherever life takes them.

106. Wade

An English name, Wade means "At the river crossing". It could represent a child who could be adaptable, willing to take on challenges, and make difficult choices.

107. Yosef

This Hebrew name means "He will add". It suggests a child who will bring additional joy, love, and blessings to a family.

108. Wilbur

Of English origin, Wilbur translates to "Wild boar". This name suggests strength, courage, and determination, qualities often associated with a wild boar.

109. Xander

With Greek roots, Xander means "Defender of the people". It indicates a child who will stand up for justice and might become a pillar of strength for his community.

110. Hugo

Of German origin, Hugo translates to "Mind, intellect". This suggests a child who will be intelligent, thoughtful, and a lover of knowledge.

111. Orion

A Greek name, Orion stands for "Rising in the sky; dawning". It represents hope, renewal, and a beacon of light that guides others.

112. Percival

French in origin, Percival means "Pierces the valley". It could represent a child who will break through barriers and rise above challenges.

113. Quill

This English name meaning "Feather" suggests a light-hearted, free-spirited child, possibly someone with a creative or artistic future.

114. Thaddeus

An Aramaic name, Thaddeus translates to "Heart". It suggests a kind, loving child who will bring joy and love to those around him.

115. West

Of English origin, West means "From the west". This could represent a love for nature, adventure, or a symbol of exploration and discovery.

116. Xerxes

With Persian roots, Xerxes means "Ruler over heroes". This strong name indicates a child with natural leadership abilities, one who might inspire those around him.

117. Uriel

This Hebrew name meaning "God is my light" suggests a child who will be guided by their faith, spreading love and positivity wherever they go.

118. Yorick

Of Scandinavian origin, Yorick means "Farmer". This suggests a child who will value hard work, nature, and the simpler things in life.

119. Orson

A Latin name, Orson translates to "Bear cub". This represents a child who might be protective, strong, and warm-hearted, much like a bear.

120. Xavier

Of Basque origin, Xavier means "New house". This suggests a child who will welcome change, new beginnings, and foster a sense of home wherever they go.

121. Bram

This Dutch name translates to "Father of a multitude". It indicates a child who may become a leader, someone who looks out for others and has a large impact on those around him.

122. Quentin

Latin in origin, Quentin means "Fifth". It suggests a child who will bring harmony and balance into their surroundings, much like the number five represents balance.

123. Fletcher

An English name, Fletcher means "Arrow-maker". This indicates a child with precision, focus, and a clear direction in life.

Gender Neutral Names

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Unisex names have grown in popularity in recent years, as they break away from traditional gender roles and embrace a more inclusive approach.

This list provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate diversity and unity, showcasing names that transcend cultural and gender boundaries.

124. Ellis

A Welsh name, Ellis means "Benevolent". It suggests a child who will be kind-hearted and generous to others.

125. Peyton

Of English origin, Peyton means "Pacca's town". It suggests a child who will appreciate community and togetherness.

126. Eden

This Hebrew name translates to "Place of pleasure". It indicates a child who will bring joy and happiness to their surroundings.

127. Lee

An English name, Lee means "Meadow". It could suggest a child who is tranquil, appreciates nature, and has a calm demeanor.

128. Whitney

Of English origin, Whitney means "White island". It could suggest a child who stands out for their uniqueness and individuality.

129. Finley

A Scottish name, Finley means "Fair warrior". It indicates a child who is fair and just, someone who fights for what is right.

130. Blair

Scottish in origin, Blair translates to "Field, plain". This could suggest a child who values simplicity and authenticity.

131. Rowan

An Irish name, Rowan means "Little redhead". It could represent a fiery spirit and a vibrant personality.

132. Skylar

Of Dutch origin, Skylar means "Scholar". This indicates a child who will value education and knowledge.

133. Phoenix

This Greek name meaning "Dark red" is also associated with the mythological bird that rises from its ashes. It suggests resilience, transformation, and an indomitable spirit.

134. Ira

A Hebrew name, Ira means "Watchful". It suggests a child who is attentive and thoughtful.

135. Quinn

Of Irish origin, Quinn translates to "Wisdom, reason". This suggests a child who will have a discerning mind and a mature understanding of the world around them.

136. Oakley

An English name, Oakley means "Oak clearing". This could suggest a child who is strong and resilient, much like an oak tree.

137. Indra

Of Sanskrit origin, Indra means "Possessing drops of rain". It suggests a child who will be a source of nourishment and growth, like rain is to nature.

138. Vesper

A Latin name, Vesper translates to "Evening star". This could suggest a child who will shine their light even in the darkness, guiding others with their brilliance.

139. Riley

An Irish name, Riley means "Courageous". This suggests a child who will be brave, fearless, and face every challenge with determination.

140. Casey

Of Irish origin, Casey means "Brave in battle". This could suggest a child who is strong, resilient, and never backs down from a fight.

141. Teagan

An Irish name, Teagan translates to "Little poet". This could suggest a child who will appreciate arts and literature and may have a talent for expressing themselves.

142. Taylor

An English name, Taylor means "To cut". It could suggest a child who is skilled, focused, and precise.

143. Sydney

French in origin, Sydney translates to "Wide island". This could suggest a child who is open-minded, adventurous, and values their freedom.

144. Uli

A German name, Uli means "Rich, powerful". This indicates a child who will be influential, successful, and make their mark on the world.

145. Marley

Of English origin, Marley means "Pleasant seaside meadow". This could suggest a child who is calm, peaceful, and brings joy to those around them.

146. Kendall

An English name, Kendall means "Valley of the River Kent". This could suggest a child who is adaptable, goes with the flow, and finds their path in life.

147. Hayden

Of English origin, Hayden means "Hay valley". This could suggest a child who values the beauty of nature and lives in harmony with it.

148. Verne

A French name, Verne translates to "Alder tree". This could suggest a child who is resilient, steady, and provides support and shelter for others.

149. Kelly

An Irish name, Kelly means "War". This might suggest a child who is strong, determined, and not afraid to fight for their beliefs.

150. Jules

French in origin, Jules translates to "Youthful". This suggests a child who will retain their sense of wonder, curiosity, and vitality as they grow.

151. Avery

Of English origin, Avery translates to "Ruler of the elves". This might suggest a child who will have a vibrant imagination, leadership qualities, and a touch of magic in their spirit.

152. Upton

Of English origin, Upton translates to "Higher town". This suggests a child who will always strive for more, aiming high and reaching for their dreams.

153. Sage

A Latin name, Sage means "Wise". This suggests a child who will be wise beyond their years, a source of wisdom and understanding for those around them.

154. Noel

Of French origin, Noel means "Christmas". This could suggest a child who will bring joy, peace, and happiness into the lives of those around them, just like the festive season.

155. Jamie

A Hebrew name, Jamie translates to "Supplanter". This suggests a child who will rise above their circumstances, constantly striving to improve and grow.

156. Alex

Of Greek origin, Alex means "Defender". This suggests a child who will be protective, brave, and stand up for those they care about.

157. Frankie

A Latin name, Frankie means "Free one". This suggests a child who will value their freedom, independence, and will forge their own path in life.

158. Dale

An English name, Dale means "Valley". This could suggest a child who is calm, grounded, and appreciates the beauty of nature.

159. Morgan

Of Welsh origin, Morgan translates to "Sea circle". This suggests a child who is adaptable, loves adventure, and is as deep and mysterious as the sea.

160. Cameron

A Scottish name, Cameron means "Crooked nose". This might suggest a child who will be unique, not afraid to stand out, and proudly embraces their individuality.

161. Tatum

An English name, Tatum translates to "Cheerful bringer of joy". This suggests a child who will always bring happiness and positivity into the lives of those around them.

162. Zuri

Of Swahili origin, Zuri means "Beautiful". This suggests a child who will be beautiful inside and out, spreading beauty wherever they go.

163. Blake

An English name, Blake translates to either "Fair-haired" or "dark". It suggests a child who will embrace all aspects of life, both the light and the dark, and will find balance in it.

164. Presley

Of English origin, Presley means "Priest's meadow". This could suggest a child who will be spiritual, peaceful, and will bring harmony to their surroundings.

165. Gale

An English name, Gale translates to "A stranger". This suggests a child who will be unique, adventurous, and loves exploring the unknown.

166. Devon

Of English origin, Devon means "Defender". This suggests a child who will be brave, strong, and will stand up for those they care about.

167. Jordan

Of Hebrew origin, Jordan means "Flow down". It reminds us of the nurturing power of parents, as a river nurtures the land it flows through.

168. Harley

This English name, translating to "Hare's meadow", encapsulates the essence of a joyful, playful child.

169. Larkin

This Irish name, meaning "Rough, fierce", could signify a child with a strong and resilient spirit.

170. Emery

Of German origin, Emery means "Industrious". It's a tribute to the diligence and perseverance parents show in raising their children.

171. Xavi

This Catalan name, meaning "New house", symbolizes the safe and nurturing environment parents create for their children.

172. Dana

A Hebrew name, Dana translates to "God is my judge". This could signify a child who is taught moral values and right judgement by their parents.

173. Bailey

This English name, meaning "Bailiff", could symbolize the responsibility and authority parents have in their child's life.

174. Greer

Of Scottish origin, Greer translates to "Watchful, vigilant". This name is a testament to the protective nature of parents, always vigilant and looking out for their child's best interests.

175. Reese

A Welsh name, Reese means "Ardor". This could signify a child who is passionate and enthusiastic, qualities that parents foster and encourage.

176. Lennon

This Irish name, meaning "Lover", represents the love and affection that fills a family. It's a testament to the love parents have for their children, a love that is deep, unconditional, and enduring.

177. Xolani

Of Zulu origin, Xolani means "Peace". This name symbolizes the harmonious environment parents strive to create for their children.

178. Winter

This English name personifies the winter season, a time of stillness and tranquility. It could represent the calm and soothing influence of parents, providing comfort and warmth even in the coldest times.

179. Gray

Of English origin, Gray means "Gray-haired". It's a tribute to the wisdom and life experiences parents share with their children.

180. Wylie

This English name, meaning "Enchanting", captures the charm and joy a child brings into the lives of their parents.

181. Murphy

An Irish name, Murphy translates to "Sea warrior". This name could symbolize the strength and courage parents instill in their children, preparing them to brave the waves of life.

182. Ariel

Of Hebrew origin, Ariel means "Lion of God" symbolizing a child who is courageous and strong, qualities nurtured by parents who raise their children to face life with bravery.


Choosing a name is about more than finding a word that sounds pleasant. It's about giving your child a lifelong identity. A name that's inspired by International Parents Day can bring a sense of global unity and understanding into your child's identity.

The names we've listed here are drawn from a multitude of cultures, each carrying its own story. These stories speak to values that parents all over the world hold dear - love, wisdom, strength, beauty, and so much more.

We hope that our list has not only provided you with a variety of names to consider but also given you a deeper understanding of their origins and meanings. Each name here holds the potential to be the perfect fit for your child, a name that they will carry with pride throughout their life.

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