260+ Best Baby Girl Names Ending in a Vowel

Posted on: September 10th, 2023\""by Team Nameslist

Names ending in a vowel have long captured hearts around the globe, enchanting us with their melodious rhythm. This isn't a mere trend; it's a fascinating study of culture, history, and even psychology. So let's dive in and uncover the wealth of options you have at your fingertips.

Did you know that many of the most popular baby girl names in the U.S., such as Olivia, Ava, and Amelia, end with a vowel? That's not just a coincidence; there's a genuine allure to these names. They roll off the tongue, inviting a kind of intimacy and affection, whether said aloud or merely thought of. And that's not even scratching the surface of their aesthetic charm.

But hold on, it's not just about the classics here. If you're looking for a name that has a dash of the exotic, we've got some jaw-dropping options like Mitsuki, which translates to "beautiful moon" in Japanese. Or perhaps you're smitten with the poetic resonance of names like Verity, which promises a life led by truth and purpose. It's incredible how much a name can say without uttering a word, isn't it?

So whether you're looking for a name that echoes tradition, reflects your cultural heritage, or simply sounds mesmerizing, we've curated an astonishing list for you. Sit back, and let's make this name-picking adventure an enlightening and enjoyable one.

1. Meili

A Chinese revelation, Meili epitomizes 'beautiful.' It's an adulation of aesthetic grace and captures the essence of allure.

2. Grace

This monosyllabic name stands tall, symbolizing divine grace and virtue.

3. Ayla

With roots in Hebrew and Turkish, "Ayla" means "oak tree" or "moonlight," depicting both steadiness and ethereal beauty.

4. Ami

Echoing Japanese grace, Ami represents beauty. It's poetic, with a syllabic elegance.

5. Ora

Coming from Hebrew and Latin origins, "Ora" means "light" or "pray," respectively, inviting multiple layers of ethereal or spiritual meaning.

6. Riley

Originating in Ireland, Riley signifies valiant and courageous. A moniker that exudes confidence.

7. Tina

Originally a diminutive for names like "Christina" and "Martina," it often stands alone now, preserving the essence of its root names like "anointed."

8. Jane

"Jane," a derivative of "John," has Hebrew roots meaning "God is gracious." A classic name that never goes out of style, it symbolizes divine favor and simplicity.

9. Velda

A name of Old Norse origin, "Velda" signifies "field" or "meadow," capturing the pastoral essence and serenity of nature.

10. Carla

The feminine form of "Carl," this name has Germanic roots and means "free man," underlining notions of independence.

11. Verna

Derived from the Latin word for "spring," this name conjures images of rejuvenation and new beginnings.

12. Louise

A feminine form of "Louis," this name has Germanic roots meaning "famous warrior," marrying femininity with fierceness.

13. Haru

Also Japanese, Haru is redolent of 'spring,' capturing the essence of renewal and vitality.

14. Thea

With Greek origins, "Thea" stands for "goddess," lending an air of divine mystique.

15. Reina

Originating from Spanish, "Reina" stands for "queen," presenting an air of majestic grace.

16. Sophia

Rooted in Greek culture, "Sophia" signifies wisdom. It's not merely a name; it's an ode to intellectual profundity.

17. Kari

Exhibiting Scandinavian roots, Kari means 'pure.' An embodiment of pristine innocence, the name proffers a refreshing simplicity.

18. Trinity

A name rooted in Latin and Christian tradition, Trinity means 'threefold.' It exudes a religious aura, signifying completeness and unity.

19. Adele

Coming from Germanic elements, "Adele" signifies "nobility," echoing a stately and elegant aura.

20. Yeva

A variant of "Eva," this name is Russian in origin and captures the universal concept of "life."

21. Tomoko

Hailing from Japan, Tomoko means 'friend' or 'wisdom.' It's a balanced blend of intellectual prowess and social appeal.

22. Ria

Derived from "Maria," this name enjoys the Latin meaning of "sea," signifying depth and endless possibilities.

23. Flora

Latin for "flower," "Flora" is a botanical beauty that also harks back to the Roman goddess of plants and spring.

24. Emily

Latin in origin, Emily signifies 'rival' but has connotations of hard work and ambition, making it a popular choice in various cultures.

25. Zara

This exotic name has multiple origins, including Hebrew and Arabic, meaning "princess" or "flower," respectively—radiating both royalty and natural beauty.

26. Mira

From the Slavic "Mir," meaning "peace," to the Sanskrit "ocean," "Mira" is a melange of tranquility and depth.

27. Una

Originating from Latin and Old Irish, it means "one" or "lamb," creating a balanced persona of unity and innocence.

28. Whitney

An Old English name, Whitney refers to 'white island.' Geographical and pure, the name has a sophisticated charm.

29. Dora

Short for "Dorothy," "Dora" has Greek roots and means "gift," encapsulating the joy of giving and receiving.

30. Suri

A Hebrew moniker, Suri is synonymous with 'princess.' For those seeking regality in a name, Suri is a resonant choice.

31. Ina

Often a diminutive of names ending in "-ina," this name offers brevity while carrying the essence of its longer form, such as "Georgina" meaning "farmer."

32. Nia

Emerging from Swahili and Welsh origins, "Nia" means "purpose" and "bright," respectively—creating a multicultural tapestry of ambition and light.

33. Lia

A variant of "Leah," this name keeps its Hebrew origin, meaning "weary," but paradoxically, it's anything but tiring in its appeal.

34. Paula

The feminine form of "Paul," "Paula" has Latin origins and means "small" or "humble," encapsulating modest charm.

35. Yuna

A name of Japanese origin, "Yuna" stands for "gentle" or "moon," channeling a quiet, luminescent beauty.

36. Rea

Short yet profound, this name finds its origins in Greek, signifying "to flow," suggesting an eternal fluidity and adaptability.

37. Maia

With Greek origins tied to the goddess of spring and growth, "Maia" imbues a sense of rejuvenation and fecundity.

38. Lulu

Of Arabic and English origin, Lulu means 'pearl' or 'beloved.' A diminutive yet precious name, it’s charming in its simplicity.

39. Wanda

With origins possibly stemming from the Slavic for "wanderer," "Wanda" embodies a sense of restless exploration.

40. Isabella

A name of Spanish and Italian descent, "Isabella" translates to "pledged to God," showcasing spiritual depth.

41. Cleo

Greek in origin, Cleo is a diminutive of Cleopatra, forever associated with power and beauty.

42. Avery

Rooted in French origins, Avery signifies 'elf counsel,' intriguingly blending mythology and wisdom.

43. Tessa

Derived from "Theresa," "Tessa" has uncertain origins but is often associated with the Greek for "harvest," reflecting a sense of fruition and abundance.

44. Lyra

Influenced by the Latin word for "lyre," this name sings of musicality and astronomical references, as Lyra is also a constellation.

45. Kennedy

While this name has political overtones, its Gaelic roots signify ‘helmeted chief.’ It’s an ode to leadership.

46. Rita

Often a diminutive of "Margaret," "Rita" inherits the Greek meaning of "pearl," encapsulating both delicacy and allure.

47. Freya

Steeped in Norse mythology, "Freya" is the goddess of love and fertility, giving the name a divine romantic flair.

48. Yoko

A widely known Japanese name, Yoko translates to 'child of sunlight.' Illuminating and warm, the name exudes vibrancy.

49. Tea

Primarily a diminutive form of names like "Dorotea," this moniker echoes the Greek meaning of "gift from God."

50. Verity

Originating from Latin, Verity signifies 'truth.' A name that captures an earnest disposition, it appeals to the straightforward among us.

51. Elba

Often associated with the Italian island where Napoleon was exiled, "Elba" could be an acronym of the Latin phrase "Elaeis Liberi Belli Antistitis," referring to a beacon of freedom.

52. Wendy

Debuting in J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan," Wendy is an English name coined from the term 'friend.' It's imbued with congenial vibes.

53. Nana

With diverse roots from Hebrew to Japanese, "Nana" universally symbolizes a grandmother or nurturer—quite the cross-cultural comfort.

54. Myra

A name possibly rooted in Latin and Greek, "Myra" signifies "myrrh," a fragrant resin with historic value, invoking a sense of rarity and aromatic allure.

55. Della

A diminutive form of names like "Adela" or "Adelaide," "Della" encapsulates the Germanic essence of "nobility."

56. Eliza

A diminutive form of "Elizabeth," "Eliza" captures the Hebrew essence of "God is my oath," while offering a more contemporary flair.

57. Orna

Derived from Hebrew, "Orna" means "pine tree," capturing the spirit of evergreen resilience and vitality.

58. Shiri

Shiri is a modern Hebrew name signifying 'my song.' An aural embodiment of music, it carries a jubilant disposition.

59. Amelia

Channeling Germanic elements, "Amelia" encapsulates industriousness and resilience.

60. Veda

Rooted in Sanskrit, "Veda" means "knowledge" or "wisdom," capturing ancient intellectualism.

61. Fia

A Swedish name signifying "dark peace," it captures an intriguing blend of tranquility and mystery.

62. Mitsuki

Also Japanese in origin, Mitsuki signifies 'beautiful moon.' It brings together cosmic allure with innate beauty.

63. Emma

Rooted in German, "Emma" exudes universal charm and signifies "universal" or "whole."

64. Ivy

Representing fidelity in the language of plants, Ivy has Old English roots, perfect for a steadfast spirit.

65. Lakshmi

A quintessential Hindu name, Lakshmi is synonymous with wealth and prosperity, an apt title for the goddess of fortune.

66. Selma

This name, with possible Germanic or Arabic roots, signifies "safe" or "protected," casting an aura of sanctuary around its bearer.

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67. Gilda

With Old English roots, "Gilda" means "golden," adding a touch of opulence and enduring value.

68. Shou

A Chinese name that represents 'longevity.' Though succinct, Shou is weighty in its implication of a long, prosperous life.

69. Gina

A diminutive form of "Regina," this name has Latin roots meaning "queen," aptly symbolizing regality.

70. Yumiko

A Japanese creation, Yumiko translates to 'reason beautiful child.' It's an intriguing blend of logic and aesthetics.

71. Esme

Originating from Old French, "Esme" means "esteemed" or "loved," serving as a testament to affection and value.

72. Aida

With Arabic roots, "Aida" signifies "returning" or "visitor," invoking a sense of perpetual journey and homecoming.

73. Bella

An Italian darling, "Bella" translates to "beautiful," offering a straightforward yet powerful statement.

74. Mamoru

Though generally used for boys, Mamoru is a Japanese name that signifies 'protect.' It imparts a sense of guardianship and care.

75. Sukhi

Inspired by the Punjabi lexicon, Sukhi signifies happiness and peace. It's a beacon of tranquility.

76. Mako

This Japanese name refers to 'truth' or 'sincerity.' Mako is short, sweet, and straightforward, much like its meaning.

77. Elsa

Though reminiscent of icy queens due to popular culture, "Elsa" is a diminutive of "Elizabeth," keeping the solemnity of its Hebrew roots, "God is my oath."

78. Ella

Deriving from Germanic roots, "Ella" signifies "all" or "completely," offering a sense of inclusivity.

79. Mayu

From Japan, Mayu stands for 'true reason.' It's an amalgamation of rationality with truthfulness.

80. Kyoko

Also from Japan, Kyoko stands for 'respectful child.' It’s steeped in honor and traditional values.

81. Bari

An Arabic origination, Bari encapsulates the 'Creator' or 'the maker.' It's a moniker teeming with a sense of divine craftsmanship.

82. Zia

An Arabic moniker, "Zia" means "light" or "splendor," radiating brightness and positivity.

83. Rose

An eternally beloved floral name, "Rose" is more than a flower; it’s a symbol of love and beauty.

84. Mya

A modern twist on "Maia," "Mya" encapsulates the spirit of spring and growth, reminiscent of its Greek roots.

85. Lara

Tracing back to Latin, "Lara" signifies "protection." It exudes a sense of safety and solace.

86. Sachi

Originating from Japan, Sachi translates to 'blessed' or 'joy.' A harbinger of good fortune, it promises an auspicious life.

87. Vega

Drawing from Arabic, "Vega" signifies "swooping eagle" and is also a star in the Lyra constellation, giving it celestial allure.

88. Kiyomi

Hailing from Japan, Kiyomi means 'pure beauty.' A name conflating innocence with attractiveness, it resonates with harmonic grace.

89. Bailey

A title with an English heritage, Bailey refers to a city's outer wall, signifying strength and protection.

90. Uva

A Latin term for "grape," the name "Uva" brings to mind vineyards and lush fertility, echoing the richness of life.

91. Irma

With Germanic roots, "Irma" means "whole" or "universal," signifying completeness and endless possibilities.

92. Lorna

Conceived by a novelist, the name "Lorna" became synonymous with romanticism and unattainable love, though its origin remains speculative.

93. Theda

This name likely has Germanic roots and stands for "people," adding a communal and inclusive dimension.

94. Kyla

A modern name with uncertain roots, "Kyla" has taken on meanings like "narrow" in Gaelic or "victorious" in Hebrew, offering a dual narrative.

95. Julia

Derived from Latin, this timeless name symbolizes "youthful" or "downy," carrying the spirit of everlasting youth.

96. Ula

Boasting a rich tapestry of meanings from Celtic "sea jewel" to Scandinavian "will, determination," the name reflects multifaceted strength.

97. Mona

In Arabic, "Mona" means "wishes" or "desires," adding an element of aspiration, while in Irish Gaelic, it means "noble," highlighting elevated stature.

98. Aiko

Of Japanese origin, Aiko means 'beloved child' or 'love.' It’s a perfect fit for a cherished daughter.

99. Anna

A global favorite, "Anna" means "grace" in Hebrew and carries a sense of elegance and dignity.

100. Renee

With French roots, "Renee" stands for "reborn," embodying new beginnings and rejuvenation.

101. Ava

With roots in Latin and Hebrew, "Ava" personifies life itself—bubbling with vitality and zest.

102. Destiny

Of Old French origin, Destiny refers to 'that which is to happen.' The name pulsates with a sense of impending adventure.

103. Tara

In Sanskrit, "Tara" translates to "star," while in Gaelic, it’s linked to a hill where Irish kings were once crowned—dual symbolism that's both celestial and regal.

104. Nila

With origins in Sanskrit, "Nila" means "sapphire" or "dark blue," reflecting both the depth and tranquility of the ocean and sky.

105. Olivia

A literary gem, "Olivia" was popularized by Shakespeare. It symbolizes the serenity of olive branches.

106. Akiko

Another Japanese moniker, Akiko encapsulates 'autumn child' or 'bright child.' Seasonal and vibrant, the name appeals to nature lovers.

107. Uru

Though rare, this name of Japanese origin signifies 'plum.' It's a unique and sweetly resonant name.

108. Sara

A name with Hebrew roots, "Sara" signifies "princess," epitomizing regal grace and elegance.

109. Kali

A name not for the faint-hearted, Kali reverberates with fierce femininity. It represents a Hindu goddess known for her ferocity.

110. Leta

Originating from Greek mythology, "Leta" echoes the themes of motherhood and protection, enshrouding it in legend.

111. Zoe

Originating from ancient Greece, "Zoe" simply means life—drenched in existential richness.

112. Margo

A French origin name that's an alternative to Margaret. It signifies 'pearl,' an epitome of elegance and simplicity.

113. Eira

A name of Welsh origin, "Eira" translates to "snow," painting an image of serenity and unblemished grace.

114. Elva

This ethereal name traces its roots to Old English, signifying "elfin" or "white," and offers an air of mystical allure.

115. Lyla

A variation of "Lila," this name hails from Arabic roots meaning "dark beauty" or "night," wrapping it in enigmatic allure.

116. Maria

A timeless choice, "Maria" is a name with Hebrew origins meaning "wished-for child."

117. Lea

Variant of "Leah," it retains its Hebrew meaning of "weary" yet subverts it through its connotation of resilience.

118. Leora

With Hebrew origins, "Leora" translates to "my light," radiating an eternal glow of hope and positivity.

119. Alia

With Arabic roots, "Alia" means "exalted" or "noble," encapsulating an air of distinction and grace.

120. Nanu

Nanu, primarily used in India, is an affectionate term for a girl. It exudes warmth and familiarity.

121. Reiko

Of Japanese origin, Reiko means 'beautiful,' 'lovely,' or 'graceful.' It’s a tribute to innate elegance.

122. Shelby

Of English origin, Shelby denotes a 'willow grove.' Rooted in nature, the name resonates with green vistas and pastoral beauty.

123. Ilsa

A German diminutive of "Elizabeth," "Ilsa" brings a European flair to the Hebrew meaning of "God is my oath."

124. Nita

A diminutive form of names like "Anita" or "Juanita," "Nita" often stands alone to symbolize "grace," derived from Hebrew.

125. Thora

Rooted in Old Norse, "Thora" signifies "thunder," capturing both natural forces and a robust personality.

126. Lily

Beyond its floral association, "Lily" symbolizes purity and rebirth in various cultures.

127. Mae

This name, whether standing alone or an abbreviation of names like "Mabel" or "Matilda," encapsulates qualities of both spring and youthful zest in its Old English origins.

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128. Gia

A short form of "Gianna," this Italian name means "God is gracious."

129. Charity

As an English name, Charity epitomizes 'generous love.' It’s imbued with virtuous sentiment and goodwill.

130. Elena

A variant of "Helen," it carries the Greek meaning of "bright, shining light," exuding luminance and clarity.

131. Zora

With Slavic roots, "Zora" signifies "dawn," imbuing the name with the fresh optimism of a new day.

132. Clara

A name with Latin roots, "Clara" signifies "clear, bright, and famous," illuminating its grace and luminosity.

133. Lila

With roots in Sanskrit, "Lila" means "play" or "amusement," capturing the spirit of youthful curiosity.

134. Lula

Often a diminutive form of names like "Louisa" or "Lucille," "Lula" captures the essence of light, derived from the Latin word 'lux'.

135. Greta

A diminutive form of "Margaret," this name hails from Greek and means "pearl," evoking both rarity and natural beauty.

136. Rani

Indian in origin, Rani effuses regality. The name translates to 'queen,' embodying empowerment.

137. Mena

In Sanskrit, "Mena" means "gem" or "jewel," capturing the qualities of preciousness and inimitable beauty.

138. Farah

Derived from Arabic, "Farah" means "joy" or "happiness," making it a beacon of positive energy.

139. Nelda

A modern invention, "Nelda" combines elements of names like "Nell" and "Ida," and although its meaning is vague, its melodic sound offers a unique appeal.

140. Tia

With Spanish roots meaning "aunt," "Tia" also signifies "goddess" in Greek, providing familial and divine interpretations.

141. Moira

With a Gaelic origin, "Moira" is often seen as a derivative of "Mary," but it also stands for "fate" in Greek, giving it a layered complexity.

142. Felicity

An English name that's the epitome of 'happiness' and 'luck.' Rich in both lexical and emotional appeal, Felicity is imbued with positivity.

143. Harmony

An English moniker, Harmony symbolizes 'concord.' A musical and spiritual connotation makes it audibly and ethically appealing.

144. Mora

Rooted in Latin, "Mora" translates to "delay," which may seem an odd meaning but can be interpreted as a call for patience and mindfulness in a frenetic world.

145. Viola

Derived from Latin, this musical name resonates with "violet," symbolizing both a color and a flower full of meaning.

146. Iona

With Scottish origins tied to an eponymous island, "Iona" resonates with geographical and spiritual significance.

147. Hilda

A name of Germanic origin, "Hilda" signifies "battle," invoking a warrior spirit that's both fierce and feminine.

148. Edna

Derived from Hebrew, "Edna" means "pleasure" or "delight," offering a straightforward yet deeply emotive sentiment.

149. Naomi

Originating from Hebrew, "Naomi" means "pleasantness," and offers an air of congeniality.

150. Ada

Coming from the Germanic "Adelaide," "Ada" signifies "nobility," offering an old-world charm with a dash of gravitas.

151. Faye

A name of Old English origin, "Faye" means "fairy," conjuring ethereal imagery and whimsical charm.

152. Viva

Hailing from Latin, "Viva" simply means "alive," encapsulating zest for life and unstoppable vitality.

153. Vashti

Vashti offers a robust Biblical context. Of Persian origin, the name is synonymous with 'beautiful' or 'best.' It remains a captivating yet unconventional choice.

154. Tula

This name evokes equilibrium through its Sanskrit meaning, "balance" or "libra," resonating with notions of harmony.

155. Nancy

Originating from Hebrew, Nancy is a diminutive of Ann or Anne and means 'grace.' It's a timeless moniker, exuding a classic aura.

156. Fuyu

Resonating with Japanese aesthetic, Fuyu signifies 'winter,' evoking images of serene snowscapes.

157. Keiko

Keiko, also from Japan, signifies 'blessed child' or 'respectful child.' It combines virtue with fortune in a compact form.

158. Nora

Short for "Honora," this name has Latin roots and embodies the ideal of honor.

159. Zee

Short and impactful, Zee is a modern invention, perhaps a diminutive of names like Zara or Zaria, replete with zest and zeal.

160. Hera

In Greek mythology, Hera is the queen of the gods. This name carries a divine, regal aura, embodying both grace and power.

161. Oona

A Celtic beauty, "Oona" means "lamb," reflecting innocence and purity.

162. Pippa

A diminutive form of "Philippa," "Pippa" is rooted in Greek and signifies "lover of horses," perfect for someone with an equestrian affinity or zest for the outdoors.

163. Bea

A diminutive of "Beatrice," "Bea" resonates with the Latin meaning of "bringer of joy," serving as a succinct yet cheerful nomenclature.

164. Elyse

A variant of "Elise," itself a shortened form of "Elizabeth," "Elyse" signifies "God is my oath," yet offers a modern twist to a biblical staple.

165. Kara

A name with multiple origins, from Italian meaning "beloved" to Norse meaning "curly," "Kara" adapts to various cultural contexts.

166. Maida

Of uncertain origin, "Maida" possibly stems from Old English and could mean "maiden." It reflects purity and innocence, adding a touch of ageless grace.

167. Cecilia

Rooted in Latin, "Cecilia" denotes "blind," but its significance has evolved to represent the virtue of humility.

168. Alma

Latin for "nourishing," but also signifying "soul" in Spanish, "Alma" resonates deeply on multiple dimensions, from sustenance to spirituality.

169. Riko

Also Japanese in lineage, Riko combines 'jasmine' and 'child' offering an innocent floral resonance.

170. Layla

Originating from Arabic, "Layla" means "night," painting imagery of serenity and depth.

171. Nozomi

Another Japanese entrant, Nozomi means 'hope.' A name brimming with optimism, it offers a future full of possibilities.

172. Casey

An Irish treasure, Casey has a spirited meaning, 'brave in battle,' a fitting descriptor for a strong-willed girl.

173. Ruby

This name is as precious as the gemstone it represents, traditionally symbolizing passion and protection.

174. Bree

Of Irish origin, Bree signifies ‘strength’ or 'exalted one,' a fitting name for a girl of strong character.

175. Leda

Another name with Greek mythological origins, Leda was a queen of Sparta. The name offers both historical depth and a regal touch.

176. Sydney

A name that's etymologically English, Sydney alludes to a geographical locale but has an urbane feel to it.

177. Hatsu

In Japanese, Hatsu translates to 'firstborn,' a title brimming with primacy and significance.

178. Lucy

Originating from Latin, "Lucy" translates to "light," illuminating one's path in life.

179. Noelle

Derived from French, this name literally means "Christmas," imbuing it with festive joy and spirituality.

180. Lora

A variation of "Laura," this name springs from Latin, meaning "laurel tree" or "sweet bay tree," symbolizing victory and honor.

181. Cora

A name with Greek origin, "Cora" is tied to Persephone, the goddess of the underworld and fertility. It epitomizes the circle of life and renewal.

182. Zita

Originating from Old Czech, "Zita" means "seeker," a name befitting of someone with an insatiable curiosity or a relentless quest for knowledge.

183. Ida

With Germanic roots signifying "work" or "labor," "Ida" suggests diligence and unyielding effort.

184. Michiru

A poetic Japanese moniker, Michiru signifies 'to rise,' symbolizing aspirations and upliftment.

185. Tova

Of Hebrew origin, "Tova" translates to "good," representing purity, positivity, and moral uprightness.

186. Dana

With Celtic, Arabic, and Hebrew origins, "Dana" is a name that can mean "knowledge," "generosity," or "arbiter," providing a well-roundedness to its character.

187. Elma

Derived from Old German, "Elma" is often seen as an abbreviation of "Wilhelmina," and it encapsulates the notion of "determined protector."

188. Elia

This name has Hebrew roots and means "my God is Yahweh," embracing a sense of devotion and spirituality.

189. Freida

A variant of "Frieda," this name has Germanic origins and signifies "peace," capturing an essence of tranquility and harmony.

190. Ova

Although unique, "Ova" resonates with life and fertility given its Latin meaning relating to eggs.

191. Gaia

In Greek mythology, "Gaia" is the Earth Mother, lending this name an unshakeable connection to nature and fertility.

192. Avni

A name steeped in Indian soils, Avni means 'the Earth.' It signifies groundedness and reliability.

193. Juno

A Roman goddess of marriage, Juno encapsulates matrimonial harmony. A name echoing with antiquity and modernity alike.

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194. Lena

Tracing its etymological lineage to multiple languages, including Hebrew and Greek, "Lena" often denotes "light" or "illustrious." Its multifaceted origins lend it an international appeal.

195. Aria

With Italian origins, "Aria" refers to a melody, capturing the essence of artistic eloquence.

196. Zena

A variant of "Xena," which signifies "hospitality" in Greek, "Zena" also rings with modern-day warrior princess vibes.

197. Suyu

Another uncommon name, Suyu signifies 'morning dew' in Korean. It evokes freshness and a new beginning.

198. Nalini

Hailing from Sanskrit roots, Nalini embodies gracefulness. It translates to 'lotus' and is evocative of purity and elegance.

199. Iva

Often viewed as a feminine form of "Ivan," the name "Iva" is Slavic in origin and signifies "God is gracious."

200. Mika

Rooted in multiple cultures, from Japanese meaning "beautiful fragrance," to Hebrew meaning "who is like God," "Mika" is a diverse tapestry.

201. Maya

With multiple cultural origins, "Maya" can mean "illusion" in Sanskrit or "water" in Hebrew. It's a name that wears many hats.

202. Kira

With a dual lineage—Russian, meaning "ruler," and Irish, meaning "dark"—"Kira" boasts both authority and mystique.

203. Leah

A Hebrew classic, "Leah" means "weary," yet it often carries an aura of ageless resilience.

204. Callisto

Stemming from Greek mythology, Callisto signifies 'most beautiful.' It’s an alluring title, swirling with ancient lore.

205. Nova

"Nova" is Latin for "new," signaling both new beginnings and astronomical phenomena. The name literally shines with cosmic brilliance and novelty.

206. Paige

Though it ends in a vowel sound, "Paige" is Old French for "young servant," denoting humility and youthful spirit.

207. Livia

With Latin roots, "Livia" was also the name of a Roman empress, carrying a sense of both antiquity and authority.

208. Mina

With German, Persian, and Sanskrit roots, "Mina" can mean "love," "enamel," or "fish," each contributing a unique facet to its meaning.

209. Orpha

Rooted in Hebrew, "Orpha" signifies "back of the neck," which might seem enigmatic but is symbolic of turning one's back to their past and looking towards the future.

210. Velma

A name often considered a contraction of "Velvet" and "Thelma," "Velma" is a modern invention but carries an old-world charm, suggesting smoothness and elegance.

211. Thelma

A name popularized by literature, "Thelma" has Greek roots meaning "will," reflecting determination and purpose.

212. Rhea

In Greek mythology, "Rhea" was the mother of gods, giving the name an enduring sense of maternal authority and divinity.

213. Nina

With roots in Hebrew, Spanish, and Native American languages, "Nina" varies in meaning from "grace" to "fire," making it a multicultural gem.

214. Dara

In Khmer, "Dara" signifies "star," while it means "wise" in Hebrew, exhibiting a cosmic and intellectual duality.

215. Chiyo

Another Japanese classic, Chiyo translates to 'a thousand generations' or 'eternity.' A name that promises longevity and timeless appeal.

216. Chloe

A Greek masterpiece, "Chloe" means "green shoot," signifying fresh beginnings and renewal.

217. Alva

With Hebrew and Swedish lineages, "Alva" means "brightness" or "elf," offering a blend of luminosity and whimsy.

218. Mia

A short yet impactful name, "Mia" means "mine" in Italian—a personal touch of belonging.

219. Zelma

A variant of "Selma," this name also indicates "safe" or "protected," echoing the essence of its cousin while adding a zestful touch with the 'Z'.

220. Zola

An Italian name, "Zola" reflects "piece of earth," grounding it in earthly magnificence.

221. Zelda

A diminutive of "Griselda," this name has Germanic roots and means "dark battle," combining mystery with valor.

222. Sia

Inherently succinct, this name has Scandinavian roots that mean "victory," epitomizing triumph in a concise package.

223. Sachiko

Another Japanese name, Sachiko means 'child of joy,' encapsulating a buoyant, jubilant spirit.

224. Kayla

Originating from Hebrew, the name signifies "crown of laurels," speaking to victory and honor.

225. Rio

With Spanish and Portuguese lineage, Rio stands for 'river.' It flows with geographical charm and natural grace.

226. Jyoti

Originating from the Sanskrit lexicon, Jyoti is tantamount to 'light' or 'illumination.' A name imbued with spiritual significance, it resonates with those yearning for enlightenment.

227. Vera

Originating from Slavic and Latin roots, "Vera" means "faith" or "truth," epitomizing genuineness and reliability.

228. Orla

From Irish Gaelic, "Orla" means "golden princess," elegantly melding regality with visual vibrancy.

229. Hana

This name has multicultural appeal, meaning "flower" in Japanese and "happiness" or "grace" in Arabic and Hebrew, embodying both natural beauty and inner joy.

230. Lana

Though seen as a diminutive of "Alana," it's lusciously simple and comes from Old Gaelic, meaning "attractive" or "peaceful."

231. Tiffany

Etymologically Greek, Tiffany is linked to the Epiphany, symbolizing manifestation and revelation.

232. Sofia

A variant of "Sophia," this name maintains its Greek heritage, signifying wisdom—a trait that never goes out of style.

233. Olga

Of Old Norse origin, "Olga" signifies "holy," infusing the name with a sense of sanctity and reverence.

234. Yara

With Brazilian origins, "Yara" means "water lady," symbolizing feminine grace with elemental depth.

235. Devi

Rooted in ancient Indian mythology, Devi is the epitome of divinity and power. It connotes 'goddess' in Sanskrit.

236. Marilou

A hybrid of Mary and Louise, Marilou is predominantly American and stands for 'bitter famous warrior.' It’s a confluence of sweet and strong attributes.

237. Liberty

From the Roman Libertas meaning 'free,' Liberty is a name imbued with political and social undertones. It celebrates autonomy.

238. Shea

With Gaelic roots meaning "hawk-like" or "admirable," "Shea" captures a unique blend of fierceness and respectability.

239. Elise

A French derivative of Elizabeth, "Elise" means "God is my oath," exhibiting a spiritual connection.

240. Brandy

Derived from the Dutch brandewijn meaning 'burnt wine,' Brandy is an intoxicating name with a certain spirited flair.

241. Noriko

Hailing from Japan, Noriko signifies 'lawful child.' A name that resonates with order and propriety, it offers a dignified aura.

242. Claire

Drawing from Latin roots, "Claire" means "clear," "bright," or "famous," epitomizing clarity and radiance.

243. Reva

This name finds its origins in Sanskrit, meaning "one that moves," conjuring a sense of flow and dynamism.

244. Anya

An alternate form of "Anna," this name has Russian lineage and means "grace," exuding an innate elegance.

245. Melody

Stemming from the Greek 'melodia,' it symbolizes a harmonious tune, capturing the essence of musical grace.

246. Malini

Hailing from India, Malini denotes 'a fragrant one' or 'a garland-maker.' The name whispers poetic implications of beauty and grace.

247. Dea

This name packs a punch; "Dea" in Latin means "goddess," giving it an air of divine femininity.

248. Yuzu

Also Japanese, Yuzu is a citrus fruit known for its unique aroma and taste. The name is as zesty as its inspiration.

249. Dina

Derived from Hebrew, "Dina" means "judged" or "vindicated," echoing a sense of justice and fairness.

250. Setsuko

Setsuko, of Japanese origin, means 'temperate child' or 'child of integrity.' It embodies emotional and ethical balance.

251. Ira

Originally a male name in Hebrew, meaning "watchful," its adoption for girls speaks to its versatility and the evolving gender norms in naming.

252. Pia

With Latin roots, "Pia" signifies "pious," reflecting devotion and moral integrity.

253. Elsie

A diminutive form of "Elizabeth," "Elsie" evokes quaint charm while encapsulating the Hebrew meaning of "God is my oath."

254. Elida

A form of "Alida," this name likely has Latin roots and means "small winged one," offering a sense of freedom and flight.

255. Eva

Rooted in Hebrew, "Eva" is often construed as a symbol of life or living—one can't help but appreciate its existential flavor.

256. Sumiko

A name of Japanese origin, Sumiko translates to 'child of clarity.' It's an evocation of lucidity and precision.

257. Morna

This name is shrouded in Gaelic mystery and is said to mean "beloved," conjuring emotions of deep affection and commitment.

258. Fara

Rooted in Middle English, "Fara" translates to "beautiful," straightforward yet timeless in its aesthetic appeal.

259. Kate

A diminutive of Katherine, "Kate" has Greek origins and means "pure," capturing a pristine aura.

260. Lina

With Arabic, Greek, and Swedish origins, "Lina" signifies "palm tree," "light," and "tender," respectively—each interpretation enriching its character.

261. Kyra

Deriving from the Greek "Kyros," "Kyra" echoes "lord" or "throne," presenting a blend of power and majesty.

262. Lydia

With origins in Greek, "Lydia" represents a historic kingdom in Asia Minor, giving it a geographical and historical twist.

263. Leila

Another name with Arabic lineage, "Leila" means "night" but symbolizes more than darkness; it's often associated with evening's quiet elegance.

264. Wilma

A diminutive form of "Wilhelmina," the name "Wilma" carries the Germanic meaning of "will to protect," weaving strength into its femininity.

265. Navi

A name drawn from various heritages including Hebrew and Indian, Navi is an elegant reference to 'a messenger' or 'new.'

266. Haruko

In the Japanese vernacular, Haruko signifies 'spring child.' It is redolent of new beginnings and renewal.

267. Aubree

A modern twist on Audrey, it emanates grace and nobility, etymologically linked to ‘elf ruler.’

268. Nola

With multiple speculated origins, one being Irish Gaelic meaning "fair-shouldered," "Nola" enjoys a sense of poetic ambiguity.

Wrap Up

There you have it—a curated list of baby girl names ending in a vowel that are as diverse and special as the little ones who will bear them. Names like Aria, signifying a melody, or Gaia, the ancient Greek Earth goddess, offer both an audial and meaningful richness.

Whether you're drawn to names that convey strength, elegance, or just a certain je ne sais quoi, you're sure to find a name that resonates with you and your family. Happy name hunting!

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