Gia name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew and Old Greek
Usage: Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, English, Faroese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Gia jee-ah-nah
Meaning: Life, Yahweh is Gracious, God Gifted, Heart and Love
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What does Gia mean?

The widely accepted unisex name Gia means "Life, Yahweh is Gracious, God Gifted, Heart or Love" is came from Hebrew and Old Greek is used notably in Gujarati, Bengali, Italian, Oriya, Finnish, Faroese, Telugu, Tamil, Swedish, Hindi, Danish, Marathi, Norwegian, Kannada, English and Malayalam.

Gia is variant form of well-liked Gaia. Gaia is form of Caia. Renowned Gaia has its origin in Old Greek and Latin, Gaia means "The Word Ge with the Meaning Earth".

Gia is version of biblical, durable and predominant Jane. Jane is a variant form of JeanneJean. Also Jane is a variant form of evergreen and biblical Joan. Jane is a shortened form of names ending in "Jane".

Jane is effeminate version of John or. Jane is equivalent of Johanna in English language. Admired Jane specifically is used in Tamil, English and Kannada came from Hebrew, meaning of Jane is "God is Merciful and Yahweh is Gracious".

Gia is a variant form of venerable, saintly and acclaimed Georgia. Georgia is variant form of noteworthy and pious Georges. Georgia is effeminate variation of GeorgesGeorge or. Also Georgia is feminine variant of Georgius.

Georgia's meaning is Georgos Which Means Farmer, Bauer and Farmer Earthworker is of Old Greek origin. Gia is short form of Gianna. Gianna is variation of JeanneJane. Gianna is abridged form of or Giovanna Johanna.

Also Gianna is short form of Giovanna. Gianna means Yahweh is Gracious and God is Merciful came from Hebrew is notably used in Italian and English.

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How do I pronounce Gia?

One syllabled Gia is most commonly pronounced as jee-ah-nah. Some people pronounce it as gia.

Variants of Gia

Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Giah, Gaia, Jane, Georgia, Caius, Gaius, Caia, Gaea, Joan, Johanna, Asia, Jennie, Hanna, Janel, Maryjane, Janelee, Georgios, Georges, Geegee, Gerda, Giorgia, Georgeann, Georgeanne, Giamarie

Names that rhyme with Gia

How popular is the name Gia?

a popular name in United States having over 15219 recievers in 63 years of usage. At the peak of its usage in 2011, 1056 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 299th position.

In addition to that, the given name has been in the top 500 baby names 9 times Gia is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1999 and was able to reach the top 800 names.

Recently in 2018, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 720 on girl names chart when 55 babies were named Gia. There are over 529 babies that have been given the name Gia in England and Wales.

However things change on global perspective, Gia is extremely popular in Vietnam where every 1 in 800 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Georgia. As per our estimate, over 150000 people has been named Gia globally.

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Gia in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Gia?

You are smart but prefer to play dumb to get things. You are hard to figure. Failure motivates you. It's far better than righting wrongs that can't be undone or fixed. Follow your gut, not people. In order to truly succeed in life, you have to work on your personality first. The capstone of your name reveals your true personality, your skills, and unique abilities. You are often seen as the wise weirdo who doesn't talk much.

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Middle names for Gia

These are some of the appealing and familiar options for Gia middle names.

View more middle names that goes with Gia.

Sibling Names for Gia

Introducing a new member of the family is always an exciting time, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect name. If you're a parent-to-be considering naming your bundle of joy "Gia," we've rounded up some sibling names that would complement this sweet and unique name. Here are our top picks for baby names that would pair well with little Gia.

For a sister

Brother for Gia

Famous people named Gia

  • Gia Scala, British-American actress and model
  • Gia Nadareishvili, and author of many books on chess studies
  • Gia Gugushvili, Georgian painter
  • Gia Carangi, American fashion model during the late 1970s and early 1980s
  • Gia Long, first Emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty of Vietnam
  • Gia Carides, Australian actress
  • Gia Darling, American transgender adult film actress, director
  • Gia Maione, American singer and wife of singer Louis Prima
  • Gia Kavtaradze, A lawyer by training, he has practiced law
  • Gia Farrell, American singer-songwriter and make up artist born as Jeannie Bocchicchio on February 9
  • Gia Milinovich, American-British television presenter and writer
  • Gia Mantegna, American actress
  • Gia Getsadze, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine
  • Gianna Spiega in Summer Moon as Actress
  • Gia Allemand Gia Marie Allemand professionally known as Gia Allemand, was an actress, model and contestant of reality shows.
  • Gia Avalishvili in short Qolga as Actor
  • In 1997, Gia Buonaguro characterized the role of N in comedy, crime movie Free Floaters.
  • Gia Burjanadze portrayed the crucial role of Limona in 1990 drama movie Tetri bairagebi.
  • In 1995 drama movie, Shemsrulebeli, Gia Dzneladze characterized N.
  • In 1971 crime and musical film, Moitatses Tamar qali, Gia Peradze played Nugzari.
  • Gia Sandri, from 1965 action and adventure film La sfida dei giganti, who played Regina Leda.
  • Gia Abesalashvili, from 1980 drama film Tserilebi Bamidan, who portrayed N.
  • Gia Tkeshelashvili, from 1995 drama movie Tsarsulis achrdilebi, who characterized the N.
  • Gia McGinley, from 2005 drama flick Empathy, who portrayed Angelica.
  • In 2016, Gia Noortas played the role of Bota in drama movie Tokal.
  • In 1980 adventure film, Kontrolnaya polosa, Gia Darchiashvili characterized Chiladze.

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