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EbrikkeFemale pet form of names beginning with Eber- (see JOR), especially Eburhart and its variant forms
EdbjørgNorwegian name
EdelborgVariant form of Adalburg

EdithWealth Fortune Prosperous in War Joyous Prosperity Battle Rich Gift Strife for Wealth Rich in War English name, in many countries spread, meaning the composition of "possession" and "struggle". In Germany, known since the 19th century. Namesake: Edith Piaf, French singer.
EdlaugNorwegian name
EdleVariant form of Edla
EdlyNorwegian name
EdnyNorwegian name
EdrikkeFemale form of Eirik (see ÆiríkR)
EdrunNorwegian name
EdvardaFemale form of Edvard (see Eadweard)
EdvardineVariant form of Edvardina
EdvinaFemale form of Edvin (see Eadwine)
EdvineVariant form of Edvina
EfrosineNordic variant form of Eufrosyne
EfrusineNordic variant form of Eufrosyne
EgeleivNorwegian younger spelling of Ægileif
EgilleivNorwegian modern variant spelling of Egilleif
EgteNorwegian name of uncertain meaning
EibjørgNorwegian name
EibramVariant form of Eibrand
EibrandNorwegian name
EidaFrisian variant form of Ida
EidbjørgNorwegian name
EidiNorwegian name of uncertain origin and meaning
EidisNorwegian variant form of Eydis
EidunnNorwegian name
EifridNorwegian name
EilertineFemale form of Eilert
EiliNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eila
EilovNorwegian name
EinaraFemale form of Einar
EinfridNorwegian name
EinhildNorwegian form of Einhildur
EinrunNorwegian form of Einrún
EinyNordic name
EirhildNorwegian name Help
EirilVariant form of Eirhild Help
EirildVariant form of Eirhild
EirillVariant form of Eirhild
EirinVariant form of Eir Help
EirunNorwegian name

EirunnNorwegian new name
EiviSwedish name
EivorVariant form of Eyvor
ElavaNorwegian name
ElbjørgNorwegian variant form of Eldbjørg
EldbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form (Halvemål) and Faroese form of Hallbjørg (see Hallbjǫrg)
EldfridNorwegian modern form of *Eldfríðr
EldisNorwegian name
EldriNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eldrid
EldrunNorwegian name
ElettaNorwegian variant form of Aletta
ElevineVariant form of Ellevine
ElfrideVariant form of Elfrida
ElfyVariant form of Elfi
ElgunnNorwegian name
ElikeFormer variant form of Elke
ElikenFormer variant form of Elike
ElisabetGazelle Small Deer Shaking My God Is Abundance
ElisebetVariant form of Elisabeth
ElisifVariant form of Ellisif
ElisivOld Swedish and variant form of Ellisif
ElisjebaNorwegian spelling of Elischeba
EllaugNorwegian name
EllbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Eldbjørg
EllerineFemale form of Ellert
EllertineFemale form of Ellert
EllevineFemale form of Ellev (see ÆilæifR)
EllinorLight English form of Eleonore (meaning suggesting the other).
EllinoraVariant form of Ellinor
EllisifNordic form of Elisaveta
EllisivVariant form of Ellisif
ElnyVariant form of Elni (see Elna)
ElridNorwegian variant form of Eldrid
ElsabetVariant form of Elsebet
ElsbetShort form of Elisabet
ElseLight Sun Ray Shining Form of Eleanor Variant of Helen Feminine of Alexander Defender of Mankind Sun The Bright One Short form of Elizabeth (meaning: my God is perfect). Known from Arthur Schnitzler's novella "Fräulein Else" (1924). Namesake: Else Lasker-Schüler, German poet.
ElsebeNordic form of Elzebe, an Old German variant form of Elisabet
ElseberNorwegian dialectal variant form of Elseberg
ElsebergNorwegian dialectal variant form of Elsebe
ElsebetShort form of Elisabet
ElsebyOld Norse and Old Swedish variant form of Elsebe
ElsebøFormer Norwegian dialectal variant form of Elsebe
ElselillSwedish and Norwegian name

ElsineVariant form of Elsina
EmbjørNorwegian dialectal short form of Embjørg
EmbjørgNorwegian dialectal variant form of Ingeborg
EmerentseNordic variant form of Emerentia
EmikeLow German variant form of Emika
EmiliaIndustrious Hardworking Variant of the French Emmeline Italian and Spanish form of Emilie (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex). Known by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's play "Emilia Galotti" (1772).
EmilieGod is My Oath Consecrated to God Form of Elizabeth God is Perfections feminine form (meaning similar to an ancient Roman sex). Comes in Germany slowly back into fashion.
EmindaExtended form of Minda
EmmeliSwedish form of Emelie (see Emelia)
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