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DagbjørgNorwegian and Faroese name
DageidVariant form of Dagheid
DagfridNorwegian form of Dagfríður
DagfrydNorwegian variant form of Dagfrid
DagheidModern form of Dagheiðr

DaghildNordic name
DagmarDay Joy of the Danes Day's Glory Glorious Maid Great Day Danish origin, meaning: famous day. In Germany emerged late 19th century and continues to be popular. Namesake: Dagmar Berghoff, German newscaster.
DagmorFormer Norwegian variant form of Dagmar
DagnaNorwegian dialectal variant form of Dagny
DagnyDay Ford Near the Cliff Name of a Place Near a Slope skandivanischer name, meaning: new day.
DagrundVariant form of Dagrun
DagrunnVariant form of Dagrun
DagunVariant spelling of Dagunn
DagunnNorwegian and Faroese name
DagveigNorwegian name
DagvorSwedish name
DammeiNorwegian dialectal younger form of Dagmey
DanelkenLow German female pet form of Daniela
DanhildSwedish and Norwegian form of Danhildur
DanhildaNorwegian variant form of Danhild
DanilkenVariant form of Danelken
DårdiNorwegian dialectal variant form of Dordi
DåretVariant spelling of Doret
DavidineNorwegian extended form of Davida
DeodoraVariant form of Teodora
DesiréNordic variant spelling of Désirée The Longed-For
DiddiVariant form of Didde
DidrikkeVariant form of Didrika
DikaPet form of names ending with -drika/-drike
DikkaNorwegian spelling of Dicka
DikkenNorwegian spelling of Dicken
DiljaVariant form of Delia
DisModern form of Dís
DiseVariant form of Disa
DitlevineFemale form of Ditlev (see Ditlef)
DivertNorwegian short form of Diewertje
DomhildNorwegian modern form of Dómhildr
DomhildaNorwegian modern spelling of Dómhilda
DordeiNorwegian dialectal variant form of Dordi
DordiNorwegian and Swedish form of Dorde
DordisNorwegian name
DordyVariant form of Dordi
DoretShort form of Dorete
DorithVariant spelling of Dorit

DorotheaGift Of God Form of Dorothy Gift Greek origin, meaning, God's gift. Timeless name, still popular. Namesake: Dorothea Erxleben, first doctorate German doctor.
DorteaShort form of Dorothea
DortineVariant form of Dortina
DottaVariant form of Dotty
DovraNorwegian female form of Dovre
DrudeVariant form of Trudi
DurdeiNorwegian dialectal variant form of Dordi
DyrfinnaNorwegian modern spelling of Dýrfinna
DyrhildYounger form of Dýrhildr
DyvekeFrisian pet form of Old High German names beginning with Diet- (see name element ÞJOÐ)
DønetNorwegian form of Dionetta
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