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GaganaThe Sky
GaganadipikaLamp of the Sky Another Name of the Sun
GanaviSinging Song Melody
GandhaliFragrance of Flower
GandhariFrom Gandhara
GandharikaPreparing Perfume
GangaThe Great Holy River Sacred River of India
GangiGoddess Durga
GaratiVirtuous Woman
GargiAn Ancient Scholar Like One of Lord Buddha Name of a Learned Woman Goddess Durga Scholar
GarimaWarmth Proud Dignity Prowess Strength Honour
GatitaA River
GauharCow Like White The Pearl One who has Taken the Colour of the Cow A Pearl
GauraWhite A Fair Woman
GauriA Fair Woman Parvati
GautamiWife a Sage Gautam River Godavari
GayatriSinger Mantra The Chant of Salvation Goddess Durga Goddess of Wood Good Friend Mother of Gods Veda Mata - the Mother of All Vedas Sanskrit Mantra
GazalaA Deer
GeenaSilvery Farm Worker
GeetSong Melody
GeetaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeethaHoly Book of the Hindus
GeetikaA Little Song Music
GhaliyahFragrant Beloved Valuable
GhareebahForeign Strange Daughter of Salim Bin Ahmad At-tajir had this Name
GhaydaYoung and Delicate
GhazalGhazal Poem Lyric Poem Love Poetry Gazelle She was a Narrator of Hadith
GhitbahNarrator of Hadith
GhomtiName of a River
GhusunBranches of a Tree
GhuzayyahNarrator of Hadith She was Known as Ghuzaylah
GinaPowerful Mother of Black People Well Born Race of Women Powerful Woman White Wave Queen A Girl from the Farm Virgin Silvery Pure Variant of Regina
GinniPrecious Gold Coin
GiribalaGoddess Parvati
GirijaMountain Goddess Parvati Wife of Lord Shankar Born of a Mountain
GirijabalaGoddess Uma
GirishaOne who Holds Mountain Goddess Parvati
GitaHoly Book Hindu Holy Text Song
GitaliLover of Song
GitanjaliAn Offering of Songs
GnanaMagalIntelligent Girl
GodavariIndian River Name Sacred River of India
GoharDiamond Precious Stone
GoldyGolden Gold Gilded Form of Golda
GomtiA River
GoolA Flower
GopikaLord Krishna Cow-herd Woman
GormaGoddess Parvati
GorochanaGoddess Parvati
GowriBright Parvati
GrhithaUnderstood and Accepted
GrishmaLord of Vishnu Warmth
GulFlower Rose Bouquet
GulabRose Flower Beloved's Tears
GulERanaSweet Smelling Rose
GulikaBall Anything Round A Pearl
GunalakshmiRose Lakshmi the Virtuous
GunasundariJewel of Virtue Made Beautiful with Virtues
GunaVadivuSymbol of Good Character
GunjThe Sound
GunjikaHumming Reflection Meditation
GunjitaHumming of Bee
GurjariA Raga
GyanadaGoddess Saraswati

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