Names that rhyme with Cerena

The list of words or names that rhyme with Cerena. This names list will help you in naming twins or selecting a name for your baby that rhymes with Cerena .
AdrenaGirl Little Female BearKnowledgeUnderstandingWisdom and KnowledgeFrom Wine CountryHeroicNobleKindAdornmentJewel
AldrenaGirl BlackDarkOf the Adriatic
AndrenaGirl Peaceful FriendFairHolyBlessed ReconciliationJoy and PeaceBlessed PeaceWhite WavePrincessTruthfulAristocratic LadyBasket for Clothes
ArenaGirl Combination of Anna and BelleBeautifulGracefulEasy to Love
ArrenaGirl Heavenly MessengerAngelMessenger from God
AudrenaGirl Ash-tree MeadowAsh Tree PoolCombination of Ashley and LynnDream
BrenaGirl Dweller at the Broad MeadowBroad ClearingBroad Meadow
CarenaGirl FreshFlower-like
CarrenaGirl SongRosyGardenVineyard
CatarenaGirl Wealthy ManVainDiminutive of Caspar
CatrenaGirl Song of JoySong of HappinessWomanlyForm of Carolyne
CherenaGirl Little and WomanlyTiny and FeminineCarlFemale Version of Charles ManlyMan WarriorPure
CirenaGirl Beautiful ChristianFollower of ChristWorthy of Thought
ClarenaGirl A Diminutive of Priscilla Made Famous by 1960s British Singer Cilia BlackFruitfulBlindAncientSixth
ContrenaGirl Mossy PlaceSon of the Marsh-dwellersRockCoastal RocksSon of CarrMarsh AreaSurname
CorenaGirl Victory of the PeopleNecklaceVictoriousVariant of Nicolette
CorrenaGirl GentleMildGiving MercyDiminutive of Clement
CyrenaGirl MaidenSeething Pool
DarenaGirl Eye of the DayDay's EyeLordWealthyPossessing GoodnessAlso a Character in ShahnamehCharitableSonOak
DerenaGirl A BeeForm of Deborah
DorenaGirl AncientPrimitiveVenerableEnglish In addition to the form of Doreen.
DrenaGirl Form of DonaldBrown StrangerWorld LeaderManGreatChief
EdrenaGirl Wealthy DefenderProtector of ProsperityFemale Version of Edmund
ElrenaGirl God is My OathGod's PromiseConsecrated to God Abbreviation of ElisabethSpanish Form of Elizabeth Consecrated to GodDedicated to God
ErenaGirl LightTorchMost Beautiful WomanVariant of HelenShiningBrightness
IdrenaGirl Violet Coloured FlowerViolet Flower
IrenaGirl God of Fertility and PeaceBeautifulHe who is ForemostGod of Peace and ProsperityThe Peaceful
JarenaGirl Son of JackHe who SupplantsGod has been GraciousHas Shown FavorBased on John or JacquesGod is Gracious
JerenaGirl Variant and Surname Form of GeraldRules by the SpearSpear Ruler
KarenaGirl Jehovah has GivenGift of God
KarrenaGirl PureForm of Catherine
KatarenaGirl Downy BeardedYouthfulName of a PoemJove's ChildFire
KaterenaGirl YouthfulDownySoft and Tender HairHairyJove's ChildDown-bearded YouthYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft Bearded
KatrenaGirl Form of CatherinePure
KerenaGirl From the Church Village
KorenaGirl YouthfulDowny-beardedVariant of JuliaJove's ChildStar Crossed Lover in the Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo and JulietYouthDescended from Jupiter (Jove)Soft BeardedStar Crossed Love
LadrenaGirl Warrior ChiefNobleChiefRegal HillBrave KingGoldenOne from the MeadowFrom the Royal Fortress MeadowChief WarArmletNoble or BraveWhat
LarenaGirl From LorraineThe QueenServes Lawrence
LatrenaGirl Attendant
LaurenaGirl Crowned with LaurelsThe Laurel TreeSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryFrom LaurentianThe BayLaurel Plant
LerenaGirl Shakespearian KingOf the Meadow
LorenaGirl Crowned with LaurelsSweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and VictoryKingdom of LoatherSweet Bay Tree
LorrenaGirl BraveLion-boldBrave PeopleLion-manLeo
LourenaGirl Form of LauraLaurel
LurenaGirl From LeslieFrom the Gray CastleGarden of HolliesSmall MeadowThe Gray CastleHolly GardenDwells at the Gray FortressGarden in the Paradise
MacarenaGirl Of the IyreSong
MarenaGirl From LeslieFrom the Gray CastleGarden of HolliesSmall MeadowThe Gray CastleHolly GardenDwells at the Gray FortressGarden in the Paradise
MerenaGirl Woman of MagdalaFrom the High TowerReligious GatheringDarkBlack
MirenaGirl One who Grinds GrainSurname
MorenaGirl BitterLittle BlueberryLittle MaryDark Skinned
NazarenaGirl From Near the MillsMile's SonNewRole Model of WorldEver Fresh
NorenaGirl AdviserSolitaryAloneUniqueA Wise CounsellorSaintNunTimekeeperNobleAristocratic
OrenaGirl Symbol of PeaceOlive Tree
PatrenaGirl Divine SpearGod's SpearDiminutive of Oscar
RenaGirl Of the SeaBorn AgainRebornPeacefulJoyous SongMelodyActor of Nara
SabrenaGirl Beautiful GirlRoyalHighest LadyThe Wife of a KingQueen
SarenaGirl Form of SarahPrincess
SebrenaGirl God is HeardAsked of GodTold by GodName of One of the King in BibleFollower of Jesus
SerenaGirl FourthForm of RebeccaTiedJoyQuietItalian name, feminine form of Serenus (meaning: the cheerful). Namesake: Holy Serena of Spoleto, martyr..
SerrenaGirl A PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard WorkingDeep Pink
SharenaGirl BorderingListenerFlowerTold by GodBeautiful FlowerGod Heard
SherenaGirl Form of ShanaShannonOldAncientLilyThe Lord is Gracious
SherrenaGirl Sun ChildBright Sun
ShirenaGirl SmallHumbleStringLittleOne who Always have Power
ShrenaGirl Bright MeadowForemostBestFirst
SirenaGirl Combination of Rose and AnnaFavourMoonLightShineHeavenGoddess of the MoonPeacefulCourteousFennelLimitBorderListenerPrecious ThingTreasureBoundaryBankShore
SorenaGirl SensiblePrudentSelf Controlled
SubrenaGirl TempestuousStormStormy WeatherViolent Weather
SuprenaGirl CatlikeForm of SabineOf Ancient Italian CultureWoman from the Sabine TribeBeautifulPure OneAlwaysForm of SarahPrincessKnowledgeWisdomWillWise Form of Sophia
SurenaGirl Of High QualityPureGenuineFirst-rateA
SyrenaGirl Deer WoodFrom the Deer Forest
TarenaGirl A PenelopeWife of OdysseysWhite ShoulderFionnulaDream WeaverDuckHard WorkingDeep PinkFrom Tamar
TerrenaGirl SmoothOld Form of the Roman Clan Name TerranceTenderGraciousGoodPolishedInstigatorRubTurnTwist
TrenaGirl Graceful RoseA Balance
TyrenaGirl Follower of ChristAnointedStrongHealthyBy thatWith that
UrenaGirl Stony MeadowFrom the Stony Village
VarenaGirl High RankGloryPrestigeSea JewelWealthyLittle BearInherited EstateWolf PowerWell SpokenAbbreviation of Eulalie
VerenaGirl Meadow on the LedgeEweFemale SheepDaughterTrue
ZarenaGirl Graceful RoseRosePure
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