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DagDay Southerner Of the Nobility Nordic short form of names with "Dag" (meaning: day). Namesakes: Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish UN Secretary-General.
DagbartNorwegian name
DagbjartNorwegian form of Dagbjartur
DagbjørnNorwegian and Faroese name
DagfinnDay Nordic name, meaning composition of "day" and "Finn".

DagfredNorwegian name
DagmundNorwegian name
DagnarMale form of Dagny
DagnorNorwegian name
DagstyggNorwegian younger form of Dagstyggr
DagulvNorwegian name
DagvaldNorwegian name
DagvardNorwegian name
DagvidVariant form of David
DagvinNorwegian name
DanA Dane
DaneliusLatinised form of Daniel
DanielGod Is My Judge My Judge is the Lord biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: God is my judge. In the Bible, Daniel is one of the four great prophets of the Old Testament. A timeless, very popular name. Namesakes: Daniel Defoe, British writer.
DankertGerman variant form of Dankward
DanvaldNorwegian name
DavidBeloved Beloved One Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning: Beloved. In many countries, a timeless popular name. In the Bible, David champion in the fight against the giant Goliath and King of Israel. Namesakes: David Hume, English philosopher.
DennizCreative spelling of Dennis
DeodorFormer Norwegian variant form of Teodor
DiderikVariant spelling of Diederik
DidricCreative spelling of Didrik
DidrickVariant spelling of Didrik
DidrikLow German short form of Diderik Ruler Of The People
DinesDanish form of Dionysius
DithlevCreative spelling of Ditlev
DitlefVariant form of Detlef
DitleivNorwegian variant form of Ditlev
DitlevDanish variant spelling of Ditlef
DitløvNorwegian variant form of Ditlev
DitmanVariant spelling of Ditmann
DitmannVariant form of Tidemann
DitmarVariant spelling of Dietmar People
DivertNordic spelling of Diewert
DoffenPet form of names ending with -dolf
DormodNew combination of DOR and MOD
DorteasFormer male form of Dortea
DortiasVariant form of Dorteas
DortinusMale form of Dortina
DovreNorwegian younger form of Dofri
DrengOld Danish and modern form of DrængR

DrengmannNorwegian modern form of Drengmaðr
DyreOld Swedish form of Dýri
DønnesNorwegian variant form of Dines
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