Names that rhyme with Alpheus

The list of words or names that rhyme with Alpheus. This names list will help you in naming twins or selecting a name for your baby that rhymes with Alpheus.
AbbasBoy Description of a Lion, Looking Austere, Lion, Stern, Frowning One, Name of Mohammad's Uncle, A Family Name
AchilleusBoy A Wend, Wanderer
AdolphusBoy Noble Wolf, Latin form of German Adolf
AeneasBoy Army Guard, Protecting Army, Defending Warrior, My Witness, Refuge of God, My Ornament
AgaceGirl Good
AgnessGirl Lily, Form of Susan
AgnusGirl Holy, Chaste
AgustusBoy Father
AlbertusBoy Noble, Bright, Famous
AlbinusBoy Name of an Abbot, White, Blond, Fair One
AldousBoy Old, Wise, Variant of the German Aldo
AldusBoy From the Old House, Old
AlexiusGirl Defender, Old Friend, The Defender
AlexusGirl The Defender
AloisiusBoy Noble, Nobility, Light, Lovely, Variant of Helen, Very
AloysiusBoy Renowned Warrior, Fame and War, A Form of Louis, Famous Warrior, Very
AlphonsusBoy Abbreviation of Alexander, Helper and Defender of Mankind, Defending Men
AltusBoy Old, Aged and Wise Ruler, Old Wise Leader
AmadeusBoy Love Of God, Loved by God, God's Love
AmandusBoy Lovable, Worthy Of Love, Highborn, Brilliant
AmbrosiusBoy Ever-living, Immortal, Divine
AmericusGirl Sublime, Noble Friend, Wise Friend
AmosBoy Carried, Names Beginning with Ed, Form of Edward, Guardian of Prosperity, Wealthy Defender, Wealth Protector, Wealthy Guardian, Carried (By God)
AndrasBoy Form of Anna, Gracious, God's Favour, Resurrection, Playful, Wanted, Favoured, Beautiful, Grace, Strong, Clever, Full of Pride, Bright
AndriusBoy Peaceful Friend, Fair, Holy, Blessed Reconciliation, Joy and Peace, Blessed Peace, White Wave, Princess, Truthful, Aristocratic Lady, Basket for Clothes
AngusBoy Noble Wolf, One
AnnasBoy One who Answers, Humble
AntoniusBoy Heavenly Messenger, Angel, Messenger from God
AquariusBoy/Girl Combination of Anna and Belle, Beautiful, Graceful, Easy to Love
ArcadiusBoy Heavenly Messenger, Angel, Messenger from God, Devotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny, Brightest, Most Brilliant, More Radiant
ArgusBoy Glistening, Shining, Sometimes Given to the Eighth-born Child, Born Eighth
ArtemusBoy Bowman, An English Surname, The Archer, Noteworthy and Valorous
ArtimusBoy Will Helmet, Resolute Protector, Will, Son of William
AthanasiusBoy From the Ash Tree Farm, Ash Trees Meadow, Felicitous, Form of Ashley, Ash Tree Meadow, Immortal
AtlasBoy Not Enduring, Noble, Bear, Rock, Adherent of the Goddess Artemis
AtticusBoy From Attica, Grace, Favoured, God is Gracious, God has Shown Favour, Diminutive of Ann Frequently Used as an Independent Name
AugustusBoy Revered, Exalted, Worthy of Respect, Great, Magnificent, Great or Venerable, Majestic, The August
AureliusBoy Noble Strength, Noble
BarnabusBoy Son of Comfort
BartholomeusBoy Farmer's Son
BaylessBoy Son of Prophecy, Son of Consolation, Son of the Right Hand, Son of Exhortation, Son of Comfort
BenedictusBoy Blessed, Happy
BereniceGirl Bringing Victory
BerenisGirl Majestic, Dignity, Grandeur, Great, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect, Holy, A Old Monk, Brother of Rama
BertriceGirl A Well, Declaring
BrutusBoy Heavy, Honorable, Strength, High, Noble, Virtuous, Hill, Hill Place, Brave
BurgessBoy Town Dweller, Town Citizen, Citizen of a Town
CamillusBoy A Place Name
CandaceGirl Majestic, Dignity, Grandeur, Great, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect, Holy, A Old Monk, Brother of Rama
CandaseGirl From the Twisting Valley
CandusGirl Unusual Nature Name
CarolusBoy Strong, Man, Free Man, Manly, Masculine
CassiusBoy Man, Place Name, Pretty Brook, Of the Dark Ones, Pleasent Stream, Empty
CephusBoy Pure, Innocent, Torture
ChristoforusBoy He who Holds Christ in his Heart
CirrusBoy Beautiful Christian, Follower of Christ
ClaudiusBoy Lame, Limping, Disabled, The Limping
CleofasBoy Lame, Female Version of Claude, Disabled, Limping
CleophasBoy Follower of Christ, Diminutives of Any Masculine, Feminine Name Beginning with Christ, Anointed Christian, Abbreviation of Christine, Glory Of The Father
CleophusBoy Glory, Fame, Good Repute, Hilly Area, Famous
CletisBoy Gentle, Mild, Giving Mercy, Diminutive of Clement
CletusBoy Bright, Clear, Famous
ColumbusBoy Lives by the Stony Meadow, Rocky Meadow, Rocky Meadow or from the Stony Field
CorlessGirl Bright, Clear, Similar to the Latin Clara, Famous
CorneliousBoy Resolute Protector, Will-helmet, Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection, Protect, Determination, Beautiful
CorneliusBoy Horn, Like a Horn, Strong Willed, Wise, Horned
CornwallisBoy Man from Cornwall
CorvusBoy From the Cliff, Slope Land, Hilly Area
CrispusBoy Curly-Haired, Maiden, Seething Pool
CurtisBoy Polite, Courteous, Courtly
CypressBoy/Girl Bright, Clear, Similar to the Latin Clara, Famous
CyrusBoy Like the Sun, First King of Iran, The Name of the Founder of the Persian Empire
DamarisBoy/Girl Heifer, Gentle, Calf, Maybe Calf
DamariusBoy Courtier, Court Attendant, Land of the Court, Court-dweller
DamascusBoy Mossy Place, Son of the Marsh-dwellers, Rock, Coastal Rocks, Son of Carr, Marsh Area, Surname, One who Controls, Beauty, Mysterious
DametriusBoy Mossy Place, Son of the Marsh-dwellers, Rock, Coastal Rocks, Son of Carr, Marsh Area, Surname
DantaviusBoy To Tame, Subdue
DariasBoy Great, Small and Great, Wealthy
DariousBoy Maiden, Seething Pool
DecimusBoy Tenth, Beloved, Son of David, David's Son, Dear One, Feminine Form of David
DemetriusBoy Blend of Daryl and Harold or Gerald, Dedicated To Demeter
DemitriusBoy Cherished, Beloved, Variant of David Beloved, Diminutive of David
DimetriusBoy Bright Guardian, Of the Tiber, River, Of High Value
DimitriousBoy Dominant Ruler, Powerful Ruler, Brave, Diminutive of Richard Rhyming, Variant of Rick
DionysiusBoy God of Wine, A Form of Deontae, Abbreviation of Dionysius, Dedicated To Dionysos
DionysusBoy Dominant Ruler, Powerful Ruler, Brave, Diminutive of Richard Rhyming, Variant of Rick
DolphusBoy Sunny Town, Bright, Town of the Dale, Dike Enclosure, Dike Settlement
DontaviousBoy World Ruler, Form of Donn, In Mythology the Irish Donn was Known as King of the Underworld
DontaviusBoy World Ruler, Form of Donn, In Mythology the Irish Donn was Known as King of the Underworld
DorcasGirl Gazelle, Small Deer
DorisGirl From Doris, Dorian Woman, Woman of the Sea, Gift, Gift from God, Name of a Place, The Dorian Woman
DouglasBoy Dark Stream, Dark River, Dweller by the Dark Stream, Black Water, Black, Green, Blue
DouglassBoy Dexterous, Right Handed, Dyer, Woman Dyer, One who
DuchessGirl Manly, Abbreviation of Andrew
EliasBoy The God is My Lord, Jehovah is God, Variant of Hebrew Elijah, The Lord is My God, My God Is Yahweh
ElyasBoy The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent, The Lord is My God, My God Is Yahweh
EneasBoy Jehovah is God, The Lord is My God, Succeed
EnosBoy Dark, Form of Dorset, A Tribe, Related to Dorset, One Vigor
ErasmusBoy To Love, Desired, Beloved, Lovable
ErastusBoy Beloved, Courageous, Little Bald One, Hairless, Dog, Short for Names Beginning with Cal
ErosBoy Nobleman, Based on the English Title of Earl, Love
EryssGirl Nobleman, Leader
EsdrasBoy Helper
EsiasBoy Old and Wise Adviser, Old, Old Leader, Sage Ruler
EuniceGirl Good Victory, Victorious
FabiusBoy Hazelnut, Evelyn, Life, Desired, Born of Ashes, Bean
FelicitasGirl Auspicious Speech, Good Repute, Sweet Spoken, Happiness
FergusBoy Of Manly Strength, Highest Choice, Virility, Man Of Vigor
FestusBoy Festival, Holiday, Noble, Righteous
FrancessGirl Of the Woods, Woods Man
FranciscusBoy Son of Hugh, Surname, Son of Intelligence, Little Frenchman
GeddesBoy From the Fir Forest, Evergreen Forest
GenesisBoy/Girl Birth, Jewel, Precious Stone, Gem
GenesissGirl Well-born, Noble, Form of Eugene, Born Lucky
GenisisGirl Sunbeam, Fair-haired Courageous One, Fair Warrior, White Warrior, White Champion
GennesisGirl Elf, Power, Supernatural Being Strength, Peaceful
GervaseBoy Honorable, Servant Spear, Derived from Combining an Old German Name, With Honor
GladizGirl Power, Spear, From the Protected Farm, Diminutive of Gertrude, Strength of the Spear, Spear Maiden
GraciousGirl Cheerful, Happy, Stranger
GregoriusBoy Watchful, Vigilant
GusBoy Form of Gustave, Staff of the Gods, Sole, Any Choice, Moslem Teacher, Worthy of Respect, The August
GussBoy God's Peace, Peace from God
GustavusBoy Vigilant Watchman, Watchful, Alert
HargusBoy Little Home-lover
HeliosBoy From the Hare's Valley
HeloisaGirl Sun
HieronymusBoy Holy Name, Sacred Name, Variant of the Saint's Name Jerome
HollaceBoy/Girl From the Town on the Hill, Manor on the Hill
IcarusBoy Follower, Gardener, Variant of Hortensia, Derived from the Female Version of the Roman Clan Name Hortensius, Orchard, Of the Garden
IgnaceBoy From the Hedged Place, Surname, Fire
IgnatiusBoy Fiery One, Ardent, Burning
IliasBoy Keeper of the Hedged Enclosure, A Prophet's Name, The Biblical Abraham is the English Language Equivalent, The Lord is My GodMy God Is Yahweh
InasGirl Capable, Sociability, Able, Strong, Bold, Powerful, Sweet Voice, Music, Geniality
InesGirl The Pure
IoannisBoy Bright One, Sun Ray, Shining, The Ancestor of the Hellenes, A Son of Deucalion and Pyrrha, Yahweh Is Gracious
IrisGirl Rainbow, Flower, Radiance
IsaisBoy Bright One, Sun Ray, Shining, The Ancestor of the Hellenes, A Son of Deucalion and Pyrrha
JacobusBoy Supplanter, Held by the Heel
JairusBoy Peaceful, Palm Tree
JanessGirl From the Glen, Valley, Glen, It is a Narrow Valley Between Hills, A Form of Janessa
JanusBoy Of Cornish Hen Mouse and Luster, Archway
JariusBoy Rainbow, Flower, Radiance
JarvisBoy Spearman, Driver, With Honor, Servant of the Spear, Spear Servant
JeaniceGirl Variant of Jane, From the French Jeanette, God has been Gracious, Female Version of John, God is Gracious
JenesisGirl Fair Bow, White Ring, Blessed Ring, Goddess of the Moon
JeniceGirl White Wave, God has been Gracious, Variant of Jenny which is a Diminutive of Jane and Jennifer
JennesisGirl God is Gracious, Modern Name Based on Jane or Jean, Based on Janai
JesusBoy Son of Harry, Yahweh Is Salvation
JohannesBoy German Form of John, Merciful, The Lord is Gracious, Yahweh Is Gracious
JonisBoy God is Gracious, Abbreviation of Names Like Joanna and Josephine, It is also Used as a Prefix in Compound Names Like Jobeth and Jolisa, He will Enlarge
JoyousGirl The Lord is Gracious
JuliusBoy Downy-Bearded, Youthful, Downy, Soft and Tender Hair, Hairy, Jove's Child, Down-bearded Youth, Descended from Jupiter (Jove), Soft Bearded, Dedicated To Jupiter
JusticeBoy/Girl Judge, Officer Of Justice, Just
JustisBoy Just, Fair Minded, Fair, Righteous
JustusBoy Just, Upright, Fair, Righteous, The Just
JustyceBoy/Girl Youthful, Down-bearded Youth, Jove's Child, Youth, Descended from Jupiter (Jove), Soft Bearded
KandaceGirl Jehovah has Given, Gift of God
KandusGirl Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Name of a Demi God, Plant, Youthful, Beautiful, An Atom, Powerful
KorneliusBoy Follower of Christ, Nickname for Christopher, Frontiersman Kit Carson, Anointed, Christian, Nickname for Katherine, Form of Catherine, Pure, Horn
LamarcusBoy Bold War-leader
LazarusBoy Flame, Fire, God is My Help, My God has Helped, God will Help
LeviticusBoy Lioness, Feminine of Leon, Brave as a Lioness
LexusBoy/Girl Bold War-leader, Warrior Chief, The Defender
LiliasGirl God of Fertility and Peace, Beautiful, He who is Foremost, God of Peace and Prosperity
LilliasGirl Brave, Lion-bold, Brave People, Lion-man, Leo
LinusBoy Flax, Flaxen Colored, Fair Haired, Blond, Flaxen Hair, Mourn
LoiseGirl He will be Praised, Form of Judith, Admired, Jewish, A Women from Judea, Praise
LotusBoy/Girl Ready for Battle, Solitary, Variant of Alona or Leona, Lion, Brave, Hardy
LuciusBoy Light, Bringer of Light, Bright, Born at Daybreak, Man from Lucania, Form of Lucus, The Bright
MacariusBoy Don't Deceive
MagnusBoy Noble, Righteous, Great
MarcasBoy Bringer of Light, A Region of Southern Italy, Man from Lucania, Mind, Human, God is with us, Supernatural Power, Examine Closely, Accept the Truth, Assistance, God be with us, Born of Mind, A Form of Emmanuel God is with us, Third Born, A King, Powerful, Dedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
MarcellusBoy From the Island of Linden Trees, Linden Tree Near the Water, Pool on an Island, Dedicated To Mars
MarciusBoy Son of, Taken from Mackenzie, Greatest, Messenger of God, Lord Krishna, Chief, Angel, Makes Garments, Almond
MarcusBoy War-like, Mars, The Roman God of War, From the God Mars, Dedicated to Mars, Form of Marc, Roman God Mars, Defence, Of the Sea, Dedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
MarinusBoy Of The Sea, Son of the Hero
MariusBoy Male, Mars, The Roman God of War, Form of the Latin Marcellus, Hammer, Little Warrior, Young Warrior, Form of Marc, Warlike, Dedicated to Mars
MarkessBoy Pearl, Diminutive of Margaret, Child of Light
MarkusBoy Mars, The Roman God of War, Form of the Latin Marcellus, Hammer, Little Warrior, Young Warrior, Form of Marc, Warlike, Dedicated to Mars, Dedicated To Mars (The Roman God Of War)
MartinusBoy Warrior of Mars, Warlike, From the God Mars, Like Mars
MarvisBoy Bitter, Variant of Marlene, Derived from Madeline, Woman from Magdala
MaryaliceGirl Combination of Mary and Ellen, Bitterness, Wished for Child, Star of the Sea, Modern
MatheusBoy Gift of God, Gift Of Yahweh
MathiasBoy Variant of Matthias, Gift of the Lord, Gift of God, Gift Of Yahweh
MattheusBoy Warlike, Of Mars, The Roman God of War, Servant of Mars, Form of Martin, Like Mars, Roman God Mars, Gift from God, Gift Of Yahweh
MatthiasBoy Gift of the Lord, Gift Of Yahweh
MattiasBoy Warlike, Gift Of Yahweh
MatyasBoy Lady, Mistress of the House, Mistress, Dedicated to Mars
MauricusBoy War Like, Warrior of Mars, Dedicated to Mars, Like Mars, Cupid, God of Love
MaurusBoy Dark Skinned, Woman from Magdala, Bitter, High Tower, Of Italy, The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, The One From Mauritania
MaximusBoy Lover of the Sea, Sea Lover, The Greatest
MemphisBoy/Girl Woman from Magdala, Tower, Women of Magdala, From the High Tower, Enduring And Beautiful
MorpheusBoy Shape, Dark-skinned, Moorish
NarcissusGirl Sleep, Numbness, Woman from Magdala, Woman from Kynthos, The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, Fat, A Mixed Caste
NemesisGirl Retribution, Righteous Anger, Truth, Horn, Sun Ray, Shining Light
NicholasBoy Victory of the People, Victorious Person, People of Victory
NicodemusBoy Victory of the People, Victorious Person
NigellusBoy Champion
NikkolasBoy Woman from Magdala, Woman from Kynthos, The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, Fat, A Mixed Caste, Call, Voice, Earth, Victorious, Unconquerable
NiklasBoy Victory of the People, Victorious Person
NiklausBoy Woman from Magdala, Woman from Kynthos, The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, Fat, A Mixed Caste, Call, Voice, Earth, Victorious, Unconquerable, Victory Of The People
OctaviousBoy God is My Oath, My God is Bountiful, God of Plenty
OctaviusBoy Eighth Born, Traditionally this Name was Given to the Eighth Child in a Large Family
OctavusBoy Friend from the North, Light, My Fire, Shining, Brightness
OrpheusBoy The Darkness Of Night, From Olney
OziasBoy Work Strength, Of a Thousand Saints, English Cognate of Melisande, Highborn Power, Strong Work, Industrious, Brave, Strong Worker, Eyes
PaulinusBoy Small
PaulusBoy Small, Humble, String, Little
PerseusBoy To Destroy, From the Enclosure, Commander
PhilippusBoy Horse Lover
PhilisGirl Green Bough
PhylisGirl Divine Power, Diminutive of Oswald
PhylissGirl Rock, Female Version of Peter, Stone
PincusBoy Green Leaves, Leafy Foliage, Green Bough
PiusBoy Of the Forest, Pious
PolarisGirl Peaceful Town, Trader, Town of Peace, From the Peace Town
PreciousBoy/Girl Price, Worth, Loved, Of Great Value, Highly Esteemed, Precious
PrenticeBoy Apprentice, Learner
PrincessGirl Daughter of King, Prince
PrometheusBoy Foresight, Forethought, Bearing a Palm Branch, Palm-bearer, God's Light, Enlighted, Earth
PromiseBoy/Girl Most Beautiful, The Little Finger, Pink Coloured, Sweet, Pinkish
QuintusBoy Pierces, Pierce the Vale
RasmusBoy Fifth, Derived from Roman Clan Name, From the Place Owned by the Fifth Son
RastusBoy God has Healed, Healed by God
RemigiusBoy Steward, Bailiff
RemusBoy A Town, Village, Warrior's Estate, Patrician, Noble, Form of Patrick, Royal, Noble Woman, Settlement of Poega, Peacock Town, Head, An Ethiopian Title, Loved, Desired, Sweet
RochusBoy Form of Reginald, Counsel Power, Advice, Decision, Wise Protector, Roar
RomanusBoy King's Ford, Chieftain
RomulusBoy A Penelope, Wife of Odysseys, White Shoulder, Fionnula, Dream Weaver, Duck, Hard Working, Sweat Heart, A Star, Another Name of River Narmada, One who Snares, Lakshmi
RudolphusBoy Rules with Good Judgment, Counsel Power, Exalted, On High, Form of Veronica, True Image, Wise Ruler, Rules with Counsel, Strong Counsel, One who Brings Victory
RuffusBoy From the Rose Spring, Horse Mighty
RufusBoy Guards Wisely, Strong Defender, Protecting Hands, Decision Protector, Red, Red Haired, King, Latin origin, meaning: the Red, originally a Roman cognomen. Namesakes: St. Rufus, disciple of the Apostle Paul..
RussBoy A Singing Bird, Bright Fame, Famed, Shining, Victory, Famous, A Bird Name, Redhead
SeamusBoy Supplanter, He who Supplants, Heaney, Literature, Lyrical, Beauty, Ethical, Irish form of James or Jacob (meaning: the supplanter). Namesakes: Seamus Heaney, Irish writer.
ShamusBoy Supplanter, He who Supplants, Sherlock
SilasBoy From the Forest or Woods, Three, The Third, Wood Dweller
SilvanusBoy Wood, Forest, Shining Meadow, Bright Grassland, Country Meadow, Bright Meadow, Auspicious, Lord Shiva, God Shivan
SilveriusBoy Catlike, Form of Sabine, Of Ancient Italian Culture, Woman from the Sabine Tribe, Beautiful, Pure One, Always, Form of Sarah, Princess
SiriusBoy Burning, Forest Dweller, Trees, Wooded, A Forest, Sylvan
SylasBoy Gentle, Silent Man, A Good Friend, Wood
SylvanusBoy A Bird
SyrusBoy Forest, From the Forest, Wood, Woman of the Wood
TadeusBoy Star, Esther, Stella, Inspiring
TaurusBoy Gazelle, Roe, Beauty, Grace, Roe-buck, Small Deer, Flower, Spice, Date Tree, Palm Tree
TavariousBoy A Bird
TavarousBoy A Bird
TerriusBoy Harvester, Earth-man
TevarusBoy Thunder Ruler, Powerful, Following Thor, Thor, The God of Thunder
TevisBoy Gazelle, Roe, Beauty, Grace, Roe-buck, Small Deer
ThaddeusBoy Wide Meadow, From Saint Denis, Bright Fame, Place Name, Praise or Heart, Courageous and Praise, Gift of God, Praise be to God, Friend, Heart
ThaddiusBoy Leather-worker
ThadeusBoy Form of Thaddeus, Gift of God
ThalmusBoy Dew, Rain
TheophilusBoy Friend Of God, Loved by God
TheseusBoy To Set, Lily Flower, Lily, Variant of Hebrew Susannah, Rose
ThetisGirl Meadow on the Ledge, Ewe, Female Sheep, Daughter
TheusBoy Bright Disposition, Cheerful, Full of Sunshine, Sun, Happy Day, Sunny, Bright, Brilliant, Of the Sun, Filled with Sunlight, Shining
ThomasBoy Twin
TiberiusBoy Harvester, Summer, One who Reaps, Reaper, River God
TidusBoy Thunder, Thor's Fight, Thor's Struggle, Thor's Goddess
TimotheusBoy From the Fertile Ford, Honoring God
TitusBoy Giant, New Testament Character, Use in Mostly 18th and 19th Centuries, To Honor God
TomasBoy Twin, A Form of Thomas
TrevisBoy France, Brave, Place Name, From Thracia, Place of Thracius, Theresa, Harvester, Reaper
TyrusBoy Thunder Ruler, Form of Thor
UniceGirl Twin, Form of Thomas, Honest
ValorisGirl High Rank, Glory, Prestige, Sea Jewel, Wealthy, Little Bear, Inherited Estate, Wolf Power, Well Spoken, Abbreviation of Eulalie
VasilisBoy God is My Light, My Light is Yahweh
VeniceBoy/Girl From Venetia
VeniseGirl Universal Strength, Strength of a Spear, Diminutive of Ermentrude
VenusGirl Love
VeroniceGirl Youthful, Alder Tree, Place of Alders, Spring Like, Place of Alder Trees, Abbreviations of Vernon or Lavern
VirginiusBoy Meadow, Beaver-stream
WallaceBoy Welshman, Stranger, Foreign, Celtic, From Wales
YanisBoy Twin, BlessingYahweh Is Gracious
YnesBoy/Girl Bright, Splendid, The Helper, New House, Owner of a New Home, Saviour
YonasBoy Fighter, Brave, Warlike, Warrior, Summer, Place of Thracius, Harvester
YunisBoy Battle Protector, Fighter, Warrior, Farsi for Johah
ZachariasBoy The Lord has Remembered, God Remember, God Remembers, God has Remembered, Greek name of Hebrew origin, meaning: God has remembered my. In Germany, only rarely seen, mostly in the south. Known in the Bible as the father of John the Baptist. Known as Pope's name.
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